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Between fun DIY projects, cooking recipes (COUGH I WANT TO MAKE HER CHEESY POTATO BITES RECIPE!!!) and an even dose of her every day family adventures you're going to want to be Dani's friend! Meet Dani...

We are the Workman family, Bubba, Dani and Little Dude. We blog about life as we know it, share our recipes, our projects and lots of photos and adventures in between. We love the Utah Utes, Real Salt Lake and Green Bay Packers. We don't try to be a perfect family, and that's why life with us is fun! You can find us on pinterest, twitter, facebook, and of course, on our blog. We love our readers, so stop on by and say hello!

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Speed Dating

Today I'm linkin up for some Speed Dating! And by that, I mean, you all get to learn a little about me. Except I probably won't be as conservative with you as I would on a first date ;) Best foot forward is over with you all...I appreciate my privacy so I'm sure there's a ton about me you don't know!

This Little Momma

I'm Hollie! Nice to meet ya.

I'm twenty five, soon to be twenty six. (Ah.)

I was born in Rhode Island and have lived all over the country! I've been in Southern California since I was seven.

I went to FIDM in LA and got my AA in Merchandise Marketing.

I work in sales.

I'm the oldest of three.

You may know this, but I am still in school pursuing a BA in Communications. That means I'm watching your nonverbal behavior...

I get really excited to drink water. I am a water fiend. (Shouldn't we all be!)

I think I am physically incapable of running long distances....but really...

I am double jointed.

I didn't have any hair until I was two years old.

I am somewhat of a cat lady/cat whisperer. Cat whisperer is less derogative.

I have a small bump in my nose...I guess the medical term is "deviated septum" but hey the Romans once considered that a sign of royalty.

I'm naturally a dishwater blonde. dirty dirty.

I love sports! Basketball, football, name it.

I love country music.

And beer/wine...but not in excess.

I can eat a whole jar of pickles, jalapenos, olives.

I've recently become OCD about clean dishes in the kitchen.

I'm kind of a movie buff. I LOVE movies of all genres.

The end....For now...

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5 Things You Don't Care About

1. I am blown away by the new Carrie Underwood cd. (It's called Blown you all know how funny and clever I am!..Kidding...I am not a narcissist) This weekend the friends got to talking about same-sex crushes. Admiration crushes, people. Mine is absolutely Carrie Underwood. Carrie, if you're reading, I'd dump my best friend for you in a heart beat....I'm a great best friend if you need one.

2. My blog was looking kinda cluttered so I moved it all to one side. What do you think? I guess this means I need to take higher better photos to showcase in my posts. No, this doesn't mean I'm buying a new camera or bringing out my sweet little digital camera out to every meal. I'm just not there yet. I leave the outstanding photography to someone else. No posin here!

Source: via Carma on Pinterest

3. Last week I seriously enjoyed crossing things off the "me" list I put together for this summer. Each week I want to add something ENJOYABLE and something I'm putting off...but will make my life easier. What do you think about a weekly me list link up? I might just continue this on my own and add the linky tool next Tuesday and if you'd like to join feel free! This week I want to go on a more challenging hike (enjoyable), be a more conscious and better listener on the phone as I get distracted and am a multi-tasker (enjoyable), and scrub my bath tub (putting off for you don't want to know how long)

4. I realized I have a cheap sunglasses obsession. I have FIVE go-to pair. FIVE!!!

5. Yours truly has a hair tutorial for beach waves coming this week. Yes, you read that right! I've decided to add a few tutorials and product reviews to the blog. I have much to share with you all in the beauty department, I've just been keeping secrets.

Source: via C* on Pinterest

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Weekend Pictures!

[1] Cream Cheese Won Tons--my favorite thing in the world.

[2] Spicy Honey Chicken

[3] I totally forgot what this was. Must not have been memorable..Pork something rather ;)

[4] Saturday day we went on a hike near Jeff's place. I want to hike more often!

[5] My Monday Memorial Day BBQ Get up.

[6] Snuck this picture at the beach :)

[7] Coronado Beach.

