I absolutely adore the website pinterest. It's such a great website for inspiration boards and just being creative online. I have had so much fun doing retail visual displays in other jobs and this is a way that I can continue to collaborate without all of the work. Basically you "pin" photos you like from other sites to your boards and you can "repin" other's photos as well. Also, it automatically credits the pictures for you if they are listed on the site. Anyways, you have to be invited to become a member. Sooo exclusive! ;) Haha. A blogger I don't know in "real life" offered the opportunity up to me and anyone who'd like to join. I'd love to pass the favor on to anyone reading this. Follow me with google friend connect and comment here with an email you'd like me to send the invite to and I will make it happen!

Have fun pinning!

Pureology Hydracure Masque Review

I've been on a Moroccanoil hair masque binge for a month or so and totally forgot I had this hiding under my sink. My hair has gotten "used" to the Moroccanoil and it was time to switch it up! I used probably two quarter sized dollops on my hair with this in the shower and left it on for about ten minutes.  I let my hair air dry and finished it off with a blow dryer after about an hour. The result? My hair felt tens time softer. It also didn't feel like it had a ton of product in it nor felt weighed down. It wasn't a miracle worker by any means, but I'm convinced no product is. I did however find it to temporarily improve the condition of my hair, especially at the ends! I got this as a Christmas gift last year and was so excited as I probably would have not purchased it myself. It's around $34 which is asking a lot since you can get a good hair treatment at the salon for not much more. If you can afford it or get your hands on a sample it's a nice little treat to use on your hair from time to time.

MAC-I'm over you.

I think I am officially over and done with MAC makeup. (I hope this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings as I know MAC is a beauty cult classic.) I go back and forth with their foundation but for the most part it makes me break out and they don't make a good variety of colors. All of the colors I have tried are either TOO beige/ashy or too yellow/orangey. I've really tried to make it work with MAC. I've had several different counter ladies telling me "oh you haven't used your foundation with THIS product too." Well, I have now...and it still hasn't made a difference. The color doesn't match me AND after a long period of time the coverage begins to get blotchy.

Once I step out of the house, I don't want to do my makeup again every hour. Plus, I don't think the MAC mascaras are not anything special. The only thing I will say is that the selection of luxurious eyeshadows at the MAC counter are hard to resist!
I've moved on to Bobbi Brown which gives me a much nicer and closer color match. All of her foundations have a hint (not a ton) of yellow in them so even if you are cool you can still have some glow. I haven't done too many tests with it yet, so I'm not 100% sure if I will buy it again. So far though with some powder the coverage is just right. What do you guys think of Bobbi Brown? Do you have any other foundation favorites?

Sam Edelman.

I'm definitely not a shoe person (unless we're talking boots) and unlike some fashionistas, I don't dream about Manolo's or Louboutins. But I don't think I've met a Sam Edelman shoe I didn't love. These flats are so versatile, I think I would wear them every single day. With almost any outfit. I love the natural trend right now, but a lot of what I see is too crochet-like or too sloppy looking. The structure on the weave of this shoe pulls it together. I would love to find a similar shoe at a much better price. Do you guys like Sam Edelman?

Laptop Case Love

Juicy Couture and I ended our relationship once I started selling Juicy sweatsuits to 10 year olds....oh and babies! Once a brand becomes that big (another example is Ed Hardy) I think most of us start to duck out on the trend. That's not to say if I fell in love with a dress, bag, or wallet by Juicy I wouldn't buy it. But the brand's reputation and respectability starts to diminish a little with me. I came across this laptop case on shopbop (I was on their site again) and I really fell in love with it. It's so unique and quirky. If I traveled with my computer a lot I would definitely get something this cute to use! Or maybe I'd have an iPad. Dear Juicy, make this in an iPad case as well!

MK & A Interview.

I admire Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's fashion lines The Rowe and Elizabeth and James so much. They are both elegant and urban at the same time. I've grown up watching MK & A movies and following their fashions, hairstyles, and accessories. I was following them before the term 'follower' was big online. Even their horrible fashion moments have had some impact on what we wear today. I'd credit them PARTLY to the revival of boho. Yeah, we didn't dress identical to their homeless chic looks, but they definitely helped looser, cozier styles get a jump start in 2005/2006. I was so ecstatic to read the article on about them because it was well written, detailed, and lengthy! I was impressed with how involved and business minded they are. Get a peek into the thoughts of the fashion icons here:
Read the Interview Here!
Some of their styles that inspire:

What's your favorite look?

Madewell. Made. Well.

Shopbop could probably suck the life out of my bank account if I let it. The collection of scarves featured right now makes me want to skip summer and jump right to fall. My favorite one is the Madewell Chevron Stripe Scarf. It looks like it feels so luxurious and cozy. The color on this one would go with a ton of neutrals I think so it's versatile. I'm really loving the chevron prints right now as they're more unique than your typical stripes or plaid. What patterns do you like?


