True Life: I'm a Style Blogger

Happy Friday! 

Only a few days left to enter my first GIVEAWAY!

Today I'm linking up with the wonderful ladies of Fabulous But Evil & Mrs. Monologues!

Here's some random stuff about me:

1. I'm double jointed (Gross or cool? Cool!!)
2. I have a serious addiction to my iPhone.
3. I graduated from FIDM with a degree in Merchandise Marketing.
4. I love sports. A lot. Go Chargers! Phillip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. And he's dreamy. If you're a Raiders fan get off my page...haha just kidding! Kind of.......
5. I'm into country music! In the past year alone I've seen Tim McGraw (twice!) Garth Brooks in Vegas, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift!
6. I can eat. A lot. I heart food more than the average bear.
7. I volunteered in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program an hour away. I went every week! Such a rewarding experience.

I think the best way to describe what I love to write about is to give you a list of my favorite posts.

Now go check out the link up!

Oh and have a fabulous weekend! That's an order ;)


  1. HA HA I love this post and I'm not a chargers fan so I guess that means I can stay on your page....... lol
    Happy Friday Lady!

  2. Okay I am officialy jealous I want to see garth!!!! Love your blog!

  3. Thanks for linking up, girl! :) I'm double jointed in my arms. I think its kinda weird, lol.

  4. I can eat a lot of food too. So I should probably follow you now. (makes sense right?!)

  5. I just came across your blog and I LOVE IT!! you have the best style!


    Classic & Bubbly

  6. Found you on the link-up! Fellow beauty blogger and now following love! XO


  7. umm, we are meant to be friends. love this list! and thanks for the blog lovin' girl! hope to hear from you soon!

  8. Ahh I love sports, too! Actually, as I'm reading this I'm wearing my New England Patriots tee.. hope we can still be friends! ;)

    And yay we were one of your favorite posts! You're too sweet! :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    sorelle in style

  9. I'm thanking my lucky stars right now that I'm not a Raiders fan...'cause it sounds like that might be grounds for friendship dismissal...(c: And I love that you're 'fessing to how much you like food, I'm right there with ya, sister!

  10. I'm double jointed in my arms! Looks kinda creepy..
    I love that you drove so far to volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters program! What a huge heart you have!! <3

  11. Love this post! Great to learn more about you.

    p.s. I promise I'm not a Raiders fan! :)


Thank YOU for your comments. <3