My Fantasy of Fantasy Football

Sometimes I talk about my love for football on this blog. I am a big Chargers fan. BIG!

My boyfriend also likes the Chargers. And REALLY likes the football. Cue all of your "aweeeee" comments ;)

A few days ago he was concerned his fantasy league draft would be during his basketball game. How we would he draft!?

Naturally, I offer to draft for him.

I mean I know a lot about football, I thought I knew what players he liked. I could be the brains behind the operation!

Well, unnaturally boyfriend starts laughing hysterically followed by something along the lines of "you're so silly!"

Silly!? Really, punk!?

Let's be real I'm like Jenny from the show The League. And Jeff is like Kevin, a good football guy but really under Jenny's direction when he wants to win.

Apparently this fantasy fantasy football team situation of mine is not happening.

Because the manfriend drafted his fantasy team on his iPad in the parking lot outside the gym AN HOUR AND A HALF before his game started so he could do both.

I'd join my own fantasy team in his league but I believe certain man things don't need girl infiltration.

All guys fantasy football is one of those things.

I mean Jeff loves wine, but does he need to come wine tasting at happy hour with the girls?

You see what I mean.

But really, his fantasy team would have been much stronger with my help.

I don't know what you were thinking with the Raiders as your defense, Jeffrey.

Puke. (Sorry babe).

On a side note, I told him I was writing a post about him and his manliness and his face looked REALLY suspicious. I told him it was funny. Hopefully he thinks it is! ;)

What do you think are guys things only and girl things only?

Calling all DSLR owners.

I'm tenatively *trying* to plan a big trip overseas with my boyfriend.

And I've decided....

I might....

need one of those DSLR's all you pro bloggers have.

Source: via Mahnaaz on Pinterest

But not for blogging reasons.

Mostly for traveling reasons.

I've said it on here before and I'll say it again. Don't expect big things from me in the blogging photo department. I prefer to take my food pictures on my iPhone. It's much more discreet. I don't think I'll ever be the blogger who whips out her big ol' DSLR and starts snappin pictures in the middle of a sit down restaurant. Embarassing much? I'm a Shy Susan sometimes and I don't want the stares that come along with propping a DSLR stand up thingy outside of Chipotle to get some hipster shots of my second day outfit.

However, I DO want a fancy camera for special events. Like traveling, birthdays and other special occasions. I want to print my photos and have them come out clear. I want to really be able to capture the atmosphere of the moment. I mean yeah instagram can fool you into having that atmosphere but I want to be able to have large prints of memories I captured.

A special event could also be a blogging event. Because it's not embarassing to be a crazy photographer when you're with others who are doing the same.  I gotta say though I wasn't the least bit embarassed when I showed up at the So Cal Blogger Event with my digital camera in its travel case...aka a mitten. Other bloggers were horrified.

I'm a creative person and I think I'd really enjoy taking my own photos when traveling.

I LOVE to travel and love having pictures to document that time.

So for all of you DSLR-ers, what did you look for in buying your camera?

Do you have any middle of the road suggestions?

I don't want a crappy camera but I don't need a crazy professional one either.

I may take a few classes so I'm comfortable using it but I don't want to spend more than $500-$800.

Why people hate you at the gym

Source: via Drifa on Pinterest

Because you think you're God's gift to racquetball. Yes old men hogging the courts I'm talking to you...

Because you take breaks on the machines and just sit there for long periods of time....

Because you sweat all over the machines and don''t wipe it down...

Because you turn the TV channel when I'm watching E...


Because you talk on the phone while "working out" on the treadmill...

Because you try to hit on me...when I have headphones in...don't make me pull an ear bud out...

Because you put your yoga mat rightnexttomine when the class is almost empty...

Because you make sexy faces at yourself in the mirror while lifting weights...

Because you don't actually work out you walk around checking out girls...

Because you wore mini spandex shorts when you shouldn't have or even if you're in mega shape it's too much...

Because you turn it into a fashion show. It's totally fine if I want to wear an old guys t-shirt, okay!? Please don't look me up and down...

What do you hate at the gym?

Why so serious?

