Night at the Races.

Last Friday night we met a friend/couple at the Del Mar Fairground for the horse races and to see a certain band perform afterwards. I usually go to the races as a company outing every year so I haven't been with friends in years...or ever with the boyfriend. On opening day, San Diegans channel Kentucky and deck out in big hats, buy expensive beverages, and make our bets. Except I'm sure the classy broads out here do it ten times shorter and show ten times more skin than you southern belles. After the first day ends, big hats really are optional around here. Most people make it a don't. Friday we only made it for the last two races since we came after work. We made a $2 bet on Troy Story and a $2 bet on Bellagio Road during the 8th race. My philosophy is to pick the horse with the best name so Troy Story was obviously a shoe in in my mind. Apparently my philosophy isn't always right. Or never right. We didn't win. Le sigh.

Originally when I asked Jeff if he wanted to go to the horse races, I mentioned there was a free concert afterwards. I told him it was a surprise. He's not a big fan of "emo" bands and always makes fun of Dashboard Confessional (who played that night) by singing "your hair is everywhereeeee" from time to time. So ten seconds after I said the concert was a surprise, I told him I'd tell him but he couldn't change his mind. I told him the band was Dashboard Confessional and he said he'd still go. Total relief. 

The day before the races he asked me who the band was. I was like "'s Dashboard" buddy. Apparently he thought I was kidding. Definitely not. However, he was a great sport and he may or may not have cried for the final three songs while waving his lighter app in the air.

And just so you know, I swear I own a brush even if it doesn't look like it in those pictures.

Have you been to the horse races before?

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Cool Cats.

Okay, there are not actually felines up on this blog today.

I'm actually here to introduce you to some lovely bloggers you might enjoy!

Actually might is just being nice because I KNOW you will love these blogs ;)

Meet Breanna. 

Breanna is the sweetest, the quickest email responder I've ever met (sorry to put the pressure on you! haha), and I know we'd get along amazingly in "real" life. Oh and she's giving away Tookies on her blog right now (cookie mix jar things). I'd encourage you to go enter but that'd lower my chances right? Breanna also hosts a number of blogger team up projects and blog hops. She's a good one to know!

Hello Ladies, my name is Breanna and I blog over at My Beautiful, Crazy Life. I am a junior in college majoring in Human Nutrition, although I am a complete food junkie. I am saved by God's grace and for that I am eternally grateful, which is why I strive to live each day for His Glory. I also have a love for creating beautiful things and capturing life's little moments. Speaking of creating beautiful things, I recently opened a shop, called Breeze Creations, which is stocked with hair accessories, headbands, and jewelry! You should certainly stop on by and browse a while :) If you head on over to my blog you'll find a hodge podge of topics ranging from fashion to daily encounters in my life. Say hello I'd love to be your friend!

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Meet Jayda. 

Jayda is beautiful and I'm sure everyone in the world is going to pull up this post to show their hair stylist what color they want their hair to be. Not only does she have looks but she has the sweetest personality to back it up. Her post today spoke to me and reminded me why I love blogging. It's reading post like these. She may be a "new" blogger but I'm she'll be around for years to come.

Hi, everyone! I'm Jayda, nice to meet you! I'm the blogger behind Sing Out Your Song, a little lifestyle blog that I started this past April. I blog about all sorts of things; fashion, crafts, recipes, my sweet husband, and adorable (but destructive) puppy, as well as stories of my every day life. Sometimes, my insane love of ice cream sneaks in there too. And by sometimes, I mean almost weekly. But really, who doesn't love ice cream? (if you don't we can still be friends!). You can learn more about me and my blog here, or tell me about you! I love hearing everyone's stories. Stop by, friend!


Meet Teresa. 

Teresa is a little fashionista with a number of great ootd posts and style tips. Not only does she her passion for anything style but she also shares her daily life and loves. Her beach bound suggestions are ALL in my want list. So yeah, read this blog with fair warning...your bank account may suffer!

