Guest Post: Diary of a Reporter

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday :) Today meet Ashley! She's full of random surprises and tells life how it is. We can ALL appreciate that! I love peeking at her blog each week.

Keep reading and go say hi!

Hello everyone. I'm Ashley, the writer of Diary of A Reporter .I was pretty excited when Hollie invited me to do my very first guest post while she's away.

Soooo.....I decided to do a little round-up of my favorite posts from around the web this week.

Source: None via Bijzonder on Pinterest

I hope you enjoy!

{One} Pretty cool business card.

{Two} Um, scary. Check out this shark photo.

{Three} You may need a partner to execute this braid.

{Four} Into menswear for ladies like I am? Learn to tie a half-windsor knot here.

{Five} Healthy hair boot camp. (For every hair type!)

{Six} Quarter-life crisis, anyone?

{Seven} The little dream kitchen I never knew I wanted. (Until now):

Source: via Karin on Pinterest

Thanks to Hollie for letting me take up a little space on your blog for a day. Hope you all enjoyed!


  1. aww, i love dream kitchens! this is perfect!!

  2. I love love love that kitchen!! so stinkin cute!!

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  4. Thanks again Hollie! Hope you enjoyed your vacation!


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