Bed head.

I'm trying to grow my highlighted hair out and it *always* gets stuck at the length it's at now. Mostly it breaks because it's dry/weak from straightening it & using other heat appliances. The funny part is I'm straightening challenged. It NEVER looks even slightly close to how it is at the salon. I've decided I'm gonna lay off the fight with my hair for awhile so it can grow. 

I'm going to work WITH my hairs kinky/wavy hair texture and go for the bed head look. All the time. If I get some cute headbands and master the messy updos I think I'll be just fine. 

Here's what I'm inspired by...

All pictures from Pinterest "Messy hair"

Got any messy hair tips? Please share!

Have a GREAT weekend, friends!


  1. I am sooo happy messy hair is in too.

    I am terrible at styling my hair- I just don't have the patience for it. Since my hair is naturally messy this trend works great! :)

  2. LOVE the bedhead look, but I always feel like my hair doesn't have enough texture to really pull it off. Lucky you with wavy hair! xoxo Marissa

  3. Bed Head! It's a nice look to have! :)
    Uhm I don't know, my hair doesn't naturally do the messy bed head look...unless I've gotten up out of bed! Maybe just do a messy bun!? OR some messy braids!

  4. go for it, lady! i find that when i'm doing a messy top bun not watching is the key. it always comes out best when i'm not trying. and then i can pin down pieces or whatever. my issue is that's it's either curly or straight, straight. i can't figure out the kinda wavy messy look without it being flat or frizzy and just gross. let me know if learn from tricks!

  5. I love the inspiration pics...I'm always wanting to do those messy looks, but I'm terrible at them! It always ends up looking too structured and "done"...grrrr! If you find out any tips, you should definitely share them...apparently I'm not alone in my bed head failures (c: Have a great weekend, Hollie girl!

  6. I wish I could pull off messy hair without looking like a fuzz ball! And I'm the opposite of you, I can straighten my hair like a pro but can't for the life of me curl my hair!


  7. gah. i hate trying to grow my hair out.
    it's so hard.
    especially blonde hair. i swear it breaks & splits 10X's more than brown or red hair.
    things that i've found that help are:
    -not washing my hair everyday & using a dry shampoo. bumble & bumble make colored dry shampoos that are way awesome.
    -taking vitamins. i take one 1000mg of biotin everyday..
    -trimming your hair every 6 weeks. when you cut off the bad ends they don't split all the way up your hair strand.

    and you're totally smart about not fighting to straighten your hair! that will help a lot too!!

    good luck!
    i love all thos pics!!!
    good inspiration.


  8. My fave tip for the moment is doing a french braid in the morning while my hair is still slightly wet. You have a cute hairstyle for that day and then I sleep with the braid in and then the next day, I take it out and have nice messy waves for the day. Most people can probably just sleep with the french braid in and have waves the next day but mine won't hold that way. I need to have that extra day :)

  9. Love this! I would've loved to see the bride's picture before my wedding, so cute!

  10. Those hairstyles are so cute! :)

  11. Love these looks! I so wish I had natural wave.

  12. I love the messy bedhead look! You can't go wrong! Its my go to look (not on purpose) :)

  13. I LOVE this look and can definitely say I rocked it way before it was in, ha! Whoops!

  14. I heart messy hairstyles!!! I'm currently growing my hair out so I can pull these looks off by wintertime!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  15. I love these looks but they always look terrible when I try to re=create them. I end up looking MESSy messy, not sexy messy!


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