On Paleo

On my quest for a healthier and more purposeful life, I've decided to try my hand at the paleo diet. I've read a lot about it and so much of it just makes sense with me. I want to find healthy green foods that I like and will eventually crave. I need meat and protein keeps me level and stable. I've gone without meat before but I've found my body is more optimal with it. As someone who has had in-n-out twice a week and pizza at least once, jumping to a diet with no dairy or gluten is drastic. I'm a work in progress. I've been taking it meal by meal and trying to go two full days of paleo with a cheat dinner on the third day. This is by no means close to the 85/15 ratio I'm striving for but it's a step in the right direction for a struggling cheese and bread addict. Have you tried paleo? I'm looking for some tips!


Engagement Party!

Last weekend we attended an engagement party for two of our friends who have been dating for ten years! They are seriously so sweet together and I couldn't be more thrilled for them! Our friend Nina throws the most gorgeous get togethers at her house and I knew this party would not disappoint. From bourbon and bacon cookies, to watermelon vodka lemonade, to the best pesto I've had in my life, the food and decor were to die for. Thanks again Nina for hosting, it was beautiful as usual!


Balboa Park

For Memorial Day we took my new camera to Balboa Park to practice shooting in manual, get some fresh air and exercise, and take in the breath taking scenery of San Diego's crown jewel. Balboa Park has several museums, an award winning restaurant called The Prado, beautiful gardens, and green space for picnics, bocce ball, and barbecues. The rich history of the park along with the culture at the museums (the natural history museum is my fave!) can leave you entertained for hours. If you ever have a chance to eat at The Prado I recommend the rosemary chicken for dinner and the sangria for their happy hour!


San Diego Italian Film Festival

Last Thursday I went to the San Diego Italian Film Festival's monthly film screening at the MOPA in Balboa Park. I was given the cutest little basket with a bottle of Italian wine, possibly the best cheese I've ever had, and these yummy sweet crisps. To say the basket embodied what I believe Italy to be, would be a completely true statement. I'm visiting Rome this summer and this made me so anxious! The film Sentire I'aria was unlike any movie I could have rented at the store or found on Netflix. It was a great experience about a modern teenage boy's quest for inner peace through his unique hobby and passion. It is an artsy film but I know if you normally don't see indie films or documentaries and you give Sentire I'aria a chance you will relate to this young man's self journey.

Petco Park

(Hey baby brother!)
Yeah, I'm just gonna say it. Yankee stadium does not have ish on Petco Park. I've been to both and let me tell you, the Yankees don't have the weather, the craft beer, the gourmet food options, the downtown scenery, or the Petco pet adoptions we do. Call me biased, call me whatever but until you've been to a Padres baseball game, you haven't really experienced San Diego. Our stadium is so gorgeous! And the padres haven't been too bad either this season!

Graduation Night!


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I graduated last weekend! I've been going to school while working full time for the past five years and I'm finally there. Honestly, it seemed unreal to me until I sat down in my chair at my graduation ceremony. It was the best feeling! My family, boyfriend and friends made my weekend so special and I felt so loved, supported, and celebrated. Saturday night we went to one of my favorite places, Stone Brewery for a fancy and delicious dinner, craft brews, and the best dessert ever. If you live in San Diego and haven't made the trek up to Stone, I'd highly recommend it....and have a levitation for me!




It feels wrong to post something somewhat meaningless today considering the events that happened yesterday in Oklahoma. Having two close friends who both live within twenty miles of Moore, Oklahoma, I got a play by play of the tornado path and destruction via text message. Reading texts about severe weather alerts, storm shelters, and hail the size of golf balls seem to be relatively normal chatter with them. However yesterday was different. Yesterday was when what if scenarios came true. Yesterday's tornado tore apart the spirit of Oklahoma but summoned their community to unite. And they will. I am so blessed to have two friends with homes intact and family members in their arms while others weren't so lucky.

Please consider donating to the Red Cross if you'd like to help.


On my heart

First off, I just wanted to give a shout out to the few readers that are still checking in around these parts! As much as I'd like to say my blogging drought has been the past few weeks months, I've been feeling unmotivated and clueless about what to blog about since around OCTOBER. 

Life has been hectic, challenging, and on a personal level I'm growing. All of these things are really exciting as they indicate change. Change is a great thing. And I have a lot of changes coming.

 I mysteriously mention minimalism sometimes on this blog (that word...AGAIN...) and am really no expert yet to be blogging how-tos and advice on the subject. 

However, I'm really, really interested in simplified living.

 To me, that means living well, living in the moment, living with intention, and decreasing the amount of emotional, mental, and physical clutter I have in my life. It means being intentional about what I buy and what I bring into my life. What I do with my time. How I support myself to be the best me I can.