I'm not a huge American Apparel fan but I want this clutch in taupe or yellow so bad! It's a soft buttery leather bag and just $50. It's big enough to fit all my gear for every day and still dresses up a casual outfit. My work is really laid back, so I don't dress up on a regular basis. This is still the perfect special piece to carry around with any outfit.

Caught With My Khakis Down

OPI does it again with caught with my khakis down (the name of this pretty polish). I am usually pretty boring with my toe colors as I stick to different shades of red, pink, and sometimes purple. I really want this color though! I probably wouldn't put it on my fingers because I'd tire of it quickly. On my toes though, that's another story! It's so adorable and would match with my spring clothes. Has anyone tried this color yet??

I like her.

When she showed up at the Oscars in what I'd call a "normal girl" dress, I was intrigued. The dress was neither too casual nor too fancy. It was something anyone could "copy" but somehow on her it was special. She exuded confidence and made the dress work. I've read a few interviews with Jennifer Lawrence and each shows a side of her that makes her a role model. The strength in her confidence is unlike a sense of superiority you see in some of the famous. She seems like the girl you'd share a drink with at happy hour and end up talking for hours. Oh, and she claimed to have eaten a philly cheesesteak right before her debut at the Oscars. How could you NOT like a girl like that?

Katie Cassidy in Malandrino

This dress. In a dark color it could easily be a night time dress, but the fun pattern gives it a lot more options. Dress sandals for an afternoon wedding? The offbeat shoe color makes the whole outfit look thrown together and effortless. I love that this silhouette is something you'd see in a department store. Katie's look here is something a lot of women could pull off. Would you try this dress on?


I realized the one item most of my favorite fashion bloggers have in common. Oxfords. Whether it's a cute hipster from the east coast or the chic girls in france, they all live in them. I'd love a peep toed pair for summer to pair with skinnies rolled up but have yet to find a pair.  On my hunt however, I did find the most adorable pumps at $55. These MTNG Goby Beige Lace-Up Pumps are absolutely perfect for skirts, dresses, skinny jeans...they do it all. Get them. Preppy has never been cooler than this.

My Fight With Designer Sunglasses

I'll spend a pretty penny on most accessories if they're classic and I'll wear the hell out of them. For some reason when it comes to sunglasses, I can't keep the same pair in my possession for more than a couple of months. They disappear or my purse attacks them. I'm convinced it's not ME, it's just not in my cards to have nice sunglasses. Plus, I get bored and love to try out trendy styles for fun. With that said, I can't get over the spring House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses. They're all about $125. Definitely not cheap but on the scale of designer sunglasses ($100-$400ish) they're really reasonable. Take a peek.

The Marie

The Cary
The Nicole
The Jordana
I've tried on the Maries at Nordstrom and they just didn't fit my face very well. I think the Nicoles are super cute but they aren't basic enough for $125. I think the Carys or the Jordanas are your best bet all in all.

Study: Cara Accessories

Cara accessories has really stepped up their game this season. A lot of their stuff is still hit or miss, but from what I've seen they're headed in the right direction.

So many reasons why I love these bangles! At $28, the gold isn't that bright, gaudy, cheap material. The stones aren't super shiny which is another tell tale sign of cheap and junky. I love the pale green bangle the most but would actually purchase the white or orange as they both pass as a neutral. That way they both match with much more and my $28 goes a lot further.

This stretchy bracelet is $48 and also comes in white. I'm partial to this bracelet more just because I can't stand the feeling of a giant bangle falling up and
down my forearm...but that's just me! This is another great item for everyday or night.

This hat is adorable for a day out in the sun. I love the flower detail, it's the perfect size for the brim. It's $43, and comes in a darker chestnut, black, and white. What's your favorite?

A Week Without

This is my without week. Everyone knows the sayings 'less is more' and 'everything in moderation'. I try to live by those standards but if I'm not self-aware I can easily be sucked in. Here are my goals for the week 'without'.

Starting without my overly used apps....I'm definitely not obsessed with technology but I find myself constantly checking the same 4 apps on my iPhone. And when I mean constantly, it's probably the reason I run into things when I'm grocery shopping.

The Dreaded F word. Facebook.
Facebook is the main reason I started this whole "without" week. I started the Facebook app fast (incorrect verbage, I'm aware) on Friday and the rest of my apps the next day on Saturday. The first day I found myself repeatedly trying to find the app on my phone. Scary, right? Day 2 & 3 I was pretty occupied with my general weekend activities, so I didn't miss it much. Day 4 was Monday, which was a real downtime! I instantly resorted to checking other apps, none of which really gave me my 'fix'. Except maybe my new Feeddler RSS app which I haven't done too much exploring to get addicted.

Huffington Post.
Most people would find this app harmless as it gives me more insight to world events. Wrong. I check EVERY category about 3 times a day.  I ended up realizing I know EVERY possible detail about Osama's compound, Lindsay Lohan's court case, Barack Obama prom themes in the comedy section, and even the perfume Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day. I read a ton of style blogs, and when I see updates on things I saw on the huffpost a few days ago I start criticizing them in my head "I saw this two days ago..." I.must.stop.

