The weekend in pictures.

The amount of candy I ate this weekend was absolutely insane. In fact, before I went out for the night Saturday I filled my clutch full of Halloween candy. I have a problem??

After a month of no straightening, researching a ton of hair straighteners, and being too cheap to make my hair look nice....I found my 'lost' straightener! I had a new one in my cart finally ready to pull the trigger after all of the fabulous suggestions from you all! So, where was it?? I have all of my product organized under my sink in different baskets. It had fallen in between two baskets and I couldn't see because the tops were touching. FAIL!

This weekend I celebrated Halloween a little early with my boyfriend and friends. I loved seeing all of the costumes! If you've been following, you know I really wanted to be a polar bear for Halloween. I looked and looked but couldn't find a reasonable costume or even pieces to put together a DIY costume. I ended up being a German beer maiden!

What were you for Halloween? How was your weekend??

Friday Funnies.

Happy Friday!
[[and Halloween weekend!!]]

Share laughter and warmth this weekend please <3

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I have something very unfortunate to share with you all today.


I've gotten a few suggestions on what to replace it with and need some majority rules help!

So far options are as follows. Feel free to add new ones in too!!

The HAI.
I had this before and it was working pretty well.

The Babyliss. 

The CHI.

*All images from folica*
Anything in the $200 range is TOO much to justify as I try to only use heat 2-3 times a week. Less than or around $100 is perfect. I want something nice that won't fry my hair but nothing too extravagant I'll have buyers remorse over.

HELP! What's your vote?

In the trenches.


I love everything classic. Especially with a funky twist. Update something simple (that AHEM, never goes out of style) and make it your a fabulous trench coat a la Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Which, by the way is a favorite movie of mine. (I like my user names to be in the form of hollIE golightly...except sometimes other hollie's beat me. gr! how many other Hollie's can there be that like Breakfast at Tiffany's?!)

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Do you think trenches are outdated?

An Interview With Ashley

Last day of interviews/features...for now ;)

Meet my friend, Ashley here. She's my real life friend (okay I haven't seen her in person...) BUT I email her for advice and vice versa. That's a real life friend to me. It's real life talk. She's so inspiring and covers everything from fashion, art, to stuff that really makes me THINK about myself. I'm all for self improvement.

[1] Let's cover the basics. Tell us about yourself.
I'm a 25-year-old stay at home mom to a beautiful 16 month old little girl. I recently left my job as a journalist to stay home with my baby and pursue my dreams of becoming an artist. I live in beautiful New Mexico with my boyfriend and we are currently remodeling our home and looking forward to the future. :)

[2] What blogs do you read every day?
There is a long list of absolute musts. I'm attracted to blogs that inspire me
to be a better mommy and woman and also inspire me to try live a more visually beautiful life through art, fashion and design. I love Busy Bee Lauren, A Beautiful Mess, Bleubird Vintage, Casey Leigh and Enjoying the Small Things. (The writing in Enjoying the Small Things is far and away the best writing I have read online.) A few of the up and coming blogs I adore are Henning Love, Life is a Sunset, OK Lauren, My Unrehearsed Life and Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. Of course, Hollie's blog is on my reading list every day. She was actually one of the first blogs I started reading when I started my blog earlier this summer.

[3] What made you start blogging?
I started thinking about blogging after I got hooked on a couple of mommy blogs while I was pregnant. I felt so inspired and changed by these beautiful online journals that I wanted the chance to share my life and hopefully inspire someone else along the way.

[4] Where do your passions lie?
I think I am kind of an intense person, and as a result I'm pretty passionate about everything I spend my time on. My family and God are my first and foremost passions. But I also get crazy into my dreams and goals. Right now, that is art and blogging.

[5] Who is your hero?
My hero truly is my boyfriend, Dustin. He has been the white knight in my life. I never knew I would be the type of girl that needed saving, but sometimes we all do. If you would like to read more about that, read my story.

[6] What do you wish you knew five years ago?
I wish I knew that it was all going to be alright. Five years ago I flat broke and uncertain about the future and I remember thinking will life always be this hard? Looking back, I never really had it that bad. I have always been very blessed. I wish I would have been able to recognize that then.

[7] Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years....I would like to be married, I would like to have more children, I would like to see my art go somewhere. Of course, by now I know better than to make too many plans. God already has all of this lined out.