My name is Teresa and I write a little blog called Delightfully Darling. This is my place to share daily outfits and my day to day life. My favorite thing to do is show how to wear one item in many different ways, as you can see. I like to call it a remix and when you visit my blog, check out my nav bar a click on “Remixin’ Vixen” for all sorts of fashion remixes featuring on key piece worn several ways. Thanks checking out my little slice of sweet and I hope you enjoy my blog, Delightfully Darling. xo.

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Meet Britt.

Britt is a graphic designer turned blogger who shares everything from what she's currently reading, what she's currently loving, and other great insights. Her blog is such a happy place, it's a great place to sit back, grab a cup of coffee and find some new addictions courtesy of yellow umbrella.

Bonjour, I'm Britt from Yellow Umbrella!  I am a self-taught freelance graphic designer who absolutely loves her job.  I am also all about good books, dark strong coffee, amazing music, and of course my lovely dogs.  On my blog you will find graphic design freebies, music and book info, and a few other great things I enjoy.  Stop by and say hello anytime!

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Because I love lists.

26 before 26 (is over) 
[[Linkin up with LIY!]]

Yes, that's me. Such a little devil.

.1. Get toned up. Let's see some thigh, arm, and oblique definition.

.2. Graduate college!!!! 6-7 classes left, people!

.3. Finally make that blog name change jump I've been thinkin about.

.4. Stop being lazy and take some real photos for the blog without buying a DSLR.

.5. Go to TWO country concerts.

.6. Get my butt to Phoenix to see a friend who moved there.

.7. Dabble in some photo shop.

.8. Go to the central coast with the boyfriend and talk him into a longer vacation too. COUGH, reading this Jeffrey??

.9. Really learn about nutrition. I really don't know much. And what starches are? I don't know I just know a potato is one.

.10. Watch the Lord of the Rings series.

.12. Finish the first Game of Thrones book.

.13. Wear a bright lipstick out one night.

.14. Go to a Chargers game.

.15. Stop drinking pop soda.

.16. Get apple pie in Julian, California.

.17. Teach Genevieve how to say the word "black" through FaceTime. I taught Lauren's daughter Brielle how to say black and I'm not even sure how. It's only fair I teach her new baby how to say it too.

.18. Be able to run a mile without stopping.

.19. Become zit hear me Mr. Dermatologist? That prescription sucks and stop telling me "wait it out"

.20. NOT cut my hair, 1/4 an inch trim only.

.21. Possibly be a unicorn for Halloween. Or something equally fabulous.

.22. Use my thank you cards!

.23. Learn to love sitting in traffic.

.24. Make sun dried tomatoes from scratch. And put those bad boys on a homemade pizza.

.25. Do sparklers at midnight on NYE. Let's hope I don't light my hair on fire.

.26. Sponsor a kid in Africa.

Would you do any of these?

And because I loved these posts this week...check out:
-Stephanie's anonymous secret post...I guess this isn't so secret anymore but I commented "I love the smell of my own farts" you all can decide if I did that be funny or if I was telling the truth.

-Lindsay's paleo cookie recipe. Someday I'll try this!

-Liz's if you really knew me post. I swear we're the same person except she has a crazy amazing secret job (not in the FBI...I think??) lives in Europe, travels every weekend and looks nothing like me.

-Jessica's vlog post. Man she is adorable.


.1. I want to go back to Hawaii. Badly. Warm waters, beautiful sunsets, peace.
.2.  Starbucks date with a girlfriend. I love my "sugar drinks" and bagels.
.3. New Nikes...on sale!

.4. In and Out...because I have an addiction and so does Jeff.
.5. Lemon cupcake from my Mom! I would have never picked that flavor out but it was amazing.
.6. At Rough Draft Brewery...and I kept calling it Rough House Brewery. I grew up surrounded by boys, obviously.

.7. Top of Mt. uneasy miles there and back. Ouch.
.8. New ring courtesy of my lovely cousin for my birthday :)
.9. We saw Memphis last night and it was a brilliant play. I love love loved it. It may have been better than Wicked.