US Weekly.
Yes, I am a sucker. I too am at times fascinated with celebrities. I'll admit it. Even worse? I play favorites. I think Jesse James is a piece of crap & I don't think that Joe Jonas should have broken up with Ashley Greene. Gossip with my girlfriends is fun, but checking this app a few times a day out of 'boredom' isn't very productive. Day 4 and I really don't miss this app at all, surprisingly.

I'm a recent product junkie in the last year or so. I can drop $100 at sephora like it ain't no thang. The worst part about this app is that I check the daily obsessions, well daily, which eventually leads me to new must haves. I slave over the 700 reviews even if it takes me a good chunk of the day from my iPhone. Yes, I read almost all of them. In the end I confuse myself even more about whether I should buy the product. (Most likely I shouldn't as I probably have something extremely similar). All I'm doing in this app is fueling my fire for more products to obsess over.

Other things I'm giving up this week?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

I've been really trying to eat healthy during the week days and reeses are the ultimate poision for me. The problem is I get my lunch at the grocery store every day & they taunt me in line. My new rule is not to check out in the full cart lines even though they're faster than the express lanes which don't offer the full selection of goodies.


I had it FOUR times last week! A little excessive? I think so! I don't quite think I can drop it completely this I'm striving for only once before next Monday.

Rachel McAdams Steals the Show at Cannes

So I'm a few days late on the Cannes outfits, but Rachel McAdams definitely won my vote for best dressed.

 This Maxim Simoen dress has great detail on the shoulders and pockets and amazing structure. I love this day look, it's perfect. 
This Marchesa dress is daring, yes, but none the less the most enviable at the show.
I want this dress so badly!

This is my least favorite look of hers, but probably because it is a little too retro for me. Either way I can't deny it's really funky and cute on her.'s Monique Lhullier. 

In Love With Stack Rings

My favorite jewelry item is probably rings. Big statement cocktail rings are fun for going out and even sometimes during the day if it's not too sparkly. Right now I can't stop researching stack rings online. They're pretty hard to find in your typical retail stores but can definitely be found online through some searching.

This set I have right now and wear a lot. They're super cute but I feel like I can do better. I'm not totally convinced on them. I try not to buy things unless it's a necessity or if I can't live without them, but at $10 for all of them...why not.

I'm seriously dying for these Lois Hill rings but at $175 I really can't afford it or even justify for that matter it unless I commit to wearing them for the rest of my life!

Etsy also has some really basic ones I've been eyeing. I'm still on the fence about Etsy. What if I don't like the rings once I get them? I'm concerned about the quality in particular. When I think of the hassle of sending anything back to a person rather than a company I really jump ship on Etsy. These stack rings are by DogSkinStudio

The Ugly Item I'll Probably Never Toss

My grey converse sneakers and I are in a love/hate relationship. My days of high school graphic tees, Abercrombie sweatshirts, and sneakers are long gone. I know there's nothing cute about them and on top of that they're getting old and dirty. So why not let them go? Well, as much as I love putting together an outfit, my converse are just way too comfortable. And somedays I just have bigger fish to fry than the shoes on my feet. I'm keeping them.

New Haircut?

I'm VERY indecisive about my hair color. I'm known for it with my friends. I'm a hair product junkie and I change my blonde hair tone/lowlights/highlights every 8-12 weeks. I'm always going between platinum blonde and aiming for a darker more natural shade, like Jennifer Aniston. She cut her hair a few months ago and I am debating trying it myself. I am currently a darker shade of blonde like her and would love to have a sophisticated cut like hers. My only thoughts are that I'm not sure I can manage blowing out my hair every day. I like a low maintenance cut so the days I feel lazy I can scrunch and go. Should I go for it?!

Vera Bradley Travel Bag

I got back from a cruise with my boyfriend today and brought this cute travel bag with me. I got it for Christmas last year and haven't gone away for the whole weekend to use it yet. It ALMOST fit all of my stuff (except toiletries and hair appliances)! It has pockets on both sides and in the inside which I used to store jewelry. Normally, I probably wouldn't buy a pattern like this on a bag because it wouldn't match with a lot of outfits but I really adore this one. I plan on traveling with it on the plane next month, so we'll see how that goes!

Two of My Favorite Pieces

I got this Tiffany's key necklace for my birthday two years ago from my Mom. It's really classic and I'll keep it forever. I get a ton of compliments on it, even after this long. The only thing is that I want to get a longer chain for it. I think it'd look better as a long necklace than a short one.

I'm obsessed with my Michael Kors silver watch. It's bigger face makes it look less grandma-y. Every time I put it on I feel like I'm putting on something really special. It dresses up a really casual outfit, dresses down something fancy, and is the perfect piece for an interview. It's definitely one of the best investments I've made for my wardrobe.

Inspired: Designers

My favorite designers. I like to look for elements of their designs in other pieces.

Michael Kors.

The epitome of the American woman.

Elizabeth and James
Effortless Structure.

Dolce and Gabbana

Eli Saab

Romantic elegance at its best.

Giambattista Valli
Fresh and Fun.