After some of your messy hair tips and some tips from my wavy haired friends I did some experimenting. If you read my last post you know how the bottom of my hair is kinky and the top portion is frizzy/straight. My results:

To answer the question you're all asking yourself. I live in California and yes, I AM this pale!

Here is how I accomplished this look.

1. Take a shower! (This will help you out in life in general)
2. Washed scalp with a dry hair shampoo. I'm using the uber expensive Kerastase Bain Satin 2. Not sure if I will repurchase but that is another post in itself!
3. Use a moisturizing conditioner and work it through the bottom 3/4 of hair. 
4. Use a brush to comb your wet hair out in the shower. Go ahead and yell at me about how this encourages breaking! Do it anyways if you have trouble with waves :X
5. Rinse
6. Use a t-shirt to "towel dry" hair. I read on many of your blogs as well as The Beauty Department's site that this cuts down on frizz!
7. Do not brush hair again! Finger comb if you see some serious tangles otherwise just go with it!
8. Use a leave in conditioner or pomade type product and scrunch from the ends up. I used a pomade and serum mix. Pomade is almost too sticky to scrunch hair and a mousse may leave crunchy waves.
9. Scrunch the top layers as they would lay on your head.
10. Air dry!

Happy Monday and best of luck!


  1. Nice!! Good tips! You're going to want to go check out my blog today, I nominated you for something :)


  2. I've never tried a t-shirt to towel dry my hair! I definitely need all the frizz help I can get!

    And the link to Billy's Bakery is at the beginning of my last post! I'm so bad with NYC directions, but I'm sure the site will have them! Hope your BF has fun! :)

    sorelle in style

  3. it looks great! also, i've always always brushed my hair out while it's wet from the roots down even though i've read this causes breakage. i hardly ever have breakage. i went 6 months without cutting my hair and my hair stylist is always amazed at how healthy my hair is.

    i also just read on the back of one of my hair products to use a thin towel to scrunch and allow mouse to soak in better (i just bought sauve professional something curls and it feels like cream more than mouse...totally soft and not crunchy) and i thought a Tee would be perfect. can't wait to try it.

  4. Yay for hair tutorials! I love the beach wavy look, too cute on you!

  5. LOVE IT! :) Happy to have found your blog! :) New Follower!

  6. thanks for the tips! i never heard of drying your hair with a t-shirt. genius

  7. Love the waves...and you are gorgeous. :) I am going to have to try this on my hair; it's naturally kind of frizzy but I hate drying it, so most of the time I wear it pulled back or in a low bun. I love the idea of scrunch and go!

  8. Looks good! I live in Australia and I'm always pale and pasty, so don't feel bad at ALL! Besides, your hair looks so awesome, people won't be looking at your skin tone :)

  9. woohoo for the t-shirt turban!!! love your blog, girlie

  10. Looks cute! Love the way it turned out....looks good on you

  11. That looks so pretty!!! And that's really about t-shirt drying your hair. I will have to try that because I live in like the most humid place on earth and I thought I was cursed with perpetual frizz! ;) But yeah, you look totally beachy and lovely!


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