Sandals for Summer.

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    Nude Leather Thong |  Birkenstocks | Metallic Wedge | Animal Print Wedge

It's not much of a shock here, but I'm a big fan of neutrals. I won't spend much money on bright colors because I just don't get the price per wear that I strive for when making wardrobe purchases. You should definitely considering investing in a classic flat sandal that matches with anything and a low wedge with a little jazz. Your closet will thank you.

Summer Dresses Needed

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White Eyelet Dress | Button-Front Denim Dress | Striped Maxi Dress | Scalloped Cami Dress

If I could wear these yoga pants and a dress every day for the rest of my life I'd be pretty happy. I have four summer dresses in my closet that I honestly love (the rest need to go but my closet is bare as is!) and I wear them 1-2 times a week each. I wish they weren't patterned because I get sick of them. I want a few new dresses for summer in more neutral colors so I won't feel like such a blatantly obvious repeat offender ;)

What're your summer staples? 

Best + Worst: Cannes Film Festival

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I love the deep maroon and ballet/nude color combination Blake Lively is sporting here. I'm definitely a Blake fan girl but I think this look is perfect for French glamour with a little bit of edge.

 photo cate-blanchett-290_zps237eab94.jpg

Cate Blanchett looks like a deep sea fish that had babies with an Ed Hardy hat. I love her but this is just very "meh" in my opinion. I know she can do better.

Who was your favorite look at Cannes?

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Is that you, Summer?

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Summer has arrived here in San Diego! We had a heat wave last week in the 90's and this week the weather is back to normal in the 70's minus a light rain yesterday. I'm excited to make homemade popsicles, visit a few beaches I haven't been to recently, ride my bike, buy a summer scented candle, bbq bun-less burgers and veggie kebabs, and work on my photography skills.

What're you looking forward to this summer?

Best + Worst: Met Gala

There's something really enchanting about the Met. When I visited two years ago, I was astonished at the beautiful and extremely thorough exhibits. I've been to many museums but none quite like the Met. The Met Gala is one of my favorites to follow because the fashion is the absolute best of the season. This year there were SO many great styles.....and also SO many bad ones. Here's my recap of my personal choices and the ones I was left confused.


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Giselle looked glamorous as usual. Emma Stone has a casual elegance I just loved. She looked true to herself too which I loved. Chanel Inman was absolutely stunning. I think she may have been my absolute favorite of the night. Kate Bosworth let the accessories talk in her simple nude blush dress. I adore the Olsens but I'm speechless. What was the whole family thinking? Kristen Stewart's dress would be totally different it was full length. I don't like the bottom half of her look at all. Shailene Woodley is in the wrong decade.

Who was your favorite and least favorite last night?

A Relaxing Weekend in Northern California

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A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I spent a few days in San Francisco. It was at times chilly and foggy but I loved the weather! We both have been to the Bay Area quite a few times and have done most of the touristy stuff so our agenda was mostly good eats. We went walked around the Fisherman's Wharf, went to the Giants/Rockies game at AT&T park, did a "hike" (extremely easy walk) around Point Bonita Lighthouse, made our way up to Santa Rosa to dine and drink at the infamous Russian River Brewing Co., and toured around the Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland. Jeff and I are huge movie buffs so we caught "Under the Skin" in Union Square to kill time before our flight. I would not recommend the movie for multiple reasons but that's a post for another day. Next time we make up to the Bay Area I hope to go wine tasting in Sonoma or Napa.

Have you been to San Francisco?