((Linkin up with Anna today. You should too. I used my grid with the app "picframe" it's on the last page))

If you really knew me..

-You'd know I'm a cat lady. My new years resolution was to pet this really elusive Himalayan that lives at the bottom of the street my boyfriend lives on. We call him "The smoky kitty" or "Pierre" we think maybe he's a frenchmen.

-You'd know I get stressed out, in my life when it rains it pours, and I'm fighting to make something of my life.

-You'd know when I get really frustrated, I cry. Hate that.

-You'd know my favorite store is Nordstrom. I got three gift cards for my birthday. Maybe I need to find some other favorites??

-You'd know my sense of humor is cheesy, ironic, sarcastic....but mostly ironic. Sometimes bad things happen and I just laugh at how ridiculous it is.

-You'd know my dream vacation is to go to Alaska. Or London. I never was one to dream of tropical vacations.

-You'd know I'm a wimp, I play it safe, and I'm a rule follower. Always have been, always will be.

-You'd know I'm an introvert. I like being alone sometimes, I need my "me" time, and I value good/real friendships over a lot of superficial friendships.

-You'd know I secretly want to be a redhead.

-You'd know that sometimes I'm competitive and comparative, two of the worst things one can be.

-You'd know that I hate shopping sometimes, because I hate/love the feeling of a new outfit. Why should a new outfit boost my mood or make me feel cuter? That's dumb.

-You'd know I know enough to get by in a lot of subjects, but I'm an expert to few.

-You'd know I consider myself "moderate" in politics. I believe in generosity and help when it's needed, but don't believe in laziness. The two extremes are what is ruining our country in my opinion.

-You'd know I have a sensitive stomach, have some form of IBS I'm sure, and sometimes I just have to "lie" down due to nausea.

-You'd know I can't own a pair of expensive sunglasses because I break and lose them constantly.

-You'd know I wish I could play the piano and plan on taking lessons at some point.

-You'd know I'm a dancer, with little training. I specialize in car dancing.

-You'd know I'm thoughtful, a multi-tasker to a fault, and a planner.

-You'd know I worry when I shouldn't, worry when I should, and worry sometimes so much I have anxiety.

-You'd know I believe happiness and joy are a choice and there are many days I have to choose to be happy.

-You'd know I can think myself in a nonexistent problem.

-You'd know that I've given one too many second chances and sometimes that makes me jaded.

-You'd know I'm seriously considering sponsoring a child in Ethiopia. But I'm skeptical of giving money to a non profit after hearing and reading the scrutiny of Invisible Children. That scrutiny has a point. Do you know how much your non profit support goes to the cause?

-You'd know I love kids...but am in no rush to have some of my own.

-You'd know I try to "play it cool" about most everything, not sure why. My friends make fun of me for "playing it cool" about my relationship of 2.5 years or "playing it cool" about a raise or accomplishment.

-You'd know I didn't think of this "if you really knew me" idea and it's been floating around the blogosphere :)

Five Things You Probably Don't Care About

1. Some of you may have seen my tweet about starting my sixty day shopping freeze two days ago. I'm off to a really great start. I went to the mall tonight to return some stuff....and went into Sephora. Let's just say I bought foundation to try, an eyeliner, and a lip gloss. Plus they gave me a free birthday gift. Hmmmmm. On the bright side, I did return more than I purchased today at the mall. Small little blip riiiight!?

2. I am PUMPED for The Dark Knight Rises! We're seeing it Friday night at 10:40 P.M. Jeff is forcing me to get there an hour and fourty five minutes before...............#saveme.

Source: via Annie on Pinterest

3. I officially brought my lunch two days in a row and ate dinner at home! Doin big things over here people ;) So healthy! ;)

4. For those of you who have Netflix you ever laugh at the genres they come up with for you? A few months ago I got "female rivalries" and last week I got "teen tv shows with a strong female lead." I just turned 26. Hmmmmm.

