Guest Post: Chanel and Chocolate Cake

Liz is seriously HILARIOUS. Her post is absolutely great for my first day at vacation! I'm super excited for my guest posting series and Liz is the perfect person to lead the way.

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Hey girl hey! I am Liz and I blog over at a little place called Chanel and Chocolate Cake. When Hollie said she was going on Vacation, I was so excited to do a blog post for her! Since she is going somewhere beachy (jealous) I thought I would show you what is in my beach bag for those days where I get to the beach!

Tote Bag
Usually all my beach stuff is in a big expensive totes, but recently I have been going green and using reusable totes.

In the Bag:

1.     I always bring a fedora or a big floppy hat. My face is the first to burn and most of the time it isn’t pretty.

2.     My towel was cheap and it’s cute. Also a must have…unless you like to be soaking wet and air dry.

3.     TWO kinds of sunscreen. I have learned the hard way that SPF 4 means “Hey Liz, you’re going to burn”…so I usually use SPF 4 for the smell and then put on the high SPF stuff.

4.     Band-Aids, deodorant and detangler is not something that you usually think to bring to the beach but cuts, smelly armpits and snarls happen. You will thank me.

5.     Sunglasses are obvi a fav at the beach. I don’t recommend wearing them all day though because you will look like a raccoon.

6.     Books and Magazines are always smart to bring just in case you get bored. I also recommend bringing your ipod, but only if you have someone sitting by your spot. That’s too expensive to get stolen! Oh and always bring your phone, you never know if someone will get stung by a jellyfish.

7.     Water is always so good to have at the beach. Being dehydrated and sick really sucks and it sucks worse if you get heat stroke. I got that when I was 4 and I still cannot stand being in the sun for long periods of time…

Beaching it is fun but so is being prepared. You may look like a cray cray carrying all this stuff for an afternoon, but someone will thank you when they step on glass, forget sunscreen or get parched.


  1. Great tips Liz!!


  2. Thanks for the tips! What kind of detangler do you use? Most of the ones I have tried do not work & just make my hair worse. (I have super thick hair, btw).

    Great post! :)

  3. Great tips! Nice guest post!


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