It's his birthday.

Happy birthday to my best friend!
Source: via Le on Pinterest

Oh wait, hers already passed...

Happy birthday to my best friend & manfriend!
In honor of your birthday, I decided to post some funny pictures of you on the Internet.
Aren't I the best?

Yes, he is FaceTiming himself.

I'm spoiling you tonight as usual so I thought I'd let you repay me by letting me post these pictures.

But really,
You're funny, smart, loyal, kind, handsome, and you get me.
I couldn't ask for anything else.
Except that island I've been talking about ;)

I love you more than reeses peanut butter cups.
I'd may even give up cheese for you.
I can't wait for tonight and I hope your day is fabulous babe!


  1. Happy Birthday to your manfriend!!! [Super cute that you call him that, by the way!] The sombrero picture is great as well as that last one of you guys :) Hope you have a blast tonight!!

  2. Happy Birthday to him! The sombrero picture is hilarious, and those ribs look delish!

  3. I want all of the food he is eating!!! Haha. Happy birthday to your Manfriend! :)

  4. Y'all are just adorable! Happy belated to your lover!


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