How many of you take your life seriously?

I mean most of us right.

Because if we didn’t we’d do things like this…

“Why do you want this job?”-Potential employer

You’d say outloud to the interviewer…

“I don’t know”.

(Sorry to call out my brother, but he actually said this….He's not sure if he's gonna get the job...LOL)

Where’s the line of taking life too seriously though?

Because I’m sure I’ve crossed it more than a handful of times recently.

Lately, I’ve been worrying a lot more than usual.

Every decision is so important.

…and honestly it probably shouldn’t be.

What if I do this?

Is this the right decision?

I used to be much more lax and let the wind take me places.

And because they weren't the best places I started being the complete opposite.

Like extreme opposite.

Where's the balance in being serious?

I do want to know…

Where do you draw the line on being serious about your life?

Get yo hoardin on.

Have you seen the show Hoarders?

Source: via Dina on Pinterest

Let's just talk about this for a minute.

Some of the stuff on there will make you feel terrible to know the human race exists. It will make you cross your fingers that a meteor hits the Earth. Okay that's dramatic, but it's mind blowing.

Anyone see the lady with the rotten watermelon on her living room floor? And when they tried to throw it away she wanted to "save" some of the seeds in there?

Or what about those animal hoarders? You are NOT helping those animals, lady!

Basically that show has scarred me for life.

I'm paranoid about becoming a Hoarder.

So, I LOOOOOOOVE getting rid of things!

It feels amazing. I spring clean and toss things out once a year and twice a year if I can help it.

I honestly thought I didn't have that much stuff to move this time.

My trunk is full of goodwill things right now and I know I'm not done.

THREE bags of straight up trash.

 I haven't even touched under my sink.

Luckily, it's super organized underneath there but I still need to downsize (A LOT) now that I'll be sharing a bathroom with someone else.

I realized I am not as organized as I thought I was :(

I want everything to have a place and be easy to move.

What's your rule for tossing things? Is it an amount of time since you've last used it?

The time I found a roommate on Craigslist.

So I've been looking for a room/place to rent on Craigslist since August 3rd and its been a very...interesting...experience.

I've done this before six years ago and had a pretty bad experience. I responded to an ad that said you must be open minded/gay friendly--that's me! When I went to check out the place and meet the girls everyone seemed really nice. I came to find out later that one of the girls was gay and one is bisexual. Maybe they didn't tell me because the two of them had a drama filled love triangle with one of the girl's boyfriend. He didn't like the two of them hooking up. Wonder why? My main issue with these two was that they didn't disclose their relationship before I moved in. I finally moved out with a friend of a friend a year and a half later because the incessant drama became too much. I don't know about you but I want a place that's relaxing and peaceful.

Needless to say, this time around I've been really picky and generally pretty anxious about the whole situation. I've looked at ten places--and finally found one! For the sake of a blog post, I figured I'd share my experiences and why my new motto about rooms for rent  on the Internet is now "finding a room to rent on Craigslist is like choosing which dumpster to live in."

The first place I looked at let me know another room had just been filled by a fourty something recently divorced woman. That's cool. I quickly asked if her kids would be over often. The guy renting the room continued to explain how this would be her sex room and guys would ONLY be over five times a week. Next.

Then I saw a room that would only fit my bed. I'd share a bathroom with 3 other people but "one of them doesn't shower here." Weird?

To places that smelled terribly of cats. I'm a cat lady...but a clean one.

To a place where the neighbors were yelling at each other outside using profanity. When I went to my car several people were peering inside my vehicle. Gated neighborhood? How do you gate out the people who live there?

Another place that had it's own bathroom but was insanely dirty. They said they figured they wouldn't clean so I could see how it was day to day. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY.

There were several okay places that just weren't good enought to sign a year lease. And one I loved but was way farther than I drive now and about $200 more expensive. I'm still going to cry about not taking that place... ;)

The place I chose has a small room and a shared bathroom but it's a lot closer to work, walking distance to my boyfriends (we were driving 15 miles to see each other) and the girls living there seemed really laid back and dare I say normal. And it's clean!!!!! I started looking for Asians to live with on Craigslist. Why you might ask? Those people take care of their stuff! I noticed the places I liked the most I would have Asian roommates.

