Summer Style Series Vol 1.2: Sorelle In Style

I was so excited when the lovely sisters at Sorelle In Style agreed to let me interview them for my Summer Style Series! I absolutely adore their blog. It's so chic and sophisticated all the while being young and fun. They combine old classic labels with the youthful trends of today...and do it with taste. The outfit photos these two post give the stylists on Gossip Girl a run for their money. Plus, they both seem really sweet and down to earth. Read on!

Hollie: Why did you start blogging?
Le Sorelle: We started blogging because we’ve always loved playing dress up, even now that we’re older! We’ve inspired so many of our friends with our love of fashion, and now we’re sharing it with all of you! J

Hollie: What's something your readers don't know about you?
Jilly: In high school and college I studied Italian, Spanish, French and Hebrew!
Sally: Although I love dressing up and going out every day, my favorite thing in the world is to be at home, in my PJs, with my family.

Hollie: Describe your personal style in five words.
Jilly: Classic, elegant, comfortable, feminine, (and more recently) colorful!
Sally: Classic, fun, polished, trendy, timeless

Hollie: What inspires your style?
Jilly: My Mommy! Very often you’ll see me wearing her things on our blog – she has incredible taste, and has encouraged my love of fashion from a very young age
Sally: Along with fashion blogs and magazines, a huge style inspirations for me would be my Grandma and my Mommy. They always look so classy and polished-they definitely influence me.

Hollie: What items can't you live without?
Jilly: My toothbrush! And my Burt’s Bees lip balm. Oh, and my hairdryer!
Sally: I'd have to say my white J. Crew jeans, my orange Ralph Lauren jeans, a perfect t-shirt, comfy but fashionable shoes, my makeup, and a good bag.

Hollie: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Jilly: H&M, J. Crew, Forever 21 and more recently Zara! (I’m the cheaper of the two of us ;) )
Sally: I love Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Singer22, American Apparel, and Zara. 

Hollie: What's the best deal you've gotten lately?
Jilly: I did some maaajor damage at the J. Crew outlet store recently. The bargains are insane!
Sally: I went to J Crew and got four pairs of pants for $19.99 each! They were on sale-but each pair used to be $75 and up! 

Hollie: You can buy any three things. What would you pick?
Jilly: Right now it’d be an Hermès bracelet, a Winter Kate shrug, and Prada minimal baroque sunglasses just because!
Sally: J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg Jean in Bright Red, Christian Louboutin Bianca Platforms, and an Hermes Birkin 

Hollie: What would the fashion police catch you on?
Jilly: Rockin’ sweatpants in public! I’m a law student, cut me a little slack ;)
Sally: Wearing the same outfit twice!

Hollie: Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Le Sorelle: Both of us love The Blonde Salad - it's always a go-to for happiness and amazing style! A blog we more recently came across is Marielle Heart - the photography is amazing,  and it's always fun to read.

Thanks again to the ladies of Sorelle In Style for participating! Come by tomorrow for another blogger...and every day until Sunday! (Really don't check on Sunday because you will be very disappointed as I will be in Huntington Beach celebrating the wonderful U S of A!)


  1. Jilly- So cool that you studied Hebrew!

    Sally- I am right there with..pjs are my favorite outfit lol..and being home comfortable is just the best!

    You girls are so cute!

    XO Lindsay

  2. Awesome, I am excited to check out their blog! Thanks for this lovely interview!

  3. Love Le Sorelle. They always post the cutest outfits. Thanks for featuring them!

  4. very fun little series! i used to live in huntington beach! i miss 4th of july out there. huntington and newport knew how to handle that holiday well. and now oklahoma is under a burn ban so i can't even light a sparkler. boo face!

  5. loved the little interview holly -- it looks like you had a ton of fun! i will def have to check out their blog :]

  6. What a fun interview!!! Love them and their stylish blog!

  7. Fun! I like this! :)
    Definitely going to have to check out their blog! They seem stylish and smart!


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