Hiking Torrey Pines


This past weekend we hiked Torrey Pines, right on the cliffs above the shoreline! We've been talking about doing this hike for, well, years. A few years ago we got wrong directions, attempted to climb this hike, climbed something completely different, and ended up lifting the dog we brought over a school fence in order to get back to the car. We also saw a baby snake! It was quite memorable to say the least. Torrey Pines is quickly becoming one of my favorite beaches. It's never too busy, has a stunning coastline, and parking is plentiful.


Products Lately

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This summer I've been wearing the same makeup every single day. It's easy, simple, and lasts at least 8 hours. Can't beat that! First I use the compact bare minerals matte foundation, then cover fx bronzer in sunkissed, then smashbox HD concealer, then loreal voluminous mascara, and finally urban decay glide on eyeliner in roach. What products do you use every day?

Life Lately

I had an amazing birthday and really cleaned up nicely with a new mountain bike, a new purse, a huge bag with Michigan printed in words, and top of the line headphones. I definitely won't be annoying anyone sitting next to us on the plane by blasting them out with music or movies! I went to the farmers marker in Little Italy this weekend and can't wait to go back soon. The infused sea salt at the salt farm has rocked my world. I need to get my hands on some of the big sized bottles!
This past week I have been on an organizing and cleaning frenzy! Most of my spare time has been dedicated to cleaning out my drawers, baskets, and boxes. I love thinning out and am pushing myself to become more and more minimalist. I still have nice things and love quality but I am trying to own less. Right now I am debating dumping all of my DVDs. I currently own about 50 (down from about 150!) but haven't watched any of them in over a year. I am a serious movie buff so this is a huge decision for me. I hate moving and hate clutter and even though my collection is hidden I find myself wondering....do I need these??
How often do you watch your DVDs?


Do you Give a Cup?

I'm teaming up with Peet's Coffee today to bring you some of the things I "Give a Cup" about. Side note, isn't the "Give a Cup" slogan seriously BRILLIANT!? I like what their marketing team has done with this campaign. And I love coffee. Peet's is delicious and a household brand name that deserves the hype it gets in my opinion. Anyhow, there are plenty of things I give a cup about...mostly the finer things in life. (Insert wink face here).

I looooove a good beer. Can you tell!? I'm a craft beer/good beer snob.

Fitness is important and I wish I was better at keeping a routine. These sweet kicks make it a lot easier to hit the pavement though!

Animal friends, especially the cats. I'm a dignified cat lady. Before being a cat lady was cool.

Pampering yourself sometimes is so important!

My boyfriend, family, and friends are the light in my life and make even the small, ordinary things seem lovely.

What do you give a cup about? 

You can also vote on things you give a cup about here. For example, I voted on hot dogs, because I definitely give a cup about those. Especially if they're from the ballpark.

Image and value provided by our partner, Peet's

Now entering my late 20's.

Today I'm 27. Which is too close to 30 in my opinion. Too close to an age where I need a game plan for having children. But I digress. This year, I want to live more in the moment, slow down, and cherish every day for what it is...beautiful. 27 is going to be a fantastic year, I mean it starts with heading to Europe in a month, after all. Pinch me!

Swamis Beach

Well. I haven't blogged in awhile. There, I said it. Life has been crazy! As usual though, right!? I have lots to catch you up on and today it starts with a recent visit to Swamis Beach in Encinitas. It was an absolutely gorgeous day out and I loved people watching. San Diego is such an active community and there were so many people getting in exercise and enjoying the beautiful scenery and coastline.