Obviously time will tell how this one works out but I'm optimistic so far :)

Finding a room to rent on Craigslist isn't impossible but it does require a lot of time & patience.

What are your Craigslist experiences?

*I had no intention of offending anyone with this post. If I did, my apologies.

Happiness is

...New music. Hello Shalyn's playlist. Welcome to my life. On repeat...

...The sunflowers that grow out on my neighbor's yard. They're tall and out of place. I'll miss this neighborhood and all it's weirdness...

...How much I've prayed in the past week. I don't even want to tell you how long it's been.  It's embarrassing. I've prayed for guidance, motivation, clarity, and gratitude. No one said success would be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be successful. I'm ambitious and won't stop reaching for the sky, ever. I have so much to be thankful for...

...It's Chargers season! I love me some football...

...A good hike, walk, workout...sweating feels good...
Source: via Alyson on Pinterest

...Checking off 3/4ths of my 2012 goal list tonight. Progress...

...Building a blanket fort in lieu of couches in a bare living room...

...The boyfriend buying me a yankee candle. I'm obsessed with them...
Source: via amanda lava on Pinterest

What's making you happy now?

Dream Room.

I recently talked about my new found fascination with minimalistic design. And now that I'm pretty much starting from scratch with my bedroom furniture, I think I'm gonna go for it. I didn't want to buy a lot for my new room anyways! You all think I'm kidding about having no dresser, but I think I can get away with it in the right closet.

Check out my inspirations.

What's your favorite?

Source: via Peter on Pinterest
Source: via A.P. on Pinterest

It's his birthday.

Happy birthday to my best friend!
Source: via Le on Pinterest

Oh wait, hers already passed...

Happy birthday to my best friend & manfriend!
In honor of your birthday, I decided to post some funny pictures of you on the Internet.
Aren't I the best?

Yes, he is FaceTiming himself.

I'm spoiling you tonight as usual so I thought I'd let you repay me by letting me post these pictures.

But really,
You're funny, smart, loyal, kind, handsome, and you get me.
I couldn't ask for anything else.
Except that island I've been talking about ;)

I love you more than reeses peanut butter cups.
I'd may even give up cheese for you.
I can't wait for tonight and I hope your day is fabulous babe!

Beat the Heat.

I know most of you are "used" to the heat. But I am NOT. It's been in the 90's here in San Diego and I don't have AC in my apartment. Serious misery! Luckily, the lovely Kaity, is guest posting today to share with you all her fashion tips to survive a summer in Alabama....or anywhere with icky weather.


hello there, readers of Hollie Takes Notes!  I'm Kaity, and I'm the mastermind behind brownie diaries.  I'm here today to talk about surviving summer heat.  you might question my credentials to handle such a serious and important subject; well, I can tell that as a current resident of Alabama, I think I know what I'm talking about.  I have broken up my advice into 5 topics:
hot summer
1 - tops
stick to light colors and lightweight fabrics.  you can never go wrong with a basic white shirt - it pairs well with pretty much everything.  sleeveless is also always good, although baring your underarms requires regular shaving.  find some good basic tanks in addition to some cuter statement tops.  and remember - flowy is always good.  you don't want fabric sticking to your sweaty sweaty back.

2 - shorts
cute, colorful shorts have been my best friends this summer!  they work well with both cute shirts and plain tank tops [this is where that white tee comes in handy!].  denim shorts are very basic and versatile - although not always the most comfortable to wear, as denim pretty much traps in heat.  skirts are also a good option, although if you're like me you do run the risk of having your thighs stick together in the humidity [tmi?  maybe].

3 - dresses
I.LOVE.SUNDRESSES.  they're so easy and comfy and cute and just all around great.  the skinnier the straps, the better, I say.  this summer I've been collecting striped dresses - stripes are a huge style obsession.  polka dots too.  

