Summer Style Series Vol 1.4: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Happy Thursday! FYI, Blogger refuses to format this how I'd like so beware of giant spaces!

Today I'm featuring someone absolutely hilarious...Aubrey at All Things Bright And Beautiful! I love checking out her new posts because she always finds these really cozy and colorful interior design photos. Her blog makes me want to redo my entire apartment in a completely different way. Every day. It's actually becoming a problem as I'm way too indecisive now! Her blog writing style is always very animated and always fun to read. And...her version of the smiley face is so cute. What's not to love? (c:

Hollie: Why did you start blogging?
Aubrey: Um, attention...duh! I'm totally kidding!!! I started blogging because I got completely obsessed with design blogs and I just felt like I would really like a place to be able to put my ideas and inspiration out it is *SO* much fun meeting all the fun and talented bloggers out there! Sometimes I think I started so I wouldn't go insane at home...but that is a completely different story (c;

Hollie: What's something your readers don't know about you?
Aubrey: I'm pretty open and honest with my readers...maybe a little *too* honest sometimes...but I suppose that not *everyone* knows that I lived in Brazil for two years and speak fluent Portuguese...every once in a while you with see some of my friends leave comments in this lovely language!  

Hollie: Describe your personal style in five words.
Aubrey: Um, what style? 
Easy, streamlined, bright, shiney, and FUN. 

Hollie: What inspires your style?
Aubrey: Mostly it's my lifestyle...honestly, if I had my pick, I would completely wear heels and dresses all the time, but HELLO, not exactly practical with two little buggers running around! Same with my home...I really like light and bright materials, but sometimes those don't go so well with jelly/mud/boogers, y'know? (c: The pic is of my little one taking after her mama!!!
 Hollie: What items can't you live without?
Aubrey: This is pretty much the *least* glamorous answer ever, but I can't live without Wet Wipes. Seriously, they save my life at least 3 times a day.

But I'm also pretty sure it will be a cold day in hades if I ever step out of the house without at least mascara on and some lip gloss. It might be where my two year-old got her "lippie" addiction. 

Hollie: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Aubrey: Fantasy shop or actually buy things shop??? I'm pretty sure I would love to take home about 2/3 of Anthro and I could do some serious damage at Restoration Hardware...but I think that Etsy is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, you can find *ANYTHING* on there! They have the most fantastic pillows around... 

Hollie: What's the best deal you've gotten lately?
Aubrey: I'm still super impressed with my new chair...$25 for all it's velvet tufted goodness. It's a beautiful thing. 

Hollie: You can buy any three things. What would you pick?
Aubrey: Three pairs of Christian Louboutins. BAM. How's that for a quick decision??? (c: I would actually probably pick some awesome furniture like an amazing upholstered headboard, a tufted sofa, and a chaise lounge...but that's not nearly as fun!

Hollie: What would the fashion police catch you on?
Aubrey: Probably my purse...those two little people who are responsible for the stains and boogers in my house have also worked their magic on my purse. I'm not gonna lie, it's grody (yeah, I'm resurrecting that word from the '80's, you're welcome.)


–adjective, -di·er, -di·est. Slang .
1.repulsive; disgusting; nauseating.

Hollie: Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Aubrey: What blogs don't inspire me is a lot shorter list!!! There are *SO* many with amazing things and talents that a goober like me can only *dream* about! Three of the very first that I began following and got me hooked on the blog world are Elements of Style, Style Files, and I Suwannee...those are some amazeballs women right there... 

Thanks so much for having me, Hollie! I mean really, who doesn't like to talk about their favorite subject ? I totally mean blogging...not me...of course...(c:

No thank you, Aubrey!! Check out her blog people. Tomorrow I have a really awesome Texan sharing! :)

Twice In One Day

I rarely post twice in one day but...the ladies at Sorelle In Style were sweet enough to give me the 'best blog award'!

By accepting this award I must...

