That Time I Left The Country

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A few years ago I went to Vancouver with my boyfriend to visit the beautiful western seaside of Canada. But I didn't get there easily. Okay, and to be honest, a lot of places in my life I get to aren't easy.

I realized about ten hours before my flight that you needed a passport to go to Canada.

And mine was expired. By a few years.

In my defense, I had googled this matter a few months prior. I found an official government page stating that you did not need a passport and could use other forms which proved identity. However, that page was a few years old. Whoops.

I seriously thought that my trip was going to be cancelled....and that my boyfriend was going to be irate. I mean, I'd be irate if I were him. So I just assumed.

I nervously told him the situation and had my mom calling the passport agency in Los Angeles to see if there was anything I could do. It was looking bleek! Luckily, my boyfriend made arrangements for me to go to the newly opened passport agency in San Diego. And somehow, some way, I was able to get a passport and barely make my flight.

It was SO hectic and stressful! But some how I found humor, irony, and yes, even joy in the situation. It didn't ruin my trip. Sure, it didn't go as planned, but that's how life is! Things don't always go as planned. Things don't always work out. But when there's a will, there's a way. Often times it's not the destination we're getting to but the journey that gets us there. And now, the passport story is one of my favorite "doh!" moments. Bumps in the road happen. And you know what? It's all good.

Do you have an it's all good moment?

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Simpler Living

This year I've been very mindful (okay, maybe borderline obsessed) with simple living and becoming more and more minimalist. While I know for a fact I'll never be a possession counter, I'm probably never going to be completely satisfied with my wardrobe, and there's no way I'm living without a couch, I can definitely be more content with less. Less stuff means less time worrying about those things, less time cleaning those things, and in a lot of cases more money saved. I'm no expert on minimalism, but I'm faithfully trying to incorporate some of the meaninful messages into my own life.

Here are some images that help inspire a minimalist home. Enjoy!

Make it happen


This week has been full of heartache with Boston and West, Texas on our minds. In the light of tragedy, our country finds common ground as we reflect and remember that life is fleeting. In a few days or weeks many of us will forget. Forget to feel the weight of tragedy and forget to count our blessings. Myself included.

I'm challenging myself (and you) to honor the innocent victims by chasing your plan a. Let go of your back up plans. Your plan b, your plan c, plan d. Because you know what they are? Those plans are your easy way out. I'm so blessed to be typing this right now and to have the opportunity to fight until my plan a works out. To keep on living my passions. The opportunity to make dreams happen has been cut short for so many this week and what better way to honor those precious lives than to make yours happen.



Giveaway Time!

I'm over at Miss Shanna's blog giving away an iTunes gift card in a massive group giveaway that includes Target, Forever21, and Ulta gift cards! If only I could win!! Good luck! :)

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The Lust List

 photo _7847509_zpsc21baee0.jpg  photo _7852782_zps0f1c2714.jpg  photo _7802752_zps76ad9ac6.jpg  photo _7822505_zpse1ee3b4d.jpg  photo _7584751_zps3a6b3c84.jpg  photo _7562313_zps3c46a40e.jpg
+Tory Burch Sneaker + Big Buddha Crossbody +Michael Kors Watch
+ Milly Lobster Tote +Kate Spade Sunglasses +Kate Spade Wallet

Now who has that winning lottery ticket for me? I especially want the tote and sneakers. Hello, summer spring!

Best and Worst: ACM Awards

I really thought that it would be hard for me to choose a worst dressed from the ACMs because country music stars aren't as adventurous as some of the other famous celebs. They're all about glitz, glamour, and anything southern. But honestly? There were A LOT of outfits that I was just very confused about. Faith Hill anyone?

 photo taylor-swift-290_zps782eac3d.jpg

BEST: Sometimes choosing the one best outfit is hard but this time I had no qualms about voting for Taylor Swift. She hit it in my book. The color looks gorgeous on her.

 photo kaley-cuoco-290_zps1b3c28ac.jpg

WORST: Kaley Cuoco could be on her way to marry Marilyn Manson after the show. Weird. And I'm not a fan of those pointy nails. Why are witch looking nails popular?

Who did you think was best and worst dressed?