The time I found a roommate on Craigslist.

So I've been looking for a room/place to rent on Craigslist since August 3rd and its been a very...interesting...experience.

I've done this before six years ago and had a pretty bad experience. I responded to an ad that said you must be open minded/gay friendly--that's me! When I went to check out the place and meet the girls everyone seemed really nice. I came to find out later that one of the girls was gay and one is bisexual. Maybe they didn't tell me because the two of them had a drama filled love triangle with one of the girl's boyfriend. He didn't like the two of them hooking up. Wonder why? My main issue with these two was that they didn't disclose their relationship before I moved in. I finally moved out with a friend of a friend a year and a half later because the incessant drama became too much. I don't know about you but I want a place that's relaxing and peaceful.

Needless to say, this time around I've been really picky and generally pretty anxious about the whole situation. I've looked at ten places--and finally found one! For the sake of a blog post, I figured I'd share my experiences and why my new motto about rooms for rent  on the Internet is now "finding a room to rent on Craigslist is like choosing which dumpster to live in."

The first place I looked at let me know another room had just been filled by a fourty something recently divorced woman. That's cool. I quickly asked if her kids would be over often. The guy renting the room continued to explain how this would be her sex room and guys would ONLY be over five times a week. Next.

Then I saw a room that would only fit my bed. I'd share a bathroom with 3 other people but "one of them doesn't shower here." Weird?

To places that smelled terribly of cats. I'm a cat lady...but a clean one.

To a place where the neighbors were yelling at each other outside using profanity. When I went to my car several people were peering inside my vehicle. Gated neighborhood? How do you gate out the people who live there?

Another place that had it's own bathroom but was insanely dirty. They said they figured they wouldn't clean so I could see how it was day to day. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY.

There were several okay places that just weren't good enought to sign a year lease. And one I loved but was way farther than I drive now and about $200 more expensive. I'm still going to cry about not taking that place... ;)

The place I chose has a small room and a shared bathroom but it's a lot closer to work, walking distance to my boyfriends (we were driving 15 miles to see each other) and the girls living there seemed really laid back and dare I say normal. And it's clean!!!!! I started looking for Asians to live with on Craigslist. Why you might ask? Those people take care of their stuff! I noticed the places I liked the most I would have Asian roommates.

Obviously time will tell how this one works out but I'm optimistic so far :)

Finding a room to rent on Craigslist isn't impossible but it does require a lot of time & patience.

What are your Craigslist experiences?

*I had no intention of offending anyone with this post. If I did, my apologies.


  1. The sex room still has me cracking up from the first time you posted about it. crazy people. Glad you finally found a place!!

  2. Oh my gosh Hollie. All of this sounds horrible. I am most disturbed by the gated community members peering into your car. That is just so weird! I am so happy you found a place you will hopefully love. Don't worry about the father more expensive place. Its best to save money, right? And Asians... I love them. When do they ever cause any problems? Best of luck to you. Keep us updated!

  3. OhMyGoodness! I have stories! So, I'm the home owner looking for someone to rent a room. Roommate #1: Truck driver LADY (whatever, it's a job, I don't judge) moves in 24 hrs after I meet her (my bad). She asked to make arrangements for first payment (I asked for first/last at move in). OK (mistake #2). Within four days, she asked if her bf could move in. Umm, no. Within two weeks, she left me a note saying she was out of town for the weekend and there was a pile of laundry in her bedroom "if I wouldn't mind washing it for her." REALLY?! Crazy biotch was asked to leave 30 days after she moved in. Roommate #2 was awesome, but short term. Currently on roommate #3, who has been here since Christmas. He's a guy...he's clean, but guys are such babies. Ugh.
    Sorry to hog your comments section, but I get started on this and it makes me nuts! LOL! Glad you found a place!

  4. good grief. people are INSANE. what kind of person needs a sex room? (taking 50 Shades a bit too seriously?) and where does that one person shower, if not in the apartment???
    fingers crossed that your roommate doesn't end up being a huge crazy!

  5. The sex room is crazy.. haha. I'm glad you found a place! I don't know if I could do the whole roommate thing..

  6. this sounded like Jess from New Girl.
    IF only your roommates were like her roommates, esp Schmidt. hehehe...

  7. I want to say this in the most constructive way possible, so I hope that this is taken in the spirit in which it is meant.

    I cringed a bit at this post. For one, if it's stated in the ad that you must be "open minded/gay friendly", then I would assume that your prospective roommates would be under the impression that you wouldn't have a problem with them being gay/bisexual. Yes, the background relationship drama is an issue (and a big one, I agree with you), but I'd say that the relationship between the flatmates is what should be disclosed, not the simple fact that they happen to be of a sexuality that they arguably made clear in the ad itself. They obviously weren't thinking that they'd be stuck in a lease with someone who had a problem with their sexuality if they made it clear in the ad that to live there, they'd prefer that you not have a problem with it.

    Two. The Asian thing. I'm sorry, it's offensive. No one should need to explain that to you, the issues with stereotyping and slippery slopes are glaring.

    I do like your blog (and you!), but I hope that you can take a step back and see the issues with your language. I know that it's your blog and that you can say whatever you want, so it's within your right to ignore this comment.

    I've been there with the roommate thing (trust me, lots of less than pleasant experiences). But, even though I can sympathize with the struggle of finding a great place to live, the sentiments expressed in this post are problematic.

  8. I've used Craigslist once to rent my house out. Then renters trashed the house and stole the water heater and parts off the air conditioner unit. They also ran electricity illegally. A neighbor said he came home one day to find that they had ran a water hose from his spout into the house to bathe. Apparently they didn't pay for water either. That was my one and only experience. Haha.

  9. i have looked for roommates through craigslist before to move in, it ended up ok but the process was brutal! some people are just weird ;)

  10. Hahahah! You should write a book based on your experiences apartment hunting! Or a screenplay! lol! I'm glad you found something that sounds great after your crazy search! I have had terrible roommate experiences, so I totally can relate to you being cautious. I hope your new home becomes a great experience for you!

  11. new[est] follower. so glad I found your blog!

    stop by sometime!

  12. I'm sorry, are you saying I'm not clean because I'm not asian?! ;)


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