Beat the Heat.

I know most of you are "used" to the heat. But I am NOT. It's been in the 90's here in San Diego and I don't have AC in my apartment. Serious misery! Luckily, the lovely Kaity, is guest posting today to share with you all her fashion tips to survive a summer in Alabama....or anywhere with icky weather.


hello there, readers of Hollie Takes Notes!  I'm Kaity, and I'm the mastermind behind brownie diaries.  I'm here today to talk about surviving summer heat.  you might question my credentials to handle such a serious and important subject; well, I can tell that as a current resident of Alabama, I think I know what I'm talking about.  I have broken up my advice into 5 topics:
hot summer
1 - tops
stick to light colors and lightweight fabrics.  you can never go wrong with a basic white shirt - it pairs well with pretty much everything.  sleeveless is also always good, although baring your underarms requires regular shaving.  find some good basic tanks in addition to some cuter statement tops.  and remember - flowy is always good.  you don't want fabric sticking to your sweaty sweaty back.

2 - shorts
cute, colorful shorts have been my best friends this summer!  they work well with both cute shirts and plain tank tops [this is where that white tee comes in handy!].  denim shorts are very basic and versatile - although not always the most comfortable to wear, as denim pretty much traps in heat.  skirts are also a good option, although if you're like me you do run the risk of having your thighs stick together in the humidity [tmi?  maybe].

3 - dresses
I.LOVE.SUNDRESSES.  they're so easy and comfy and cute and just all around great.  the skinnier the straps, the better, I say.  this summer I've been collecting striped dresses - stripes are a huge style obsession.  polka dots too.  

4 - a lightweight cardigan
necessary for use in air-conditioned buildings.  people like to crank the AC to ridiculous levels to combat the heat.  if you're as fond of going sleeveless as I am, invest in some good cardigans [and by 'invest' I mean buy some.  doesn't matter what the price].  pretty colors [like this mint] are always cute, or you could go the more basic route and find some neutral cardys that will be more multipurpose.  your choice.

5 - assorted accessories
flat sandals are a must.  wedges are good for date nights or just wanting to look cute when you don't have to walk around a lot.  sunglasses help keep the sun out of your pretty eyes.  find a good reusable water bottle and carry it EVERYWHERE.  I try to drink a whole bottle's worth of water each day [emphasis on the try]. also, don't forget about sunscreen - in your moisturizer, as standalone sunscreen, whatever.  applying some sort of sunscreen-type product will help keep your skin looking young and healthy.  doesn't matter how much time you spend outside.  if you live somewhere like Alabama, you also might want to invest in a good umbrella and rainboots.  summer storms are a pretty common thing.  also, put some thought into your undergarments - you don't want to go parading around in nice bras when you know you're going to sweat up a storm.  depending on my top, I like to wear a sports bra or something old and junky.
sunnies: one.two.   sandals: one.two.three.   water bottle.

if all else fails, just never go outside.
so there we have it!  what are your favorite beat-the-heat methods?


  1. I've pretty much resorted to never going outside at this point...we haven't had a break from the triple digits in weeks! Thanks for the great tips:)

  2. Oh, I would live in sundresses if I had any.

  3. I love all of those shorts! I am a big fan of coral and yellow for summer - they are so cute! Love the sundersses too! Definitely a must have in the heat!


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