I started this blog as a creative outlet for my passions. I love clothes, I love design, I love beautiful, well made things. I honestly do! It's been a struggle to find a balance between my love for shopping and my new drive for "less." The blog world doesn't match up with less. At least the blogs I read don't! Materialism is a disease, people. (I can't believe I just wrote that.)

 However, even as I'm diving into minimalism and simple living I will never buy my underwear at the thrift store. (In fact, thrifting grosses me out. Sorry.) For example, I bought Tory Burch flats a few months ago. I bought Hudson jeans on sale. So for me, quality does not have to go away to have less. For me, it means buying quality items I will use instead of massive amounts of cheap shirts and jewelry and shoes that sit in my closet and take over my sanctuary (my room). I'm a work in progress, and I definitely still have impulse buys. Because I'm well aware that looking good, feeling confident, and a new outfit go hand in hand. The feeling I get from all of that is hard to resist. 

I'm going to be making some changes in this blog and I hope that you'll stick around with me. Thanks again to everyone who still reads. Your comments make me happy and I promise to be more active in this wonderful community. I will still be posting fashion and home decorating stuff. Because like I said, I love and appreciate well made, beautiful things. I just plan on taking my blog into a more honest direction, one that's more "me" right now.

Pretty Flats & Prettier Watches

 photo _6598995_zps272d628c.jpg
 photo _7899578_zpsca6f14ca.jpg
 photo _7723919_zpsb329d77d.jpg  photo _7885651_zps0e1bb215.jpg

How much do these accessories scream "summer"? I'm loving anything sand and tangerine for summer. The Michael Kors watch is one I've been eyeing for a few years now. It's light weight and would match with anything. I know, I've tried it on.

Uno. Dos. Tres. Cuatro.

Are you on the side of the majority?

 photo 6a73cf0ea4030d1420ad2736f58e9d96_zps37aed4ad.jpg

This is one of my favorite quotes because it's such a beautiful reminder to think for yourself and to question things! Use your brain. Think for yourself. Want to know why. That Mark Twain. He sure did know things. ;)

(Sarcasm on the grammar.)

I'm uncomfortable.

Who hates being uncomfortable? Raise your hand.


What makes me uncomfortable?

These things:

Reptiles. Of all kinds. This is why I can't go to Aruba.
Leggings as pants.
Public speaking.
Too much information on Facebook. In blog posts? Hell yeah!
Forced conversation.
Wearing shorts to work. I just can't do it!
Wearing bare shoulders to church. I feel like a floozy!
Jeans that accidentally go in the dryer.
Starting a new job! It's the good uncomfortable but oh so nerve wrecking.
The Broncos winning the AFC West. Yeah, that should NEVER happen. ;)
Big, aggressive dogs.
People with naturally good hair. WHY!?
Shots. I dread them these days.
Intolerance for gays.
Gossip via text messages.
The "so when are you getting married?" question. Uh, none of your beeswax. When I feel like it. When the time is right. When I say so, not when you think I should say so. (Sorry Mom.)

What makes you uncomfortable?

This girl is clutter free.

If you're a consistent reader of this blog you know I mention "minimalism" often.

Yes, I'm obsessed with reading simple lifestyle, downsizing, organization, and minimalist blogs. (If there is any interest out there I can share my favorite ones!)

I can honestly say I'm VERY good at organizing.

So today I've compiled a how-to list of sorts to start your clutter free life!

And it's easy. Only five steps.

1. Pick a room. One room at a time. Only take on what you can right now.

2. Grab supplies. You'll need two boxes and one trash bag.

3. Label one box "keep" and one box "might need".

4. Now the hard part is getting into the mind set of needs. What constitutes a need? Is it useful? Honestly, how often do you use it? Is it beautiful? Do you love it? If any of the questions are no, you don't need it. Do you NEED 20 ratty towels? Probably not.

5. Separate your stuff! If you don't LOVE it and you don't USE it toss it into the trash bag. You can take this trash bag to the good will. If it's a keeper put it where it belongs. And if the keeper doesn't have a home put it in the keep box. You will find a home for it later.  Not sure if you use it enough to keep but don't want to toss it? Put it in the might need box. At the end of cleaning your room put the might need box in the garage or somewhere you can't see it. In six months you can visit the box again and make some tough decisions. Find a home for your keepers in the keeper box.

That's it.

Good luck!

Story of My Life

Ah, the story of my life. 

You really want to know? And in one paragraph nonetheless!

I'm a navy brat from midwestern parents who went to five elementary schools before third grade. 

I've been lost, I've been found, and I've been on one hell of a self journey out west. (How I ache to mention Fido goes west right now.) 

Out west meaning I've lived in Southern California since I was seven and you'd have to tear me away to leave.  

I graduated with my AA in Merchandise Marketing from an arts school and am graduating with my BA in Communication this summer.

 I've been living it up, finding myself, battling obstacles, and loving life.

Oh yeah, and I'm a cat lady, wannabe zookeeper kind of girl.

What do I not know about you?