Share seven random things about myself:
1. I'm double jointed (Gross or cool? Cool!!)
2. I have a serious addiction to my iPhone. By the way anyone with an iPhone know any good blog reading apps? Feedler doesn't do it for me.
3. I graduated from FIDM with a degree in Merchandise Marketing.
4. I love sports. A lot. Go Chargers! Phillip Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. And he's dreamy. If you're a Raiders fan get off my page...haha just kidding! Kind of.......
5. I'm into country music! In the past year alone I've seen Tim McGraw (twice!) Garth Brooks in Vegas, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift!
6. I can eat. A lot. I heart food more than the average bear.
7. I volunteered in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program an hour away. I went every week! Such a rewarding experience.

Pass the award to 15 Bloggers
Hazel And Mare, a la modeDear DarlingWhat Makes Me HappyAnd Everything NiceAcquainted With The NightMy Unrehearsed LifeWishful ThinkingJenny in OhioLife Is a SunsetDistinct.StyleHudson's HappeningsWill Work For MakeupA Daisy Chain DreamI Need More Clothes

Answer the following questions:

Favorite color: I really have no idea?! It changes daily. I guess lavender right now.
Favorite song: Anything Brad Paisely. And the new Britney album rocks!
Favorite dessert: Yogurtland!
Biggest pet peeve: Not speeding up to merge onto the freeway! Let's not get rear ended people.
When you're upset, you: I eat my feelings! ;) Haha watch a movie :)
Your favorite pet: Polar could happen, right??
Black or white: Black
Biggest fear: Lizards/Rodents
Best feature: My legs & eyebrows (I don't have to pluck them)
Everyday attitude: Content
What is perfection: Being happy with what you have and enjoying the moment!
Guilty pleasure: Twilight. Except I don't feel guilty!

There of plenty of other bloggers I follow who also deserved this award as well, I just grabbed a few :)

Summer Style Series Vol 1.3: Natalie Watkins

I've wanted to do style interviews on my blog for awhile now, and I've been bothering Natalie about participating. She's been one of my best friends for 13 years now! So I can text her and bother her as much as I'd like muahaha. But really I wanted to feature her for a very specific reason. We have such different styles. Natalie is very boho and adventurous. She wear stunning pieces that I could never pull off. At the same time, she has this sense of timelessness (a word? you get the gist) she inherited from her Mom's wonderful advice and closet. Check out her blog HERE! because I swear on my life she actually IS living a real fairytale. Go read about it later, I vow that it's true!

Hollie: Why did you start blogging?
Natalie: I originally started my blog as a travel blog. Recently I decided to expand on that and include everything that interests me.

Hollie: What's something your readers don't know about you?
Natalie: I am currently living in Switzerland with the love of my life and our new kitten Miko, I am in heaven.

Hollie: Describe your personal style in five words.
Natalie: classic yet trendy, simple yet sexy, but most importantly comfortable!

Hollie: What inspires your style?
Natalie: Everything inspires my style. From walking down the street and seeing something interesting on someone else, to photos online or in magazines, my fashion eye is always open.

Hollie: What items can't you live without?
Natalie: My mac lingering eyebrow pencil, if I had no make up but that I would be okay.
My nude flats from Urban, I wear them with everything.
My black Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body bag, it's small and only fits the essentials, but it's turned me into a minimalist. 

Hollie: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Natalie: Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and random San Diego boutiques

Hollie: What's the best deal you've gotten lately?
Natalie: I got an Aqua maxi dress from Bloomingdales for sale online. I think the original price was around $150 and with shipping I got it for about $80. It fits like a dream, hugs in all the right places and just skims the ground, making it wearable with wedges or flats.

