Review: Kerastase Soleil Voile Protector

I got this stuff on sale on Amazon for the summer and COMPLETELY forgot about it until two weeks ago. Kinda ridiculous that I spent $24 on it and it and it took me almost two months to try it, right?? Anyways, the verdict is in...I absolutely love it! I've tried a bazillion of hair products under the sun and this one leaves my hair feeling super soft!

I spray it on liberally after the shower and let my hair air dry. If I'm going to flat iron it I use a light mist section by section. If my hair is super dry I'll use a cream for the ends after but for the most part I haven't been using anything else except this. I've even accidentally gotten some on my roots and it didn't make it greasy looking.

My only beef with this product is that at the rate I'm using this stuff it's gonna be way too pricey to keep up with it.

What leave in sprays/protectors do you use?? I'm always looking for new suggestions!

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  1. hi hollie ann i wish you commented on becca from a blonde's logic and you are correct we met up in orange county in the city of orange! another blogger date with you and us would be great! we would have so much fun, and that area downtown orange is super cute.
    i know the answer already but do you like the chargers? my husband is a huge fan and of course i am too!

  2. I MUST try this! I've been trying everything under the moon without loving the results!


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