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Natasha is super sweet! And as I'm dying to go to Lake Tahoe (mostly because of my blog stalking at her page) I am super excited to have her here today writing about where she lives! Go check out her blog, you'll be an instant follower.

Trust me.

Hi There!  I'm Natasha from Schue Love and I am so excited to be here today while Hollie is on vacation {lucky girl!}.  Hollie asked me to talk about Tahoe, which is where I currently live with my husband, cat and dog!  :)

Being from Southern California, I had never been to Tahoe before I met my husband.  It has become such a special place for us...not only because we live here, but also because we got married here too!  And even though it took a little patience to adjust to the snow, I absolutely love it now...the mountains, the lake, the casinos {what what?!}'s all what makes Tahoe a year-round playground.  Take a look!

 Horsetail Falls...such a pretty hike!

It's a HUGE fall!  I heart hiking in the summer!

Cascade can catch a glimpse of Lake Tahoe in the background.

 The Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament is always never know who you'll see...Heather Locklear perhaps?

 My favorite thing about summer in Tahoe is the lake!  I could spend every day and night out there!

We got married on Lake Tahoe in August 2009.  So special!

 Even though the snow gets to be tough, the FIRST snow is always the best!  Wilson and I love playing in it!

Snowshoeing is also fun in the winter!

Of course, nothing beats a winter sunset!  

Have any of you ever been to Tahoe?  Which do you prefer...winter or summer?

I hope you all enjoyed my mini tour of Tahoe...thanks again to Hollie for having me!  :)

xo natasha

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  1. Thanks for having me Hollie! :) Hope you're enjoying your vacation!


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