[8] Trying to take a good picture Saturday while out on the town.

I apologize that none of this is really new and exciting if you're following me on instagram...but that's the glory of instagram you don't have to wait for me to post on Monday! I had one of those non stop fun weekends...that included finishing season six of Dexter AND watching the new Game of Thrones episode. So pissed that next week is the season finale!!

How was your weekend??

Letters to Friday

Dear Me List, This week I cooked Carne Bistec, made a Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pie, read the entire first book of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, went to Taco Tuesday at a friend’s place, AND lurked a ton of blogs. SUCCESS! I meant business. Dear Weather, WHY are you raining on Memorial Day weekend? Helloooooo! No Bueno. Dear Self, I can’t believe you forgot your phone at home today. Let’s be real 50% of your customers are taking the day off today. Dear Vampire Diaries Man, I feel like you aren’t tall/buff enough to play Christian Grey in the movies. Dear Brother, thank you for telling me your many thoughts on the Four Hour Diet. I’m not sure I want to pay $12.99 to read the book but it was great listening to you about it. I do like the cheat day idea though. Dear Hair, We’ve been over this many many times before but grow faster!! Dear Readers, liked the first blogging secrets post? There’s more to come!!


Blogging Secrets Vol. 1

Last week in my blogging rut, I really got to thinking about the blogs that inspire me, why they do, and how I can improve my own blogging experience. I decided to ask a few of my favorite bloggers to share their blogging "secrets" with us. I hope you all enjoy this interview with Jessica as much as I did. I loved her advice to new bloggers. I'm sure it's obvious to you all how much I like this girl and I know you will too!

What do you blog about?

I'm Jessica and I blog at Lovely Little Things! I'm a lover of all things creative, good books, health & fitness and style & beauty. Those are the kinds of things that you will find me blogging about usually. I blog to stay creative, to appreciate life's little things and to inspire others :)

Why did you start blogging?

I started my last semester of college in January 2012, and I was registered to take a class called "Introduction to Blogging." Being the wonderful student that I was (ummm...yeah, HA) I started a blog in December to get ahead of the game. I'd always been a blog reader but never thought that I had anything worth saying to start a blog of my own. Turns out...I have a whole LOT of things to say ;)

What's something your readers don't know about you?

I was born without muscles on the right side of my mouth so sometimes when I smile/laugh it droops.

Describe your personal style in five words.

casual, trendy, girly, chic & of course...comfy!

What can't you live without?

My planner. Is it sad if that was the first thing that came to mind...? A few other things are my family & boyfriend, lip balm, my iPhone, caffeine, books & music.

What inspires your blog posts? 

It sounds SO lame, but everyday life. I feel like my brain is always in blog mode, and I can always twist something into becoming a blog post. If I do anything interesting I make sure to take lots of pictures and blog about it. I also try to think about things that I'd be interested in reading/learning more about. Useful things with a twist of inspiration is what I go for.

What about when you feel uncreative?

There is an obvious answer for that...PINTEREST! Or flipping through magazines. I can also go outside and walk around or go on a bike ride when I need to get my creative juices flowing. Or driving with the windows down while blasting my favorite playlist and singing my lungs out...that always does the trick.

How has your blog changed over time?

I used to stick to a strict blogging schedule. I didn't give myself much wiggle room if I wanted to just write what was on my heart. Now I only have 2 scheduled posts per week and the other 3 posts are whatever my little heart desires. Oh, and I recently got a custom layout...I am in love people!

How has blogging changed you?

I've thought a lot about this. I actually have a post in the works dedicated solely to this topic! Blogging has really brought me out of my shell in a way. If you would've told me a year ago that I would be posing for pictures in bookstores, in the middle of the street or on a railroad track and then posting them online...I would've told you that you were out of your mind. Now I get excited have mini photo shoots! I'm also not afraid to ask strangers questions anymore. Adam & I were biking once and I really wanted a photo of both of us with our I stopped a jogger on the trail and asked her to take a quick picture of us :) I take pictures of anything and everything now...and everything has the potential to be "on the blog." Blogging has really caused me to think outside of the box.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?