5. Anna and I set a date to potentially meet up. I'm really nervous! It was like this when I met Lauren too. Blogger butterflies ;) We may go to South Coast Plaza and may we may get drinks. But not both unless shopping comes before drinks if you know what I'm saying.

Just love my randomness, people. 

How To: Polka Dot Polish

You'll need:
-Two colors of nail polish...or more!
-A ziplock bag
-A nail
-Optional pencil

Pick yo colors! You'll need two colors...or more!?

Use color A to paint all of your nails. Let dry.

Grab a ziplock bag. Use color B and paint a little blob or two onto the ziplock bag.

Use the back end of a nail (NOT THE POINT!!!) and dip it in color b a few times.

If you prick yourself with the point, I may cry. Save me the tears ;)

You can also stick the pointy end of the nail into the eraser of a pencil if you want a little more control! It's like a giant nail/writing utensil.

Press onto dry nails. Be careful to use a steady hand otherwise the dots will be too big.

It may take you a few tries to get the dots right so be prepared to start over with a pre swiped cotton pad with nail polish remover.

Top coat!

I needed to touch up with a cotton swab drenched in nail polish remover since I always get polish on my cuticles.

If I can do it....youuuu can do it! :)

Your Advice Pleaseeeeee

I'm a picky eater. And I'm stubborn about what I will and won't eat.

When I "think" I don't like something, I won't try it. FOR YEARS. 

For instance, when I was eight years old I decide I didn't like hamburgers. My Aunt made me eat one of hers (Sorry if you're reading this!) and it was disgusting. So until a year or so ago I hadn't had a hamburger. FOURTEEN YEARS PEOPLE! The boyfriend got me to "broaden my horizons" and I tried one. Now if you follow my instagram, you know I'm obsessed with In and Out. I am a hamburger FREAK now. Same thing when with Thai Food. Mexican. Sushi.

I counted how many of these pictures had on my phone....let's just say I have a problem.

Anyways, I'm a taste snob.  I like eat well. No exceptions.

This past year I've been trying to get more healthy, i.e. fruits/protein bar for breakfast, salads for lunch, cutting out almost completely fries and chips during the week, fighting through a three day juice cleanse, and less coffee. (Less not gone on the coffee and soda).

However, I am terrible about bringing my lunch to work. I eat out for lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Sometimes I go to the grocery store and get salads, I recently have become embarrassed about eating Chipotle so much, and get a lot of smoothies. Not only is it not that healthy, it's EXPENSIVE. And I am by no means a baller. I really SHOULDN'T be spending $5-$7 on lunch every day and the same on dinner sometimes. That really adds up. Until I double my salary, if I continue to do this and have a tight few last days until my next paycheck this is absolutely the cause. I hate that feeling. Don't you?

So I need your help.

What can I bring to work for lunch that will sustain me, is cheap,  doesn't have a lot of prep work and tastes GOOD? I'm not a morning person and I need something that I can bring with and will take me five minutes or less.

You should know...I'm weird about certain things being "cold". I don't like sandwich bread cold and I don't like soggy salads.


Instagrid Madness

1. Fourth of july nails! Confession, I RARELY paint my finger nails. I like to keep them in the birthday suit color usually.

2. July 4th at 12 AM the boyfriend and I decided to celebrate America by eating Mexican.

3. We had quite the gloomy 4th here in San Diego so we played a few games, BBQ-ed, and snuggled.

4. The boys at Altitude a rooftop bar before the padres game. We did the padres game and went out to the bars afterwards for my birthday!

5. View from Altitude.

6. One of the few normal pictures I got of us. I haven't had more than three drinks in close to a year. That night I had SEVEN. Needless to say, I was NOT worried about taking pictures. I was mostly worried about skipping around my friends pumping the DMX "x" with my arms dancing.

