My Fantasy of Fantasy Football

Sometimes I talk about my love for football on this blog. I am a big Chargers fan. BIG!

My boyfriend also likes the Chargers. And REALLY likes the football. Cue all of your "aweeeee" comments ;)

A few days ago he was concerned his fantasy league draft would be during his basketball game. How we would he draft!?

Naturally, I offer to draft for him.

I mean I know a lot about football, I thought I knew what players he liked. I could be the brains behind the operation!

Well, unnaturally boyfriend starts laughing hysterically followed by something along the lines of "you're so silly!"

Silly!? Really, punk!?

Let's be real I'm like Jenny from the show The League. And Jeff is like Kevin, a good football guy but really under Jenny's direction when he wants to win.

Apparently this fantasy fantasy football team situation of mine is not happening.

Because the manfriend drafted his fantasy team on his iPad in the parking lot outside the gym AN HOUR AND A HALF before his game started so he could do both.

I'd join my own fantasy team in his league but I believe certain man things don't need girl infiltration.

All guys fantasy football is one of those things.

I mean Jeff loves wine, but does he need to come wine tasting at happy hour with the girls?

You see what I mean.

But really, his fantasy team would have been much stronger with my help.

I don't know what you were thinking with the Raiders as your defense, Jeffrey.

Puke. (Sorry babe).

On a side note, I told him I was writing a post about him and his manliness and his face looked REALLY suspicious. I told him it was funny. Hopefully he thinks it is! ;)

What do you think are guys things only and girl things only?


  1. I'm in a fantasy football league. I don't mean to brag...but I won last year. My boyfriend came in dead last. I invited him into the league and my friends were mad at me because of his poor performance. So, fantasy football gets to be my thing. I let him have soccer.

    Penniless Socialite

  2. I think it's sweet you offered for him! I joined a league with my friends and none of us had a clue what we were doing during our draft. It was hilarious!!!

  3. Awww, guys are so protective over their fantasy leagues. I helped Tim a little this year and his team is much better because of it. Last year he came in last place in his draft. We'll see how this year goes.

  4. You should definitely join an all girls fantasy football league! It's so fun.

  5. I belong to a fantasy football league my boyfriend while he likes football isn't as into it as I am.

  6. I just sit on the couch and ask a million questions hoping he will just sit down and let me play every one in a while!


  7. WOOOO!! Go Chargers!!! I've never gotten into fantasy football, but maybe I should! :)

  8. oh i LOVE football (and usual end up in a pool or two for the season) but i CANNOT and WILL NOT participate in fantasy football.... i think i would be CRAZY obsessive with it. really. like a crack head swimming in a pool of crack.

    good news: we can still be friends- you aren't a cowGIRLS fan like SOME people (cough, LIV, cough)

  9. Hollie, when I was in college I played FF with a bunch of guy friends. I was the only girl. I WON the league. They all thought it was a fluke (totally wasn't...I kept up on my players and was hardcore), so they wanted me to play the following year, in which I came in second. Not too shabby! Tell your bf that girls can be just as good at FF as him ;)

  10. Raiders as his D. That is the worst thing ever!

  11. My girlfriends and I have our own fantasy football league, Touchdowns and Tiaras. Fantasy football can be a girls thing, as long as you're only playing with other chicks. Dudes get too serious. P.S. Phillip Rivers is my QB. Has been for two years. And hubs had him for a couple years. So we're Chargers fans on the side - right behind our shitty Browns :)

  12. We did a girls only fantasy league this year and it's been fun so far!

  13. When my husband and I were first married we both played in a fantasy hockey league. I kicked his butt two years in a row. It was awesome! So, while I agree with having things that are just his and just yours (it's good for your relationship) you might find this is a fun thing to do together. Maybe next year!


  14. Speaking from a male perspective, some of the best fantasy football teams are run by women. The only thing that matters in fantasy football is a person's knowledge, determination, skill (at drafting, trades, etc.), and heart.


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