Real quick, sorry I cut off my own head for most of the video. This was my second take and a third was not an option! :X

Also...DISCLAIMER...when I say I've taken a lot of small trips and then quickly move on to how I went to Germany right after...I DO NOT consider that a small trip. What I should have said was that the small trip I talk about was still my favorite over an amazing amazing trip/opportunity I was able to take to visit Germany. Germany is a beautiful country and the only country I've visited outside the U.S. I hold it dear to my heart. The reason I picked this one was because it was spontaneous (I'm not a very spontaneous person) and something I'll remember with my best friends forever. I'm so happy I did something like this.

Pictures as promised!

 Us pretending to be sleeping at 4 AM on the subway back to Jersey!
Don't ask.
 My friends are talented. Do not try this at home!
 That's me in the middle. I am so cool.

PS-Next time promise you see my whole head!


  1. Hey i just came across your blog and i love it! Looking forward to reading more :)

  2. NYC is my FAVORITE. :)

    I love your vlog...you are too cute, girl!

  3. I've been to NY and I had a good time too. I love the subway pics! Too cute!

    ps. I hear the whole cutting the top part of the head off in pictures is 'artistic'...so maybe you can start the trend w/videos as well. ;)

  4. Ah! I wish I could view your video but my internet stinks at loading videos! :( I love all of the pictures! it looks like you had such a fun time. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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