4 - a lightweight cardigan
necessary for use in air-conditioned buildings.  people like to crank the AC to ridiculous levels to combat the heat.  if you're as fond of going sleeveless as I am, invest in some good cardigans [and by 'invest' I mean buy some.  doesn't matter what the price].  pretty colors [like this mint] are always cute, or you could go the more basic route and find some neutral cardys that will be more multipurpose.  your choice.

5 - assorted accessories
flat sandals are a must.  wedges are good for date nights or just wanting to look cute when you don't have to walk around a lot.  sunglasses help keep the sun out of your pretty eyes.  find a good reusable water bottle and carry it EVERYWHERE.  I try to drink a whole bottle's worth of water each day [emphasis on the try]. also, don't forget about sunscreen - in your moisturizer, as standalone sunscreen, whatever.  applying some sort of sunscreen-type product will help keep your skin looking young and healthy.  doesn't matter how much time you spend outside.  if you live somewhere like Alabama, you also might want to invest in a good umbrella and rainboots.  summer storms are a pretty common thing.  also, put some thought into your undergarments - you don't want to go parading around in nice bras when you know you're going to sweat up a storm.  depending on my top, I like to wear a sports bra or something old and junky.
sunnies: one.two.   sandals: one.two.three.   water bottle.

if all else fails, just never go outside.
so there we have it!  what are your favorite beat-the-heat methods?

An All Over the Place Post.

If you haven't noticed already, there's been a blogging drought in these parts.
I haven't posted as often as I usually have.
I've had a lack of motivation.
Serious lack.
I've been insanely busy finding a new place to live, work, and just finished my THIRD (and final!) summer school class. It's been a trying time financially. Not that I can't make ends meet, but that it's been painful with paying random one time bills that suddenly came up. I am SO glad I've been working on my emergency savings account this past year. I read somewhere that your emergency fund is not necessarily if but WHEN and I totally agree with that.
Maybe I'm finally becoming an adult... ;)
After this month settles down I am really excited to get back to blogging.
Because I truly love it.
And I have a lot of new ideas/changes I want to do.

This month is still pretty hectic but if you're interested in guest posting, send me a proposition!
I probably won't be able to accept all of them, but I'd love to see what you guys have! Inspire me!

Now that that's out of the way...
I had a pretty fabulous weekend.

I met one of my two blogger bff's, Anna.
It's seriously SO weird that I have now met both of them in the past six months.
And they both live near each other in Oklahoma.
Lucky me!!
Anna, her husband, Jeff and I met at a cute restaurant/bar called The Red Table.
She recognized me before I saw her.
Not that she wouldn't since we stalk each other's social media outlets.
But you know.
It made me feel good.
We didn't get to talk shopping or anything juicy since the guys were there. They got along which was really nice. Things could have been real awkward if they didn't.
Later we went to a seriously lame club/bar but we toughed it out so we could have another drink and hang out.

It was a success in my book.

I wore the necklace Lauren got me so that she could be there in spirit.
Side note. I never intended to wear hardly ANY makeup to meet Anna but it's been REAL hot and it mostly was gone from sweating by that time.

Last thing.
My new favorite app for the iPhone is called "Cat Effects".
It's a picture app, where you chose cats to add to your picture.
I mean come on.
Hilarious, yeah?
Look what I did to Lauren.
And to everyone who says I have too much time on my hands...
This took about 30 seconds.
And gave me 60 seconds of laughter.
So there! ;)

Friday of Letters

Source: via Azba on Pinterest

Dear Pinterest, the numerous hair ideas I find on there are really making me overwhelmed. I'll probably get around to do about  100 none of them on my own hair.
Dear Change, it's funny how you come along and just force yourself upon us. It really is one day, one moment, when things change and it's decided something new has to happen on your journey. It's been awhile since I had a big change and I remember how both in and out of control I really am of my own life.
Dear Nails, you are nail polish free right now and I love it. You must stay awhile. Toes, you stay're not as pretty without polish :X
Dear Beach, we're going to get acquainted again this weekend. It's been so damn hot out, I might even go in the water ;)
Dear Boyfriend, you are my best friend (besides Carrie Underwood). I tell you I love you about....hmmmm.....three-five times a day. I hope it never gets old to you!
Dear Benefit, if you would like to send me a sample of all your products I'd be more than happy to blog about them! ;)


Blogging Secrets with With a C.H.

