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Project Inspire Link Up!

I know I speak write for both Chelsea and I when I say this link up has been a blast and I can't wait to read about your experiences!

I hope you all have received your cards by now. If you haven't, feel free to link up with us later this week....and shoot your partner an email confirming the date they sent it.

I was paired up with Kaity of Brownie Diaries by coincidence and couldn't be happier! Kaity has sponsored this blog a few times and I LOVE her style. She wrote the sweetest note to me about my blog and how my personality shines through my writing...and to say it made my day is a complete understatement! We all too often compare ourselves against others and our own expectations. I find myself doing the same with my blog. My blog is not even close to where I'd like it to be but having such a motivational note from Kaity just really reinforced my feelings to keep going in the right direction. Thank you Kaity! It was great getting to know you a little better through this :)

Hollie Takes Notes

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Apple Orchardin'

This past weekend we ventured up to Julian, CA which is a tiny, tiny, country town about an hour and a half(ish) outside of San Diego. It’s known for its apples and apple pie! In the spirit of October, the boyfriend and I drove up there to explore, have lunch, pick apples at the apple orchards (or just take pictures because most of them had already fallen off the trees), and OF COURSE have ourselves some apple pie. The weather was crisp, with some wind chills, but still a tad warm. In my mind it was a perfect fall day! We haven’t seen many of those here in Southern California lately…



While I wish I would have taken a picture of my apple main concern was devouring it as fast as possible. But trust me, it was DELICIOUS.

Oh, and we also met a llama...

How have you celebrated Fall/October?


Keystone habits are those little actions you do that set you up for success. They're small tasks that influence and reinforce your core values. They spring off a firestorm of other small improvement actions. A few changes I've made in my mornings/evenings have impacted my entire day and my motivation. I've never been one to have an extremely detailed daily routine. I don't do things in an order every day. I just do the same things depending on how much time I have. I'm a big planner so the fact that I don't have a detailed plan for most days is...strange.

1. Make my bed. Make your bed. Just do it.

It sounds ridiculously simple. The change I feel about my space when I come home from work has changed tremendously. What I want to accomplish or how I relax has completely changed by this simple action. If I don't have two minutes in the morning, I do it right when I get home. I feel relieved. And ready to conquer.

Guest Post: Tips on a Saturday Night Alone

My sweet Aussie friend, Amy, is guest posting today on what to do if you find yourself home on a Saturday night. Um, hello...Saturday nights at home alone are a blessing! I'd take one...or several. Enjoy and say hi! :)

Greetings from the east coast of Australia, my name is Amy and I am the creator of The New Lady Times.  I was delighted when Hollie suggested that I guest post on her blog and I do hope you all have an enjoyable read. Hollie and myself are on opposite sides of the world but there is not a whole lot that separates us. Okay, except for maybe the Pacific Ocean and the international date line. Just like all ladies around the globe, we are preparing for the weekend. While Hollie is off to a Making Things Happen Workshop, I have a hot date with myself, at home and couldn't be happier. Don't get me wrong, getting dressed in my finest frock, curling my lashes and heading out tonight is definitely a riveting option. However, I am not always in the mood to kick up my heels, consume my body weight in martinis and dance the night away. Much less have the energy for it. Plus, lets face it - no one is getting any younger. Similarly, I don't always want to feel the dreaded symptoms on Sunday morning, no matter how much glee was had the night before. Sometimes it is just okay just to stay at home (and most of the time it can be just as fun). So here are five suggestions on what you can do if you find yourself at home tonight and any future Saturday night.

How To Be A Blog Troll

According to Urban Dictionary a troll is defined as:
One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.
Google defines a troll as:
A mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance
So if you want to be a blog troll you should...
Do something like this:

On Making Money...

Some say to sponsor or advertise on a blog "defeats the purpose of blogging"...

What is the purpose of blogging?

Is it to inspire, motivate, be creative, share...yes.

You're spending a lot of time on your blog....yes?

Is your time valuable? 


iLife Lately

+i need more doggies in my life
+FREE Sephora 500 point perk! saving my points paid off. can't wait to try this stuff!
+learned so much about myself at this intensive.
+sunday football naps with the manfriend are a necessity.

How I Spent My Sunday Night

I'm currently watching the packers destroy the texans (booo!) and waiting for the new season of the walking dead to come on (yay!!).

So naturally I'm trying to explore new hair colors on the  virtual hairstyler offered by cosmo.



Your Five People.

I've been working through my challenge work book for Making Things Happen and one of the things that stands out (and I've heard before) are the five people you're around and communicate with influence your life the most.
Like REALLY influence it.

