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Marissa at Sparks and Whimsy is giving away the most gorgeous cowl today! Marissa used to blog and was actually the first blogger to leave this girl a comment. I'm pretty sure she might have been the first person to follow me other than family actually. I don't think I will ever forget that! Marissa now has a wonderful Etsy shop where she sells scarves and other fabulous knits. The scarves are my favorite. They are chunky, warm, and totally something you'd see at Nordstrom.

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This giveaway will run until Tuesday 2/5 and the winner will be contacted Wednesday 2/6. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!!

Meeting people.

Weird things happen when you blog.

You, like, meet people. Online. And then in person. (Sarcasm on the "like" people).

I've met several bloggers in "real life" and they're all sweet as peaches.

And then there are the bloggers who have infiltrated your life so deeply that you start going on and on about their kids you've never met.

You start sending them a link to every piece of clothing you think of buying.

You make fun of them. You cry from laughter at their jokes.

They know things you normally would only tell your doctor.

You send them pictures of poo. Wait...what?

Sometimes I wonder where the hell I'd be if I hadn't started this blog.

I mean sure, I'd still be alive. I'd be doing something. Like planting my ass in front of ABC Family a lot more often.

I do wonder though if my life would be as rich without some of these characters I've met from blogging. I know if I deleted this blog, I'd have some genuine, real, friends who would continue on my journey with me.

Character #1:
 photo 530465_878476494219_185703131_n_zps54596b22.jpg

Character #2:
 photo 408227_10100364410355961_600308793_n_zps37f3e064.jpg

Because after all....where the hell else are you supposed to make new friends when you're twenty-*** years old?

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This is me.

 photo IMG_20130124_173501_zpsf49b40b3.jpg
Photo taken with my HTC One X+ provided by HTC

+When going through the In n out drive thru, I will never admit to eating in the car. Need a lap mat? Noooooo way.........I'll just be ridiculously careful and park on the other side of the parking lot so you can't see me.
+I truly think I could be one of those people who could own a polar bear...and make it work.
+My life revolves around cheese. In fact, I think fancy cheese is going to show up on all of my birthday and christmas lists. Without dairy, I'd probably die of a broken heart. Just kidding. Kind of.
+I have shopping bulimia. I buy with only moderate hesitation...and return like 75%. Whoops.
+I have a recent obsession with anything dip-dyed. Furniture? Gimme!

What do I not know about you?

You can win an HTC One X+ phone! Enter the giveaway here.

Yep, today I'm giving away A PHONE.

Happy almost weekend friends! Many of you know via my instagram account that I recently switched from an iPhone to an HTC One X+  which was provided to me by HTC. I've often wondered what the deal with the HTC phones. I LOVE smart phones but I haven't used a phone other than an iPhone in FOUR years. FOUR YEARS PEOPLE. At first it was quite the learning curve for me, but I've found a ton of great features that actually suit me better.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.

Why do I like this phone?

+I don't know what it is, but the HTC One X camera makes me look better. No joke. It takes amazing photos. A phone with a fantastic camera is really important to me. I don't like lugging around a digital camera. Plus, I like to look good.
+The large screen is really nice to watch youtube videos and other media. I also love the design of the background that comes installed. The big time stamp and weather on the home screen make it easy to access what's important. Who actually checks their watch anymore? ;)
+The alarm allows you to set a timer for certain days of the week. So you can set an alarm for the week and let that be it! I really like the alarm sound. I know, that sounds ridiculous. But it gently wakes me up not blares in my face in the morning.
+The google play store is super easy and has all of the apps I loved on my iPhone.
+I love the back button feature on the HTC. It makes it really easy to surf the internet and apps. This is probably my favorite feature on the phone. I am glued to my phone and love how simple this feature is.


One of my lucky readers will win a HTC One X+  phone that is optimized for AT&T (service is not included)! This giveaway is open to US residents only and will run until Wednesday January 30th, 2013 at 11:59 PM. The winner will be contacted on Thursday, January 31st. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all!

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HANA Ceramic Flat Iron Review

I was extremely excited to try the HANA ceramic flat iron because I've heard great things about the company that sells them, Misikko, which also offers other salon grade products . I've also heard wonders about using a smaller 1 inch flat iron. Supposedly, if you take the extra ten minutes to take smaller sections of hair your do will look amazing. Considering my mane has a lot of bad hair days, I'm always eager to test out a new technique.
 photo misikko_2245_236100313_zps7a799405.jpg
This ceramic flat iron stood out for me when it comes to styling tools. I love the hot pad it comes with, and it also has a variety of heat temperatures so you don't fry your hair. It combats frizz even when its not at the hottest setting. Hana does a great job at creating a flat iron that glides over your hair smoothly without ripping any strands or clumping them together. This may seem small, but the swivel cord blew my mind. My wrist can go into all kinds of funky positions and the flat iron never misses a beat. Overall, I was really impressed with this flat iron, the brand HANA, and my CHI will be moved to second place. It's definitely worth the money. My hair looks amazing when I use it.

 photo Photoon2011-06-17at17292_zps5011b9a9.jpg
See, smooth? And yes, no makeup is combatted by a ridiculous kiss face for you all ;)

I've also read great things about the Corioliss Classic Flat Iron  and I also own the T3 Tourmaline Evolution Hair Dryer which Missiko sells. I don't blow dry that often as if I do it every day my hair would be a giant puff ball. But when I do, the T3 gets my cowlicky bangs to act right.