Since Christin is hilarious and one of my favorite bloggers to read when I want to laugh, I thought it was only appropriate I write a little rap to introduce her...

Christin lives in the NYC
And makes me laugh I almost pee
She used to be a real mean girl
What rhymes with girl? Whirl
Check out her blog
If you don't you're a fat hog
I like her a lot
More than my crockpot
Enjoy this interview
It's just as awesome as jcrew.

But really, I do like her blog and I hope you enjoy peeking into Christin's blog thoughts!

What do you blog about? 
Hi everyone! I'm Christin from with a C.H. where I blog about all the things I love/love to make fun of. I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog with a serious dose of sarcasm and please don't hold the humor. I'm known to make my readers LOL and I take pride in that. I've also been told that some accidentally snort their morning coffee.  
Why did you start blogging?
My friend basically forced me into it because I kept having these ridiculous life experiences but now I blog because I'm secretly hoping Chelsea Handler will read it and I'll get famous. 
What's something your readers don't know about you?
I have three brothers but I'm an only child. 

Describe your personal style in five words.
I like to be comfortable. 

What can't you live without?
My blanket. Yep, I'm that ridiculous. 

What inspires your blog posts
What doesn't? Everyday life. 

What about when you feel uncreative?
Then I just bs my way through joke. 

How has your blog changed over time?
Oh gosh, I mean it's changed a lot! The content, the writing, the imagery. I would like to think it's getting better.

How has blogging changed you?
It's sort of made me addicted to social media. I have to instagram like everything cool. Sometimes, secretly of course, I wish that wasn't the case. 

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
Oh gosh, this is really tough and I'm going to try NOT to be mean here, okay? But there are so many blogs out there so don't try to be the new "so and so" or do your blog like "this person" because you like it. You need to be you and have your own clear voice. I cannot stress this enough. Also, please do not comment/email/etc people asking them to follow you back, that is obnoxious. 

Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
I honestly try to not compare myself to others since I feel like what I'm doing is a bit different. However, I do love Stripes & Sequins, Cheetah is the New Black and  Vmac & Cheese. 

Five Things You Probably Don't Care About

1. I just found out last Thursday that my roommate of five years is moving out with her boyfriend so I have to find a new place by September 1st. Oh, and I don't know anyone looking to move. So, I have been looking on Craigslist and have visited a few places. This could probably be a whole series of posts in itself. From one room I looked at where I'd share a bathroom with three other people, except "one person doesn't shower here" to another room where the other new roommate "is a recently divorced 40 something who plans on using it as a sex room..but don't worry I said she can't have guys over every night" this is going to be interesting!
Source: via Sami on Pinterest

2. I've been reading up on minimalistic design in the past twenty four hours and have decided maybe at my next place I'll use baskets in shelves in my new closet for my clothes. How about no more dresser, eh? Will this be a regret? Maybe. Probably. If only I could go "minimalistic" on makeup...HA!

3. Let's give a round of applause for the NFL pre season!!!!! GO CHARGERS! ;) Can you all just admire how cute my quarterback is? Did you know he doesn't cuss?

4. I'm not sure I should even be writing this on the internet...but...whatever...I'm supposed to be at jury duty right now but I'm not. I did respond to their request though...they just didn't confirm my excuse or I didn't get it in the good ol' USPS. My po' azz can't afford to miss work Uncle Sam. Call my boss and tell him to pay me for my civic duty, capeesh!?

5. I'm over here today with five things about my city...San Diego! So check it!

Gain New Followers Here!

What #FF is.
Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter allows you to shout out your favorite twitter accounts in hopes that others will follow them.

What this is.
A way to find new blogs to follow AND gain some new followers.

Follow Friday happens the first Friday of every month (TODAY!!!)
You have one whole month to check out the other blogs til the next one. And you're in luck as 100+ of you have linked up each week! Blog finding mania, yo!