Are you around negative people?


My new favorite color.
Hunter Green.
It's tomboy and elegant all in one.
I just got skinnies from H & M.
And now I'm dreaming of polish.
And a bag.
I'm guessing the bag will have to wait ;)

What I'm Loving Right Now

A happy list of sorts.

+CRISP WEATHER. It's here guys! Hello apple pie
+Baseball tees

Friday Blog Hoppin

Dear Friday Night Lights, anyone else STILL obsessed with this show? It's on Netflix streaming and its consuming my weeknights. Clear eyes, full hearts.

Dear October, you are my favorite month with football, halloween, crisp weather, boots season, and cuddling. Things have been a struggle for me the past few months but GOOD no GREAT things are happening this month and I couldn't be more excited!

Dear Dark Green Skinnies, you do exist! And I found you! For $29.95! SCORE!

Dear Gallery Wall, I'm ready for you to get yourself together and make your way back onto my walls. I just need two more pieces. Excitement!!

Dear Bloggers, this week these posts stole my heart this onethis one, this onethis one, and this one!!!

Dear Follow Friday-ers, I hope you spread the word so we have some new participants for you guys (and me!) I've found so many new blogs this month I've been on a blog reading frenzy! LOVE IT!

...And now it's time for the blog hop follow friday fun...

Hippie Stuff.

Your all natural medicines/lifestyles are great.
Go organic.
Live paleo.
Cut out sugar.
Try everything else before you take prescription drugs.
Be careful what you put in your body.
Take care of yourself.
The back to basics trend we've seen is a VERY, very, good thing.
I am so happy health and lifestyle is a bigger concern for our country.

Five Things That Won't Happen

I've purchased a total of two things at Anthro in my lifetime. Two initial mugs and an apron, which was a gift. I love JCrew and Anthro, I just can't justify the money. I found this pretty baby on sale online and I'm pretty sure it'd look fantastic with my camel knee high boots.

I'd also be totally fine with someone buying me these. In blue. Because I've decided cobalt blue looks fancy on me.

Now that I've listed off all the things cluttering my mind that I can't afford...
I'd also really like a dog.
That I can't take care of.
I hear husky dogs like to be the dominant one in the human-canine relationship.
They may escape frequently.
They need a ton of exercise or they will tear up your couch.
But they look like wolves.
So I like to comment on how I want one about 86497068 times a day.

Source: via Claudia on Pinterest

I'm sick of my dark blonde hair and fantasize about dying my hair this color.

Becoming a domestic chef is not in the cards for me in 2012. Cooking for one is a big ol' pain and as much as I dream about cooking up gourmet healthy meals every night, the thought of slaving over the stove when no one gets to tell me "that was awesome!!!!" afterwards makes me heat up a can of soup.

What are five things you want that won't happen?
And I mean this in the most non Negative Nancy way possible!

The Best City in America

I recently read this article about the Best Cities in America.
I was dumbfounded that San Diego is listed as #9.

It should have been #1.
Best weather around, Coronado beach was recently voted #1 beach IN AMERICA, great food, diversity, best football team….. ;)
I was so pleased that all of the cities I fantasize traveling to (most of them I haven’t been to yet!) made the top 10. I’ve been to a ton of US states & cities so I must be going to the worst cities? ;)

Shoutout to're really not as bad as people say you are.
#1 San Francisco
(Been here a few times! LOVE this city!)

#2 Seattle
(DYING TO GO HERE! May be my #1 domestic wishlist spot)

Source: via Bethanie on Pinterest

#3 Washington DC
(Want to go here too! But maybe only for a day or two)

Source: via Chris on Pinterest

#4 Boston
(I've heard SUCH great things. It's probably #2 on my wishlist but gives Seattle a run for its money!)

#5 Portland
(LOVE the PNW and think I'd love it here too)

Source: via Rowan on Pinterest

#6 Denver
(Want to visit someday! I hear it's so clear and beautiful)

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

#7 NYC
 (Been there! Nothing like it.)

#8 Austin
(I've always wanted to live to Texas. For a long time my plan was to go to college in Texas. And some of my favorite bloggers are from Texas!)

#9 San Diego ;)
(See my boasts above)

#10 St Paul
(Gonna be honest here. I've never once wanted to visit St Paul but maybe I'll reconsider)

Source: via Drew on Pinterest

Anyone else surprised Chicago didn't make the top ten?
What do you think of this list? Where would you rank your city?
Oh, and feel free to leave your instagram/twitter handle in the comments section. I realized I'm not following a lot of you...and I want to be.
Instagram: @holliegolightly Twitter: @itsmehollieann