Why people hate you at the gym

Source: etsy.com via Drifa on Pinterest

Because you think you're God's gift to racquetball. Yes old men hogging the courts I'm talking to you...

Because you take breaks on the machines and just sit there for long periods of time....

Because you sweat all over the machines and don''t wipe it down...

Because you turn the TV channel when I'm watching E...


Because you talk on the phone while "working out" on the treadmill...

Because you try to hit on me...when I have headphones in...don't make me pull an ear bud out...

Because you put your yoga mat rightnexttomine when the class is almost empty...

Because you make sexy faces at yourself in the mirror while lifting weights...

Because you don't actually work out you walk around checking out girls...

Because you wore mini spandex shorts when you shouldn't have or even if you're in mega shape it's too much...

Because you turn it into a fashion show. It's totally fine if I want to wear an old guys t-shirt, okay!? Please don't look me up and down...

What do you hate at the gym?


  1. Love it! I consider myself so lucky to have a gym in my condo that's always empty. I'm not sure I could go back to putting up with "gym people" lol. I agree it's a total fashion show/social club. I'm just there to work out :S

  2. Shooooot, I wish people hit on me at the gym...dang.

    I think that means I'm desperate. ;)

  3. I'm that person that says 'I didn't make it to the gym today.. that makes 5 (really 26) years in a row". I'm so envious of people that have that kind of motivation. I really need to find it, and fast.

  4. So true and so funny! I also hate it when people bother me, with my earphones in.

    And people who say: "Oh my goodness, what are you doing here?" I dont know, attending my pet budgie's funeral?

  5. And this my friend is why I go to a private boot camp that kicks my butt. =P

    Because it's 8:00am, you're on the treadmill and are wearing a full mask of makeup... including lipstick and fake eyelashes.

  6. I hate gym fashion shows! UGH. SO desperate!

  7. Haha this is great, I HATE when people (old men in particular) change the channel when I'm watching E or Bravo, I was here first so change it after I leave!

  8. These are sooooo true!!! I was cracking up the whole time reading! I think I need that throw pillow though, its judgement might be just the motivation I need!

  9. OMGoodness!!! I *HATE* the people who talk on the phone on the treadmills!! It's like, really people, you're here to "work out," not scream at the top of your lunges on your stupid phone. My eyes turn into dagger throwing machines for those people.

  10. I can't stand people just sitting on machines, or sitting on them until their friend gets there. You have to know how to work someone else in!

  11. Gah! An old guy changed the channel when I was watching E too! Pissed me off!
    I hate it when guys cough loudly, enough to echo in the tiny gym, that it interrupts my music. So annoying.

  12. My biggest pet peeve are the people talking on the phone while they're "working out" it's amazing to me how they're actually working out while gossiping on the phone LOUDLY. *oy*

    I also hate it when people get on the machine right next to mine when there are plenty all around that are free... and if they stink it makes it 1979808350975307 times worse.

  13. I agree about not wiping the machine down. And I went to 24 Hour Fitness for a while (after having been at Gold's for years) and I couldn't stand that people could change the channel when you are watching something. SO I had to go back to Gold's... I was too spoiled.

    I also really hate it when people fart on the machines. I get that it's a natural function of your body, but it really ruins my motivation when I am holding back a gag.


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