Plus, I'll make sure to link up to the Follow Friday periodically so everyone can check out the directory easily and new readers can get in on finding your blog.

How to participate.
There are no minimum requirements to what you need to do to link up! However, I would appreciate it if you found atleast 3-5 new blogs you'd LIKE to follow and follow them via Google Friend Connect (GFC) Comment and let them know you found them thru Follow Friday! This way, the purpose of this  project actually works! Leave me a comment that you're a new follower and I WILL follow you back :)

Lifestyle Blogs Link Here:

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Blogging Secrets with Ruthie Hart

Ruthie is one of the first bloggers I actually hit the follow button on. No joke.
I love her candid tales and honesty. She's funny in a "I'm not trying to be funny" way and the so sweet. I feel like I know her and I'm sure most of her readers feel the same.
 Oh, and not only that but from time to time Ruthie shares AMAZING recipes. I've made three of them and have not regret it. 

A big thanks to Ruthie for sharing her blogging secrets!

Make sure after you read this interview you go say hi to her here :)

What do you blog about?
This is tough! What DON’T I blog about! My blog has evolved from everyday ramblings and thoughts to more about my personal interests, relationship  with my husband and our walk with the Lord. We are a couple of a million hobbies so there is never a dull moment on the blog! We have hopes of growing our family in the next couple of years and I cannot wait to watch my blog grow!

Why did you start blogging?

My husband encouraged me to start blogging right after we got married. He know how obsessed I was with reading blogs and said people would take interest in what I had to say. I originally started the blog as a way to journal through our lives as newlyweds (and just shared with family and close friends) and I cannot believe how it has evolved.

What's something your readers don't know about you?
Hmm…I am pretty darn open on my blog so I don’t know if there is much to the imagination. Let’s see…I am only 5 feet tall? I think most people can see that when I stand next to my husband but I’ve met a few blog friends “in real life” and they’ve said I am shorter in person J

Describe your personal style in five words.
Style? What’s that? None here!

What can't you live without?

Beyond my husband (so cliché) oh and Ernie our pup….I would say my Bubba Keg. 64 ounces of ice cold water at my fingertips….my mouth is dry just thinking about it. I take “bubba” everywhere with me! I even have one for the office and one for home. Yes I am weird and name my gigantic water bottles. I even strap him in a seatbelt in the car (and yes it is a he)

What inspires your blog posts?
Gosh so many places bring me inspiration for my blog! I keep an open note in my phone and jot down ideas for future blog posts. Lately I’ve loved sharing about our new home and the projects we’ve done to improve it but I find so much inspiration from everyday things like talking with friends, reading books, and of course trashy reality tv.

What about when you feel uncreative?
Ever since getting married, it has been a mission of mine to learn my way around the kitchen, and my husband sure loves the practice! I cook multiple times a week and thanks to Pinterest, I have a plethora of recipes in my box so I always keep some “in the queue” in case I am feeling uncreative on the blog.

How has your blog changed over time?
At first I wasn’t comfortable sharing much about the struggles I have, whether they be in my faith, in my marriage, job, career, but through prayer and encouragement from other bloggers, I have felt so comfortable to open up. And share that last 10%. I want my blog to be more than just silly pictures and Pinterest crafts, I want my blog to have depth, I want my readers to feel a connection to me and be inspired and encouraged. 
How has blogging changed you?


Blogging has brought me close to so many wonderful women. When I first started, I had no idea there was a community of bloggers and didn’t think I would meet true friends blogging. Sometimes I feel more connected to my blog friends and feel more comfortable opening up to them than my “real life friends”. It has been such a joy and blessing to meet blog friends in real life. Blogging has changed me for the better! I am now more comfortable in my own skin knowing what I say on my blog can influence someone else in a positive light.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
Get to know your fellow bloggers! Don’t be shy. I’ve made such wonderful friends through blogging and our relationships continue to grow stronger everyday. 

Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Too many to name! I follow so many different types of blogs…food blogs, lifestyle blogs, mommy blogs…and they all inspire me in many different ways. Gosh I honestly can’t think of just 1! There are so many awesome blogs out there!

Don't forget follow friday is this friday!