Forever 21 Picks!

Happy Friday!!! Cheap weekend thrills are key to a balanced budget and some color in your life. Check out my Forever 21 picks for the week.
Sophisticated black pants for work or for a funky night out.
Jean dress you may be able to pull for work. Add a scarf, fun tights, and boots for a day to night look.
I love this long sweater paired with the skirt. This is totally a look I would rock. Or with skinny jeans and flats?
So this one is kinda fancy for my every day taste. (AKA I'M BORING) However, I love it with the grey jeans and I think it's a little fun for when the weather gets colder.
I love this. This is so something they'd sell in TBD at Nordstrom. It works with a dress or jeans.
I'm loving flowly tops right now. This goes on easy over a tank. What a great thing to hang in your car for happy hour!
I'd love to do a dress up dress down post with this shirt. I LOVE this shirt. It's probably my favorite on this list. But it's so plain, right? Not necessarily. The material screams luxe. I'd wear this with jeans and dress it up with boots, a long necklace and some bangles. Throw your hair in a classy bun and you're suddenly polished.

What's your favorite?


  1. Oh my goodness, I am soooo in the mood to go shopping now :) You are a wonderfully bad influence, friend!

    I love that last top too!

  2. love the leopard top! happy friday hollie! hope you have a good weekend.

  3. I love forever21! I wanna go shopping now! :)

  4. love forever 21 for their cheap styles but dislike their return policy or the fact that they don't honor different pricing between the store and online, but you picked some great pieces! my favorite is the black pants and the jean dress

  5. My fave has gotta be the one with the embellished it...I usually don't brave Forever 21 unless I have something specific that I need, it's so overwhelming in there! But this might just be one of those times (c: Have a great weekend, Hollie girl!

  6. We JUST bought stuff from the Forever 21 site! One of the dangers of being stuck inside during a storm: online shopping! Love that denim dress! :)

    sorelle in style

  7. I LOVE that leopard sweater. Great picks!


Thank YOU for your comments. <3