Hollie: You can buy any three things. What would you pick?
Natalie: ANY three things? I would go for the obvious: louboutin pumps, louis purse, ect. but thats unrealistic.
Realistically, I would get a pair of black ballet flats, boring I know but my current black flats have been worn to death.
I have been looking everywhere for a leather, tobacco colored, cross body, messenger bag for summer but have not been able to find the ideal one.
Finally, a perfect fitting pair of jeans because that seems to be impossible for me.

Hollie: What would the fashion police catch you on?
Natalie: Last week I wore black tights under a maxi skirt. It looked ridiculous when I lifted the skirt up, but it was cold and I wanted to wear it so bad.

Hollie: Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Natalie: The first blog I really started reading was popsugar. Now they have a section called fabsugar, which I love.
I also love hollie takes notes for a fun informative read.

Such a suck up :) Thank you, thank you Natalie!!

Summer Style Series Vol 1.2: Sorelle In Style

I was so excited when the lovely sisters at Sorelle In Style agreed to let me interview them for my Summer Style Series! I absolutely adore their blog. It's so chic and sophisticated all the while being young and fun. They combine old classic labels with the youthful trends of today...and do it with taste. The outfit photos these two post give the stylists on Gossip Girl a run for their money. Plus, they both seem really sweet and down to earth. Read on!

Hollie: Why did you start blogging?
Le Sorelle: We started blogging because we’ve always loved playing dress up, even now that we’re older! We’ve inspired so many of our friends with our love of fashion, and now we’re sharing it with all of you! J

Hollie: What's something your readers don't know about you?
Jilly: In high school and college I studied Italian, Spanish, French and Hebrew!
Sally: Although I love dressing up and going out every day, my favorite thing in the world is to be at home, in my PJs, with my family.

Hollie: Describe your personal style in five words.
Jilly: Classic, elegant, comfortable, feminine, (and more recently) colorful!
Sally: Classic, fun, polished, trendy, timeless

Hollie: What inspires your style?
Jilly: My Mommy! Very often you’ll see me wearing her things on our blog – she has incredible taste, and has encouraged my love of fashion from a very young age
Sally: Along with fashion blogs and magazines, a huge style inspirations for me would be my Grandma and my Mommy. They always look so classy and polished-they definitely influence me.

Hollie: What items can't you live without?
Jilly: My toothbrush! And my Burt’s Bees lip balm. Oh, and my hairdryer!
Sally: I'd have to say my white J. Crew jeans, my orange Ralph Lauren jeans, a perfect t-shirt, comfy but fashionable shoes, my makeup, and a good bag.

Hollie: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Jilly: H&M, J. Crew, Forever 21 and more recently Zara! (I’m the cheaper of the two of us ;) )
Sally: I love Ralph Lauren, J. Crew, Singer22, American Apparel, and Zara. 

Hollie: What's the best deal you've gotten lately?
Jilly: I did some maaajor damage at the J. Crew outlet store recently. The bargains are insane!
Sally: I went to J Crew and got four pairs of pants for $19.99 each! They were on sale-but each pair used to be $75 and up! 

Hollie: You can buy any three things. What would you pick?
Jilly: Right now it’d be an Herm├Ęs bracelet, a Winter Kate shrug, and Prada minimal baroque sunglasses just because!
Sally: J Brand 811 Mid-Rise Skinny Leg Jean in Bright Red, Christian Louboutin Bianca Platforms, and an Hermes Birkin 

Hollie: What would the fashion police catch you on?
Jilly: Rockin’ sweatpants in public! I’m a law student, cut me a little slack ;)
Sally: Wearing the same outfit twice!

Hollie: Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Le Sorelle: Both of us love The Blonde Salad - it's always a go-to for happiness and amazing style! A blog we more recently came across is Marielle Heart - the photography is amazing,  and it's always fun to read.

Thanks again to the ladies of Sorelle In Style for participating! Come by tomorrow for another blogger...and every day until Sunday! (Really don't check on Sunday because you will be very disappointed as I will be in Huntington Beach celebrating the wonderful U S of A!)

