Guest Post: Hazel and Mare

Happy Friday! I'm sure you know my next guest poster (aka blogger) as she has one of the most ORIGINAL blogs I've seen. I wish I was half as creative as her. It's such a treat to have her here!

Now the good stuff!

Hi everybody! My name is Katie and I write a wee little blog called Hazel & Mare. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you to Hollie for letting me guest post on her awesome blog. Isn’t she cute as pie?

On my blog, I write little daily haikus about random things. I also feature a cute craft or homemade product from Etsy that is related to the haiku. I enjoy haikus because they’re short and sweet, and it’s fun to shmoosh a whole idea into only 17 syllables. One day, I hope to write crazy, silly poems like Shel Silverstein that make people smile!

Here are some of my favorite haikus. I hope you enjoy them!

“On How I Feel Like I’d Be a Pretty Good Mom to a Panda Cub”

I’ll brush your soft fur
Feed you bamboo sandwiches
We can watch "Mulan"
So if anyone knows of any panda adoption programs, or study abroad programs where I could be a host family to a panda, please let me know. Adorable illustration by Rachele of Nearsighted Owl. Credit:

“On Some Thoughts That Might Occur to a First-Time Hot Air Balloon Passenger”

I can see my house
That flock of birds waved at me
Oops, dropped my camera

I also saw a cloud shaped liked a beluga whale. This adorable illustration of flying penguins is by sadlyharmless.  Credit:

“On the Most Interesting Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me While Camping”

I dashed out my tent!
Thought I heard Bigfoot creeping!
But it was raccoons.

You may have evaded me this time, Bigfoot, but one day, I'll find you. Then I'll brush your hair, and take pictures with you, and post them on my blog. This lovely and serene and summery photo is by Jessica Torres. Credit:

Thanks for checking out my poems, and have a happy day!


  1. Love Katie and her sweet blog :) That hot air balloon haikus rocks {wouldn't it be a shame to really drop a camera during such a Kodak moment?!?!?}

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  2. I love Katie and her blog too! I like the panda one :)

  3. Haha! Love the note on camping. I backpack in bear country, so that's always on the forefront of my mind!


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