[8] What are your go-to, never fail items in your closet?
I always count on skinny jeans to make me feel pulled together, blazers to make me feel sexy, scarves to make me feel stylish and leggings to make me feel like I can chase a toddler. :)

[9] What's at the top of your want list?
I want a fancy new camera so so much.

[10] What advice to do you have for new bloggers?
Don't be afraid to go out and get your readers! Find blogs you love and ask them to exchange sponsorships, write guest posts or participate in a giveaway. In the four months I've been blogging, I've only been turned down once. Join in link ups, and follow and comment on newer blogs that you really like. Those newer bloggers will appreciate it and will usually make the effort to get to know you too. Also, take lots of pictures. If you don't have photo editing software, picnik is a great free resource for that.

Thanks for sharing, Ashley <3

An Interview With Casey

Today and tomorrow I'm bring some attention to two blogs that I read daily.

I am SO honored that Casey's kind heart took a little bit of time out of her day to answer some interview questions for me. I'm sure most of you know her in the blogger community. If you haven't check out her blog here! I read every SINGLE one of her posts. She always knows what I need to hear Coincidence? Maybe. 

I'm sure all dying to read the good stuff now so here you go...

[1] Let's cover the basics. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Casey Wiegand, I am a freelance artist, wife and mama. 
I love painting and sharing our life through my blog...where you can expect pieces of my perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things I love along the way. I have two little ones with the hopes of lots more and am married to the love of my life!

[2] What blogs do you read every day?

The Daybook and A Beautiful Mess

[3] What made you start blogging?

In January of this year my blog had around 20 followers, I posted every once in awhile...really only our parents read it! Then I was going through some messy stuff in December and I read this quote by Leslie
"If you haven't already gathered, or happen to be reading this blog for the first time in your life, I am a melancholy girl through and through. I find beauty in not only the beautiful things in life, but the bittersweet and sad as well. To me, there is something poignantly lovely about the human experience from its splendor to its grief. God created all our emotions, not just the happy ones, and for His good purposes. That's why a good cry can feel so good. And hitting our limits forces us to look outside ourselves for a Savior. It is in the plea, when we're at our end, that we can find that which is truly life-giving. Personally, my moments of deepest grief, deepest pain, have resulted in the most beautiful seasons in my heart. I've met God more intimately in those moments than in all the other pleasant ones combined. What isn't completely lovely about that?"

In a moment where I felt alone, I felt heartbroken, angry.....I read this and suddenly felt like someone out in the world possibly understood. In January of this year with 20 followers I started speaking out on my beliefs. I started talking about mama stuff, some heartache, money trouble, csection scars, NICUs, my miscarriage, almost killing my dog on accident....and that's not the half of it. I havent even gone down some of the REALLY tough roads of where I have been with my readers yet.

[4] Where do your passions lie?

 In my family, in creating and following dreams.

[5] Who is your hero?

my kids, my husband :)

[6] What do you wish you knew five years ago?

I wish so bad that I knew all I know now. I don't even think I could write it all's almost like you have to experience it on your own- life, heartache, suffering, trials- it all changes you.

[7] Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to have 2-3 more babies, be writing a book and pursuing a few other dreams I have up my sleeve!

[8] What are your go-to, never fail items in your closet?

A long dress!

[9] What's at the top of your want list?

another baby :).

[10] What advice to do you have for new bloggers?

Be yourself, stay at it, be true to who you are, dont be afraid to tell your story and blog about what you know!

A BIG BIG thanks to Casey!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

I believe.

It's my second week with the Friday I believe link up! :)

Thank you to the few people who participated last week!
To participate:
Post about five things you believe in. Link to my blog in your post and then link up below! Easy, yeah?

I believe...

[1] In belting out your favorite songs on the freeway. Even if your voice cracks like mine. Even when someone catches you, just keep on singing...

[2] In stealing pens from restaurants. Hey, if the pen fits, use it.

[3] In feeling proud of yourself because you got up and did XYZ. It's the little things and you gotta start somewhere!

[4] In skipping out on happy hour to stay home and watch Pretty Little Liars.

[5] In getting excited for blog friends. I have a few little blog BFF's that make my day. EVERY WEEK. I feel like we're The Babysitter's Club only cooler and older ;)

What do you believe in?

I wore something.

This is my first ATTEMPT at a What I Wore post.

 Granted, I didn't have anyone to take pictures of me. 

But for those of you who do it ALONE?? I don't get it.

I envy all of you What I Wore posters now.

For your entertainment.

That eye is smaller sometimes.