7. Tutorial this week!! :)

8. Young Jeezy (Jeff...the boyfriend) took me to see Wicked for my birthday. BEST. PLAY. I'VE. EVER. SEEN! Ah it was such a blast!!!

9. Blurry picture at the theater.

Linking with Anna today for Instagrid :)

How To: Braided Top Knot

Put your hair in a pony tail. I like mine high. Plus it's easier to see what you're doing when it's high ;)

Pull one thicker strand from the front side of the pony tail and let it free! (Rest it on your head towards yours face)

Wrap the rest of your hair  around into a bun. Wrap the hair over the "free" hair you just separated. Don't worry, we won't let it be free forever :)

Secure that bun you just made with a few well hidden bobby pins or even inside the pony tail itself if you can.

Take that free hair and make a chunky braid...or fish tail braid if you're brave.

Flip the braid over so we see the underside and gently pull across the top of your bun. (It's okay if your hair isn't long enough to reach to the back. We can hide it so you only see the braid in front...I think it's cute! This is how mine is!) Attach the end of the braid underneath the bun with a bobby pin. Make sure to hide the bobby pin!

Now you can pull at the bun a little bit to make it messier and bigger. I wrap my buns on step three pretty tight so I look like a cone head at first. I like a bigger/messier bun (personal preference!!)

Admire your work :)

And there you have it.

Easy, peasy right!?

This idea is a remake from here!

PS-Thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes yesterday! I'll share a birthday recap with you all on Thursday :)

Today I'm Turning 26.

I still wear wayfarers.
I still love turquoise.
And I'm still a cat lady.

Things haven't changed a bit.


What #FF is.
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What this is.
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Plus, I'll make sure to link up to the Follow Friday periodically so everyone can check out the directory easily and new readers can get in on finding your blog.

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True Food Kitchen.

Friday we enjoyed a complimentary pre-opening dinner at the new True Food Kitchen in Fashion Valley Mall. I didn't really know what to expect (except that I'd be seeing Tammy there!!!) I briefly checked out their menu and it seemed to be all over the place to be honest. However, my life revolves around eating and I was excited to try out a new restaurant.

Let's just say I was BEYOND impressed. The staff was delightful. The decoration and ambiance was part hipster/pinterest part class/sophistication. The food was DELICIOUS. Scrumptious even! ;) Not kidding I was blown away by how yummy the food was.

Carmelized Onion Tarte thingy was amazing.

Ricotta Ravioli.

This was one of their all natural sodas...YUM!

Boyfriend got the panang curry. I dug it.

Retail Therapy suggested by the Tamms. It did not let me down.

FLOURLESS chocolate cake.

Highlight of my weekend? YUP.

Ps-The winner of the Sepora gift card is Elise entry #22. Email me chica!

The WAR on Foundation

Maybe it’s that I’m a makeup addict. Maybe it’s that I can’t find a foundation I love. You decide.

WARNING: This is a lengthy post.


The past few years I’ve tried MOST of the foundations on the market. I have a very lovely skin color. One so lovely that on more than one occasions make up consultants/artists/associates whatever you call yourselves have exclaimed something along the lines of “Wow! I don’t think any lines make your color!” Not so exciting. I’m pale and usually categorized as beige…except I have neutral undertones that are more yellow. Yellow undertones are too yellow and neutral undertones are not yellow enough. Not even kidding. I also have “dull” skin (sometimes grey cast) and am prone to acne.

I spent a lot of time perfecting this picture obviously...

Anyhow, here’s a quick “review” of some of the foundations I’ve tried.

Loreal True Match-
Made me break out.

Revlon Colorstay-
Whitecast? Anyone else?

MAC Pro Longwear-
They’re not kidding, this stuff is LONG lasting. The first few days I used it it sucked my face in like a mask. And lasted A LONG time. MAC is just TOO yellow or TOO pink it doesn’t look right on me. And isn’t that great for your skin. I didn’t break out but I’m not sure I wouldn’t in due time. I got a lot of compliments on this when I blended a lot. But I'm on a mission to find the perfect match!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer-
I received many comments on how “healthy” my skin looked. But again, not my color and not much coverage. I don’t want to look cakey just don’t want to see scars underneath. On a day to day basis, I’m not spending a good twenty minutes covering and blending.

