Blogs I Shouldn't Read...

...but do. And can't stop!


I'm VIB at Sephora. Which means you have to spend $500 in a year. I could have bought an iPad for that!!! It also means you can track your purchase history online. It's rather disgusting when I examine it. As long as I stay away from that store and away from Liz (my sales person there...yes, she's "MINE"...if you're ever in San Diego and go to Fashion Valley ask for her!) I'm pretty good at not blowing money on useful products. When I read will work for makeup I practically run to the store!

Tiffany has SO many makeup product reviews that get my bite for makeup itchin. I have a list of things I want to get samples of and things I just want to flat out buy based off of her blog. You should read this blog if you're confused on what to buy at the makeup counter. And boy is that girl thorough.


Wait, what? Well....they encourage me to do funny things. And my sense of humor isn't exactly *always* the same as everyone else's. Exhibit A: I recently told a very serious TSA agent "that's what she said." I also may have also mentioned the word "marijuana" shortly after. You should have seen his face. Two words: NOT PLEASED. And, before you go thinking I'm some crazy pot head off the rocker...I was RETELLING a story of someone else OKAY! I'm not a smoker (if that's your thing none of my business either so I'm not attacking you...promise)
My latest funny blog is Erica's at Young and Fabulous. Every day I burst out laughing at work which is totally a dead giveaway for I'm on my phone. Dear self, that's not exactly being professional OR secretive. Anyways, I'm letting her take the fall for anything wacky I do. She's an enabler ;) Check her out for some funnies!


Well frankly, I shouldn't afford to do this. But mostly because I don't have a ton of self control when it comes to traveling and I WILL find a way. Even when I shouldn't. No this doesn't mean hit the corners in a short skirt for some spending cash. This means I save every penny and then spend every penny going on vacation. I justify it by saying vacations keep me working hard and keep my sanity in tact. Which is very true. Usually I take little weekend vacations every couple of months which isn't so bad and frequent enough to make me feel like I'm doin it big even if I'm not. My only concern with traveling outside of the country is I might fall in love with visiting culture elsewhere (okay, I KNOW I will) and I'll never afford to save for adult signs of success like a down payment on a house, paying off student loans, etc... Plus, what job will want me and pay me well when I'm off traveling the world every few months?!

My fears subside when I read from portland to peonies. Her blog makes me want to go outside of the states and see THE WORLD. I am in such awe over the pictures posted, even the small details of her travels. Reading her blog is a mini vacation in itself. It's my happy place sometimes. I read her posts, and pretend I'm there.

What blogs shouldn't you read but do?


  1. Ohhh these sound like fun!! Great suggestions girl :)

  2. definitely the expats blogs…i found one recently of a couple who live in Malta and they're from canada. awesome blog. anything wedding and design related…and of course fashion, which is something i did not think i would fall into as a blogger. :)

  3. those that shop incessantly and find great deals on great stuff that i can (barely) afford. therefore, making me shop impulsively and often.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions... I'm especially looking forward to reading Young & Fabulous!

  5. for sure checking out these blogs. dont worry i just dropped 100 dollars at sephora and mac this weekend. how does it add up so quickly? not sure but my eye make up looks fabulous today! haha


    Classic & Bubbly

  6. i would say that i shouldn't read a single fashion blog. i need to save save save and they make me want to spend spend spend.


    you are the best! :-) I am so honored you find my daily majestic life so funny hahaha you are amazing! THANK YOU!!


  8. Great suggestions! I'm going to check out all of these. I love how all of us bloggers are guilty of blog stalking. :) It's so fun though. I am OBSESSED with The Daybook. Please check it out if you haven't. I think I should stop looking at any fashion blogs because I just love clothes and seeing all the outfits people put together. :) Newest follower. :)

  9. I'm a VIB at Sephora too. AND a starbucks gold card holder. Things are getting a little out of control:-) xoxo

  10. lol!! I shouldn't read any of those either! But they keep me coming back to blogger so much :-p


  11. Oh my goodness, I agree 100% on everything you just blogged about in this post... especially the travel blogs! I am obsessed with "Traveling Triplets" right now and it's making me want to drop everything and leave for Europe NOW!

    Love your blog!! Let's be bloggy friends. :)


  12. Fashion blogs are the worst for me... It makes me realize how inadequate my own sense of fashion is, and makes me want to go and blow a million dollars on everything I see because surely I can put together outfits like they do - it's all about confidence, right?? Ha.


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