The boots. 

This is the only way I could get my "whole" outfit. Trust me, I tried.

Cat eyes are an accessory in my mind.

This photo is dedicated to Lauren. I'm sorry the rest of you had to see this.

Sweater Forever21. Necklace Nordstrom BP. Boots Enzo Anglioni. Jeans J Brand.

Photo Tips?!

PS-Tomorrow is another I believe link up!

It's coming your way soon.

Linking up with this lovely lady today...because it IS Wednesday, duh!


I'm slowly ditching skinny jeans for some trouser jeans. It's coming for you, I'm telling you now! Think seventies. If you're not a hippie heart, you can still go for the wide flares with more sophisticated tops and accessories. Think ankle boots, boot lovers! What do you think??

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

So a week or so ago when I entered Lauren's giveaway, I thought twice about being the first to enter. I didn't want to jinx myself because the random number that wins always seems to fall in the middle.

Ironically, the winner of the SOLO Eyewear giveaway on my blog is the FIRST person who entered.

This is God's way of putting me in my place, I'm sure!

Congrats, Sar! Email me your address & which color SOLOs you'd like!

I can't bring myself to come up with anything else to post today because my brain is FRIED. I'm currently working day 9 of 12. Tomorrow I promise something lovely, though :)

Mondays are for blog swaps.

First things first! I'm guest posting on my favorite fall accessory today at Petite Femme Jolie!

Secondly, today I'm blog swapping with my new hilarious and sweet friend Heather at Pretty Unpretentious. Go there to read ten things that make me happy! :)

I was SO in love with Heather's post when I received it. I know you all are going to adore it!

Enjoy! <3
Us Bloggers. 

We put effort into our blogs. We love our Blogs. And when we aren't posting on our own blogs we are virtually high-fiving other bloggers with comments, twitter, guest posts etc. 

We support each other.

So when i started to notice that virtual friends are actually more supportive than my in-the-flesh friends... I started thinking there is something off.

I'm not sure what it is. 

Maybe you have a suggestion?

But I do know that you are probably thinking "well duh, I'm commenting to get more hits/ followers/ traffic/ free stuff etc" But lets get real. There is a certain point where we become attached to our blogging buddies. We become genuinely  invested in their tragedies, accomplishments, and even what they ate for breakfast. 

So why is it that virtually, behind a screen and with a keyboard we can reach out and pick people up but physically, in the real world, the supportive words and gestures are lacking? 

Do you relate to this too or is it just me???

Link Up!

Last week I did a post titled Some Thoughts In My Head which featured some things I believe in. I got some good feedback and a suggestion by Tani at My Songbook to start a link up for it. So this week and every Friday feel free to list/write about five things you believe in. (That is if you guys like it! I value your opinion so let me know what you think)It can be anything you'd like! Something serious...or something like...eating a ton of reeses ;) Make sure to link back to my blog in your post and then link up below and find some new awesome, open, and friendly bloggers.
If it goes well, maybe I will get a button for it ;)

I believe...

[1] In the 'thank you wave'. If you let me over in another lane while driving I'll either shoot you a wave out the window or a wave up to the rear view mirror. If I let you over and no 'thank you wave' is recieved I must assume you don't know the real road rules ;)

[2] In having values you stand true to no matter what. I have quite a few but honesty and trust are important ones for me. I'm honest with my a polite way. I'm not afraid to say you're wrong if you are and I expect my friends to be honest with me...even if it's not what I want to hear.

[3] In jumping on hotel beds. I'm a ten year old at heart. Maybe I should get a trampoline!?

[4] Popping vitamin C chewables because they're crazy delicious...not because I'm sick. Nomm nommm nommmm.

[5] In broken roads and happy endings. Life is NOT meant to be easy. Bad things happen to good people but it makes us stronger, wiser, and more appreciative when we find what and who makes us happy. Love actually is all around us <3

Have a joyful weekend! And enter the giveawayyyy here if you haven't already!

I want a scary house.

I don't have any Halloween decorations. I've never cared about decorating for holidays until THIS year. I would love to spend a $100 or so on halloween decorations. How fun would it be to have a Halloween party? Not the get drunk and ruin my house kinda party, the have people over for pumpkin beers and scary food eating! Make amazing invitations and make my house scary and cute. 

My favorite ideas yet:

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Do you decorate your home for the holidays?

PS-Want FREE sunglasses? Enter the giveaway here for the chance to win!