Makeup Mat Velvet Matifying Foundation-
Not enough “glow” for me. My dull skin looked like I was ten years older.

Makeup Forever HD-
I LOVE this stuff! The coverage is pretty good, it’s easy to apply another layer. I always felt beautiful putting this on. But at the end of the day, I couldn’t use 1-2 pumps like Sephora suggested, the price tag is HIGH to be buying so often, AND it wasn’t my exact color. If my boyfriend says your makeup isn’t blended in, not worth the $40+.

Cover FX Total Coverage Cream Foundation-
A lot closer to my skin than most other choices. However for a line that boasts having an exact match for every skin tone…where’s mine???? Besides that, I’d look in the mirror and feel heavy/slimy after a few hours. Probably an amazing choice for a lot of people just not for me.

Clinique Even Better Makeup-
Looked great in store. Sunlight is another story. I wore this for a few weeks but always felt/looked slimy.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation-
This stuff made my skin burn. Not a great sensation. Also not my color. There aren’t as many colors to choose from.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation-
Doesn't cover that well and oxidizes like WHOAAAAAAAA!

Bare Minerals-
About five years ago when I was working at a salon an esthetician recommended I use this for my acne. I tried it but eventually got over the whole powder thing. Sometimes I just felt like liquid foundation just LOOKED better. I don’t remember too much about this first experience in my old age ;) but I do remember getting compliments.

A few months ago I bought the Bare Minerals starter kit (great deal & you get brushes!!) I liked how the color matched ALMOST perfect to my skin color. But when I went on my lunch I noticed that the powder was clumping where I was oily. I’d try to use the mineral veil to reapply but it didn’t really spread the clumps. I’m a pretty busy person and don’t want to be re-doing my makeup from scratch to avoid clumps multiple times a day. I don’t remember this happening five years ago, but didn’t really have time to mess with it so I gave up on Bare Minerals.

A few months ago I started getting some bad hormonal breakouts on my chin. This is probably another post in itself if you’re interested in what happened but basically I needed to switch to a non-comedogenic makeup to help assist in my skin recovery.

Cover FX is one of the options, I just didn’t like how it looked after a few hours & the way it made my skin feel.

I decided to go to the Bare Escentuals store (not Sephora...shocking I know) and see if they had any suggestions for the clumpiness.

Here’s what the chica sold me, a heavier covering brush (Heavenly Face Brush) which would help cover where I needed and focus in on rubbing that powder in, my original powder foundation (I ran out), a COMPACTED touch up mineral veil (final step or “setting powder”) which is better for touching up, and a lighter brush for powdering the under eye (Blending Brush.)

Not kidding, the heavier covering brush, along with her instructions to “buff” the powder longer have eliminated the clumping issue. It looks SO natural. My skin feels GREAT. It covers my acne scars. I’ve noticed I’m a lot less oily. The compacted mineral veil is a great way to touch up later on in the day—and actually helps with oil! It’s the cornstarch in it. Yes, I said cornstarch. Google it. Most of your powders have it! I do use the under eye brush and it's much better than using what's provided in the starter kit, but I still have been using an under eye concealor on top and blending it. I just love the way it looks! And it's pretty darn close to my skin color!

Before you go run out and get Bare Minerals…

If you do buy it and haven’t used it before, WATCH the video. There is a difference in swirling and buffing productively. SOME people have an allergy to some of the ingredients in mineral makeup. I’ve read some great results with people who have acne and in rare occasions, it makes some people break out.

It is non comedogenic though so it shouldn’t clog your pores like a lot of liquid foundation. 

For now, I’ve won the war on foundation. Dun dun dun.

DISCLAIMER: A lot of the foundations I've tried have great results with other people, they're just not for me personally.