TIME MANAGEMENT! I never realized how much time was involved in blogging. It takes time to get in your own groove and figure out a schedule that works for you. Don't be scared to contact "bigger bloggers" for advice - I do that all the time! Networking is really important for blog growth. Make sure to take the time to build relationships with other bloggers by leaving meaningful comments and corresponding via email. Oh, and PLEASE turn the word verification off of your comments! :)

Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?

Sweetly Complicated
Trial By Sapphire
The Lovely Lemon
A Beautiful Mess
From My Grey Desk
Little Chief Honeybee
Sweetness Itself
Teatime Thoughts
Lemons, Avocados & The Bay 

to name a few....I seriously read SO many wonderful blogs!

A big thank you to Jessica! Make sure to go say hi to her if you haven't already :)

The Me List.

Now that school is out (for two weeks..HOWEVER, I am taking two online summer school classes so NO driving yay!!)I've compiled a "me" list for the summer. I'm so excited to do the things for me that I love to do and haven't had time for. I think having a simple list of things that make you feel good about yourself is really important. Here's my "me" list.


NewButton copy

I spent a few nights last week just lurking my favorite blogs. Sometimes I feel rushed trying to catch up with everyone! Last week I just got lost in blogland. It was so refreshing and made me feel much more connected/down to earth. I need to do this more often!

I've been sporatically taking some machine pilates classes in Little Italy. Machine classes blow my mind. I never thought I could sweat SO easily. It's seriously SO hard but I feel so great afterwards. It's kinda pricy and since I'm not sure if I want to commit to the monthly charge yet. I really want to take a few more classes and some yoga classes so I can really see which I prefer. And speed walking? Just being up front. I can only pretend to jog for so long at the gym ;)


I haven't been to happy hour in oh...say...six months? Plus? I love a girls cocktail hour to catch up in eachother's lives. I've missed out on Taco Tuesday or any other special. This is changing!


Hellloooooooooooooooo Emily Maynard. I WILL watch The Bachelorette every week. Yup. Happening. #TeamArie #fornow.


There is nothing like reading a good book. I love being involved with characters and losing track of what time it is. A well written book invites you in and reminds the reader of how NORMAL problems really are. I need to join the club on this one!

I love cooking for other people (but hate cooking for one!) and I want to make something new a couple times a month. My recipes-to-try list is SO long. This past weekend we made crock pot buffalo chicken lettuce wraps and loaded potato skins for the weekly Game of Thrones party. So delicious & low in calories!

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

Yes, I know it's summer. Not spring. Every year even sometimes twice a year I pretend like I'm moving and just go through everything. I re-organize and get rid of stuff. I try to remind myself how nice it is to just be simple.

What's on your me list?

Oh you fancy huh?

This weekend was one of my oldest friend's graduation from San Diego State University! We've been best of friends since the 7th grade when she asked me "Do you have a best friend?" followed by "Want to be mine?" in P.E. class. Needless to say, I've been VERY excited for this event the past month! She had an amazing party at a family friend's place on Mount Soledad overlooking the hills. It was GORGEOUS. Not only that the food was to die for. There were mini shot glasses filled with tomato soup and a small grilled cheese bite on top, chinese chicken salad in little tostadas, mini cupcakes of three flavors, rib eye sliders on little sourdough breads, mini macaroni bowls with bacon on top, late night pulled pork over tater tots, and not to mention an open bar! I wish I would have taken more photos but let's be real I was busy eating! :X

My outfit :)

The sparkly cupcakes were SO stinkin cute!

The boo and I. Excuse the craptastic photo. iPhones + sexy lighting don't mix well!

Blue light tables!

Sippin on purple drank...aka wine.

I'm obsessed with this necklace!

How was your weekend friends?


Friday night the boyfriend and I were able to do our favorite Friday night activity...hit up BevMo for beer tasting followed by Green Flash Brewery.

Anna, we're going...if we maybe hang out.