Summer Style Series Vol 1.1: a la mode

I'm very excited to present to you my Summer Style Series! I LOVE reading interviews in magazines, newspapers, online and watching them on television. I'm a firm believer you can learn a lot from people if you listen...or in this case read. Catch a different blogger here sharing style tips and info every day!

First up is Jenna Lee over at a la mode. She's one of the first bloggers that paid any attention to my little ol' blog and she made me feel so special. Wait, someone I don't know wants to read my blog?! Although, I'm sure she does that to a lot of you since she has SO many sweet comments every day. Her posts are creative and genuine. She's got her style icons spot on with posts on Gwen Stefani, Diane Kruger, Jessica Alba, and Lauren Conrad. Basically, she's a pro. So sit back, grab a coffee and read away. Enjoy!

Hollie: Why did you start blogging?
Jenna Lee: I wish I had something interesting to say but one day I was online and did a feature of popular blogs online. I found A Cup of Joe on the list and my heart sang. I related to her, loved her ideas, and I think I read her blog in a day. While reading some of her posts I thought to myself, why not blog? I love weddings, fashion, products, and trends. I emailed Joanna to get some help in the starting process.Then and there I started my blog. Thank you Joanne Goddard

Hollie: What's something your readers don't know about you?
Jenna Lee: There are so many things. One silly thing about me is that if I had the courage I would be completely tattooed with sleeves and all. I have over ten hidden tattoos now, but I would love more.

Hollie: Describe your personal style in five words.
Jenna Lee: Simple, Casual, Comfort, Fit, & Sexy

Hollie: What inspires your style?
Jenna Lee: I love style that looks comfortable and wearable. Something like a maxi dress that I can dress up or dress down. When i look at Jennifer Aniston or January Jones it truly inspires me. They dress their bodies so well.

Hollie: What items can't you live without?
Jenna Lee: WOW! This is hard. I would have to say a simple white tank, good jeans and a great sweater. Fall is my favorite season because my go to look is jeans boots and a fabulous sweater.  (I have to mention I also have an insane collection of dresses)

Hollie: Where are your favorite places to shop?
Jenna Lee: Aerie, Kohls, Target, Payless and I splurge on Jbrand jeans

Hollie: What's the best deal you've gotten lately?
Jenna Lee: I use to get all the promo codes necessary to get great deals online. So Kohls would be my last best deal/purchase.

Hollie: You can buy any three things. What would you pick?
Jenna Lee: My dream home (log cabin), A navy blue Range Rover with tan interior, and a house in Maine on a private beach. ( Sorry but I had to go big or go home!... Dream Big Right! )

Hollie: What would the fashion police catch you on?
Jenna Lee: When I was younger I wore a neon pink leotard to run track. Not sure why my Mom allowed it but it WAS pretty hilarious.

Hollie: Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Jenna Lee: What blogs don't inspire me? I get a little inspiration from everyone. I love to see everyone's unique ideas and view on life, fashion, and love. Its been an awesome experience blogging. Its like a whole new group of friends.

Thank you Hollie for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Happy Blogging! 

Thanks for sharing Jenna Lee!! Check out her blog HERE! and come back tomorrow another great blogger :)

Made Me Laugh!

Real quick--I'm pleased to announce that next week on Monday is the kick off of my Summer Style Series! I'll be sharing style interviews all week with some of my favorite bloggers so be sure to follow or check back! :)

Originally I was going to post on Emmy Rossum's natural makeup look but I decided I wanted to throw some suggested products in there. It shall have to wait!

There is nothing too exciting, stunning, or even meaningful about this blog post...I just hope it makes you laugh! Okay, even a pity laugh will do! I'd better be upfront here first though and say sorry in advance if you don't get my humor. It's a little odd sometimes but it's really really fun (to me).

 All photos were taken from Pinterest.

Have a fabulous, fabulous weekend!

I want this.

Dear Rebecca Minkoff Mac Clutch, please go on sale. Actually, please become free. Love, Hollie.

