A birthday list

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I must be turning 27 or something soon because my birthday list contains very few things. Perhaps it's the new minimalist in me, but I narrowed my list to real wants that I will actually (gasp!) get use of. That list also includes one old lady back massager and a kitchen item. Yep, I'm getting old. I would also love a crate & barrel, amazon or sephora gift card! Am I missing anything on my list?

Button Up. Button Down.

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If you're someone who feels cold a lot like me, you're always on the lookout for lightweight long sleeve tops for spring and summer. I love buttoned shirts with shorts, capris, boots, skirts, under dresses. They work with seriously anything! You can dress them up or dress them down instantly and they go easily from day to night. J.CREW factory can be a great way to load up on basics. If you use the code SPREE right now you can get an extra 30% off to. Some of the sizing can personally fit me weird so make sure to check out the size chart first!

And yes, I am still on my month long shopping freeze. A girl can dream, right?

|All images from factory.jcrew.com|

Favorite Summer Accessories

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I'm really excited about the new Madewell store that recently opened in San Diego at Fashion Valley Mall. As much as I love a girls day at Fashion Valley, I'm so busy these days that leisurely days strolling the mall are a thing of the past. It's much easier to get in and out of the UTC mall in La Jolla. Luckily, Madewell is opening a store there soon! For all of you San Diegans, how much are you loving the renovated UTC mall? If you haven't tried the restaurant Eureka, you must. It's delicious!! But that's another post. The color that I'm loving for summer is a crisp, clean, white. It matches with everything. It's classic, yet fresh, and is a blank canvas for fun accessories.

What accessories are you loving for summer?

|All items pictured above from www.madewell.com|

June: A Spending Freeze

This month I've placed myself on a spending freeze for several reasons. One, I'm going to Europe in two and a half months! I need to save up my pretty pennies. With the exchange rate not being too great and my credit/debit cards charging international fees, I'm feeling self-inflicted pressure to have a cushion for this trip. I also want to invest in new dishes and kitchen cookware (I have VERY little now) so I'm saving up so I can maximize on those labor day sales! Can you tell I'm a planner? The past two months I've spent a lot on clothes and makeup. Once you start spending on that stuff, it's so hard to stop. At least for me it is. Summer and fall are my biggest weaknesses as that's when the best clothes come out and I'm ready for the new seasons. I also have a bad habit of shrinking clothes. Or at least I hope that's why they're getting smaller? I have several rules for myself while on a spending freeze.

You might laugh, but I have no self control in there. I've taken inventory of all of my hygiene and cleaning supplies and I do not need to go Target. You hear me, giant bullseye?

This is ZERO fun but it's something that needs to happen from time to time to keep budget in check and to detox myself from the "need" impulses we all get as consumers. I've checked my makeup bag. I can get through this month without buying anything. I'm sure of it.

No happy hour for me, no eating out just because on these days, and no froyo or coffee dates. On the weekends, I need a little indulgence but when I'm on a spending freeze I always think twice before accepting any social invitations that are expensive. I do plan on taking my boyfriend out on a date to the movies this month and making him some desserts. However, the money that I will save from not eating out or going to Target more than covers this. My weekends are not on freeze for fair priced entertainment.

Sometimes it's hard for us to come to terms with the fact that there are fun and free things to do! A few of my favorite things are the beach, hikes, walks, and picnics.

I may channel my buying impulses into blog posts so don't blame me if you see my bag obsession showing up here in the next few days. Fair warning!