My favorite beers at Green Flash:
Yellow Fizzy Beer
30th Street
West Coast IPA

and the Double Stout is growing on small doses!

(No I do not have man hands & hairy arms...this is not me!)

Driving around town with the sunroof down :) 

Saturday we attended the SOLO Eyewear party at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown.

Hellooooo rooftop views!

Thank you wall!


After the party we did something glorious.

We had late night food aka "the 4th meal of the day"

Carne Asada Fries!!!

Only 2000 calories and like 21 grams of protein!

It's always nice to eat something that might give you a blood clot right before bed

Waking up is always a mystery...will you survive these? ;)

It's been about six months since we last had these...and we EVENLY split them (I made sure Jeff didn't come over to "my" side) so I'd say they were worth it. I don't even feel bad!

My weekend was so much fun!

On a more serious note...

 Now I have finals and projects, work, and doctors appointments. I love being busy and getting stuff done, I just have A LOT going on this week. I really have felt a creative drain the past two weeks and blogging has sometimes felt like a chore. I've felt guilty when I haven't had time to post and try to whip up something "real quick." I hate what I posted yesterday. Yes, I love that quote, and yes I love sharing with you all how I'm feeling. But throwing up a quote to post something? It makes me feel like I'm not blogging how I'd like. I don't want to feel obligated to post something. I often tell people not to feel bad if they miss a day from blogging. But lately, when I miss, I feel guilty. I'm worried if I stop blogging on a regular basis, maybe my passion for the one hobby that's helped me regain my own sense of self might slowly die. That scares me. The feeling of not knowing what to post about scares me. I want to let you all know that this week I may be on a mini blog vacation. I have a ton going on with life and I don't want to post crappy stuff just to post something. I love the feeling of excitement when I feel like I've put something together that I'm truly proud of. I love waking up and seeing that it posted. I want to feel that again. This week, I don't know if I have time to blog how I want. My creative juices are just drained. So if you don't see me til next Monday, I'm sorry, I hope you have a fantastic week, and I hope you'll come back! 

Have you felt like this before with blogging?

This Week.

Three finals, three classes and classwork ending, plus working full time, plus errands...

I can get through this week! I can do it! I can do it!

How do you manage stress?
((I eat :X))

I promise to share my fabulous weekend recap tomorrow! :)

Fridays Letters

Happy Friday!!

Dear Junior Seau, today the Chargers are holding a memorial/celebration of your life at Qualcomm stadium in your honor. We're so lucky to have had such a legendary on our team and such an outstanding member of our community. May you Rest In Peace.

Dear Boyfriend, tonight we're making a buffalo chicken salad, going beer tasting at BevMo then to Green Flash Brewery. Nothing makes me more excited for Friday nights! Think we can finally start Dexter season 6 too? PS-I meant what I said about not trying to jip me on the cheese with this salad.

Dear Shopping Freeze, it's been real. and not fun (okay not so bad). I made it 30 days. Last night I went to the mall for a dress and left with a dress and two cardigans that were on sale. I think that is a fail? I needed one of those cardigans people! I may be the only girl in the world without a black cardigan.

Dear M83, your "Midnight City" song is on repeat. Download it guys & gals! (Ha...doubt any guys read this blog but you never know!)

Dear Hair, We've been going slightly more and more natural over the past year and I think I can finally really see my natural hair color....YOU'RE BROWN!????? ;)


Met Gala Recap

I'm no acclaimed fashion expert (but fashion expert in my own heart...kidding...kinda ;) haha) and here are my "yes!" outfits from the Met Gala. 

There were oh so many of them....and plenty of "ew no" outfits too.

Not a huge fan of the lipstick but the gown is gorgeous.

Totally herself and slightly risky!


And am a HUGE January fan. I like her edgy look here.

Serious glam.

I think this dress might have been better longer but I love how unique it is!

Zoe NOT Karolina (sorry girl)

Definitely herself here and I love the lace.

And the winner of the worst dressed goes to:

I mean NO ONE disagrees with me on this right!??

Who was dressed the best in your opinion?

All images from here