What's your favorite flat iron? Do you like ceramic?

Confessions of a Hanson Brother

I promised more laughs around this blog and specifically laughs on Fridays. Since today is Friday it's only appropriate I show you something funny. Something I should probably only be showing close friends....

I found this gem today. This is a copy of my passport photo. It's also proof I am a sweaty Hanson brother, mmmmmbop! Move over Taylor. Happy Friday!


You're a stud.

Photobucket   Photobucket

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valentines day is approaching and so is spring (i hope...this california girl is sick of our cold mornings(i know i know)). i think these little stud earrings would throw some pep in your step to help get you through the winter. just saying.

what's getting you through the next few months?

you can find all of these gems here.

Best & Worst. Golden Globes.


Michelle Dockery was simple, elegant, and bold all in one. Swoon. Best.


Am I the only one waiting for Jennifer Lopez to step up her game? There's a place for overtly sexy and the Golden Globes are not it. You can be sexy without insinuating you're not wearing a dress at all. Worst.

Who were your red carpet favorites?

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Tips for a small bedroom

Source: via Callie on Pinterest
Love this room! Especially the bedspread.

Back in August I moved closer to work and school. I also moved to a much smaller room. It's been challenging and refreshing to build my new room. I started by being cut throat with my possessions before I moved. I literally gave away half of the things I owned. And it felt amazing. I'm in the process of going through my stuff again. Do I use it? Will I use it? What will I do if I get rid of it and need it someday? You'd be surprised how many things I've carried around that simply have no use. Now before you think I'm a cold hearted person, I do have a keepsake box that I store ticket stubs etc in. But the amount of DVDS and books I owned was disgusting. I think I've begun to master the small space. My new philosophy? If it doesn't fit in your room space, you don't need it.

+Consider using a mirror to open up your space
+Keep the clutter at bay! Find EVERYTHING a home. A hidden home. Use fancy boxes and other storage units to keep it clean
+Make your bed your focal piece. Let's be real it's going to take up a lot of space in a small room.
+Many suggest using lighter colors to open up your room. While, I haven't done this personally, I think dark colors are doable if you know what you're doing
+Use shelves to add height to the room and to store books, vases, frames, and other decorative pieces
+Add something green! No not the color, a plant, real or fake will liven up your space and bring some nature to your evironment

How do you make the most of your space?

PS-Happy birthday to my Mom!!

Smashbox High Definition Concealer Review


I've purchased this concealer on and off looking for the next best thing. There is nothing else at this price point ($22) that can beat it. On mornings when I feel like my dark circles are getting the best of me, I need something with more pigment and coverage to put on first. However, when I layer a little bit of this on top I definitely see a difference. It makes me look like I got 9-10 hours of sleep! Can't beat that.

+very brightening

-light coverage
-not long lasting
-packaging doesn't allow for a small amount to be squeezed

I'd see if you can snag a small sample at Sephora to see if this concealer fits your needs. I've purchased it a few times and will definitely purchase it again.

What's your favorite concealer?

Where I've Been.


The past few weeks have a whirlwind of fun adventures with family and friends followed by a few long, relaxing, simple weekends. As much fun as its been to spend my Christmas gift cards (new flats above...ah!) and shop for loved ones, I'm super excited to get started with the year. I never thought I'd be so ready for a five day work week. I strive for a full schedule as I'm generally a happier and more fulfilled person when I'm productive and have a full plate. 2012 has been a great year. I got to meet my two blog bffs in person and they both live in Oklahoma! I got to travel to NYC and California's central coast. I've made leaps in my quest to finish my degree while working full time. Sure, I've had hardships. There have been quite a few challenges in the past six months and all have seemed to settle themselves this past week. I'm choosing to count my blessings and am looking forward to all of the wonderful experiences and lessons to be learned in 2013.

PS-My much needed blogging break has brought some new inspiration. I'm excited to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to start the year with a new blog schedule. For right now I will be posting three times a week-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can expect a mundane lifestyle post on Monday and a style related or review post on Wednesday. I don't have a set theme for Fridays yet but hopefully I can come up with something to make you laugh or inspired to have a fantastic weekend. I may post more often but for now you can count on seeing something new over here on those days. Thank you all so much for reading and I look forward to catching up on blogs this week!