This color works in every season and is the perfect cross body bag to dress up your outfit with it's special details. I love the chain detail and the large bag size. I can fit in all of my gadgets and still keep the bag off my hands! See! I need it? Right?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Style

Well Miss "Hottest Woman on Earth" (according to Maxim magazine) also has great style. I love that she plays it safe in neutrals, yet still stands out in a feminine way.

Skinny jeans with volume on top is an easy no fail look everyone can copy. Throw in a tan bag, aviators, tousled hair and you have her style.

My favorite look is the last one. I would totally wear this outfit and I want that bag!! What's your favorite look?

Cheap Date Wines

Posting about something a little different today...enjoy!

I live about an hour away from Temecula, Southern California's very own wine country. When I get the chance, wine tasting is one of my favorite activities! If you ever have the opportunity to go to a winery and taste different wines, I would highly recommend it. It's so so much fun! My boyfriend and I have been twice and both times (once last February and once the April before that) it was just amazing scenery and a great way to explore wine when you're a beginner. For about $15, you get 5 tastes depending on the winery.

However, expensive wine isn't always the best! There are plenty of "cheap" wines that I prefer over some of the expensive wines I've had at the wineries. I personally like reds and know nothing about white wines. Absolutely nothing! I am by no means a wine snob nor a wine expert. With that said, I will recommend some tasty wines that are worth the buy if you're slightly clueless. That was me not too long ago!! These are all really smooth and you can gulp them down! Perfect if you're attending a dinner at a friends house and want to bring something to show your appreciation.

Cheap Date Wine #1
Menage A Trois-Around $10

Cheap Date Wine #2
Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon-Usually under $10
My favorite, although the Yellow Tail Merlot's are yummy as well!

Kinda Cheap Date Wine #3
Firefly Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon-About $20-$30

What's your favorite wine?

Giles & Brother

I love accessories the most. I can wear something totally comfortable (okay basically plain) and transform it into something spectacular with the right jewelry, scarves, or handbag. Giles & Brother have a really fun mixed metal line out right now which is featured on Shopbop. I love combining silver and gold because then you can match other jewelry with it no problem. This collection is pretty pricey but serves as great inspiration for what to look for when you're out shopping.

What's your favorite?

Katy Perry's Sprinkle Nails

Katy Perry tweeted this picture of her sprinkle nails and I must say this is a great dress up idea for summer or Halloween. Picture a day at the fair, eating cotton candy, and admiring your sprinkle nails. Fits for me! It's adventurous and unique and for the right event, I think it's completely doable. Where do you think sprinkle nails work?

Loving Lace Shorts

I am loving lace shorts! Did anyone see Blake Lively on the Glamour cover?

Lulus has a really great pair at a decent price online.


I'm a little hesitant to just buy them without trying them on first. I hate ordering clothes online. Mostly because I hate going to the post office to return them! Seriously lazy, right? I think these are so cute for going out at night and I'm so bummed I haven't seen any in the stores by my house. What do you guys think about lace shorts?

Fishtail Braids!

Blake Lively's hair at the Green Lantern premiere last night was extremely messy but I still loved it. It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood movies...The Little Mermaid! Every year for Halloween I want to be a mermaid but can't come up with the perfect homemade costume that isn't cheesy. The funky fishtail braid is great for going to dinner and a night out on the hip part of town. While I probably wouldn't rock the intense bed head version I would however try these looks.

Don't know how to do a fishtail braid? Learn here-
Do you wear braids still?

Benefit Coralista

Alright, so I'll admit it. I'm pretty fickle with my face makeup. I try a bunch of foundations, powders, concealors & blushes all the time. I got Benefit's Coralista as a Sephora point perk a few months ago and I never tire of it!

It's the perfect peachy pink that goes on with a light glow and yet is easily build-able. It's not overly shimmery which is great for everyday. I will definitely buy it when I run out. What blush/bronzers do you love?

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are launching an exclusive site this summer where you can buy their own collection of affordable basic tees based on what they like. Did I mention affordable? Their current lines are successful from a business standpoint and in the fashion world. You want to join this email list, trust me!

Click here:

Have you heard anything about this new site?

Chanel 'Boy Bag'

Hi Guys! I just got back from a relaxing short little vacation to beautiful Michigan to visit family. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :)

In other news...

Chanel introduced these menswear inspired 'boy bags' recently which are a little more modern than the quilted cult bags every celebrity has and adores. I'm loving the simple and basic features this bag offers. Look below at the picture Chanel released of these new bags.

They remind me of the Marc by Marc Jacobs lines out there but with less gaudy chain straps. The Chanel chain is more of a bronze rather than a bright gold which gives it a vintage feel. Michael Kors has also done something similar but just not as delicate. I love the balance of this bag being delicate yet more unisex. I am so excited to see where other designers take this idea of menswear bags that are more modern, simple, and less feminine. I really hope some of the lower priced design houses run with it! What do you think of the boy bag? What purses do you love right now?

Exfoliator Review!

Lately my face has been breaking out a little more often and just feeling dull and heavy...even after I wash it. I have this wonderful clarisonic brush that I've seriously neglected to use. I honestly haven't used it in six months plus--sorry Mom! (She bought it for me). And to be even more honest, I haven't exfoliated in a really long time. So long that I can't even remember. I was using the clarisonic brush daily at first but it made me have even more skin problems if I used it a lot. Anyways, I ran out to Target to get an exfoliator with small crystals to use as they are easier on the skin. I decided on the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control with Salicylic Acid as it seemed like it had the most to offer with an AHA and small crystals.

(Don't mind my make up stained clarisonic brush!)

First I took off my makeup with a makeup remover wipe. I then lightly spread the Neutrogena exfoliant over my face and let the clarisonic brush get to work. My face feels amazing! I instantly had that glow that was missing before, my face feels squeaky clean, and much much lighter. I don't know why I haven't been exfoliating once a week, but I sure will now! Even if you don't have a face brush, I think you can still get a similar feeling with your hands if you rub lightly in circular motions. Be careful not to get too rough with your face you could cause more harm than good. I really really love this exfoliator...and it's about $6!

Ombre Hair

I'm loving ombre hair much more these days. It looks like it's easy to maintain but is still really fun and not boring. I'm not so sure how this would work on my hair as the underneath is light brown and the top is really highlighted but it sounds good in theory!

What do you think of the ombre hair look? What's your favorite look?

Kerastase Review

If you haven't searched for hair product on you need to! I'm on an email list and they have great, GREAT deals from time to just have to keep an eye out.

On my most recent coupon, I purchased two items I remembered fondly but gave up due to price a few years ago-Kerastase Bain Satin 2 and Kerastase Masquintense for Fine hair. It wasn't until a few months ago after I cut off all of the dead ends I was trying so hard to preserve for length that I realized the last time my hair was really long and healthy I was using Kerastase. So I bit the bullet when a $20 off coupon rolled into my inbox.

If you've been following you may have remembered when I said no hair product is a miracle worker. I take that back! My hair felt unbelievably smooth, shiny, and healthy...even at the ends! I hope that regular hair cuts and this stuff will help revive my hair back to what is was a few years ago. What hair products do you swear by?

Boots, boots, boots!

Last night I went to the Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and The Band Perry concert and it was such a fun time, it was beautiful outside, and such amazing performances! I wore my nine west boots I got two years ago and have worn with pretty much everything under the sun. I decided this morning I want a new pair of boots this fall and hell, they might as well be cowboy boots! I already have a pretty big boots collection and all of them will definitely go another season so why not go for something fun this year?! I'm dying for an over priced pair of Fryes.

Which one is your favorite? Where do you shop for boots?