Blogging Secrets with Ruthie Hart

Ruthie is one of the first bloggers I actually hit the follow button on. No joke.
I love her candid tales and honesty. She's funny in a "I'm not trying to be funny" way and the so sweet. I feel like I know her and I'm sure most of her readers feel the same.
 Oh, and not only that but from time to time Ruthie shares AMAZING recipes. I've made three of them and have not regret it. 

A big thanks to Ruthie for sharing her blogging secrets!

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What do you blog about?
This is tough! What DON’T I blog about! My blog has evolved from everyday ramblings and thoughts to more about my personal interests, relationship  with my husband and our walk with the Lord. We are a couple of a million hobbies so there is never a dull moment on the blog! We have hopes of growing our family in the next couple of years and I cannot wait to watch my blog grow!

Why did you start blogging?

My husband encouraged me to start blogging right after we got married. He know how obsessed I was with reading blogs and said people would take interest in what I had to say. I originally started the blog as a way to journal through our lives as newlyweds (and just shared with family and close friends) and I cannot believe how it has evolved.

What's something your readers don't know about you?
Hmm…I am pretty darn open on my blog so I don’t know if there is much to the imagination. Let’s see…I am only 5 feet tall? I think most people can see that when I stand next to my husband but I’ve met a few blog friends “in real life” and they’ve said I am shorter in person J

Describe your personal style in five words.
Style? What’s that? None here!

What can't you live without?

Beyond my husband (so cliché) oh and Ernie our pup….I would say my Bubba Keg. 64 ounces of ice cold water at my fingertips….my mouth is dry just thinking about it. I take “bubba” everywhere with me! I even have one for the office and one for home. Yes I am weird and name my gigantic water bottles. I even strap him in a seatbelt in the car (and yes it is a he)

What inspires your blog posts?
Gosh so many places bring me inspiration for my blog! I keep an open note in my phone and jot down ideas for future blog posts. Lately I’ve loved sharing about our new home and the projects we’ve done to improve it but I find so much inspiration from everyday things like talking with friends, reading books, and of course trashy reality tv.

What about when you feel uncreative?
Ever since getting married, it has been a mission of mine to learn my way around the kitchen, and my husband sure loves the practice! I cook multiple times a week and thanks to Pinterest, I have a plethora of recipes in my box so I always keep some “in the queue” in case I am feeling uncreative on the blog.

How has your blog changed over time?
At first I wasn’t comfortable sharing much about the struggles I have, whether they be in my faith, in my marriage, job, career, but through prayer and encouragement from other bloggers, I have felt so comfortable to open up. And share that last 10%. I want my blog to be more than just silly pictures and Pinterest crafts, I want my blog to have depth, I want my readers to feel a connection to me and be inspired and encouraged. 
How has blogging changed you?


Blogging has brought me close to so many wonderful women. When I first started, I had no idea there was a community of bloggers and didn’t think I would meet true friends blogging. Sometimes I feel more connected to my blog friends and feel more comfortable opening up to them than my “real life friends”. It has been such a joy and blessing to meet blog friends in real life. Blogging has changed me for the better! I am now more comfortable in my own skin knowing what I say on my blog can influence someone else in a positive light.

What advice do you have for new bloggers?
Get to know your fellow bloggers! Don’t be shy. I’ve made such wonderful friends through blogging and our relationships continue to grow stronger everyday. 

Last but not least! What blogs inspire you?
Too many to name! I follow so many different types of blogs…food blogs, lifestyle blogs, mommy blogs…and they all inspire me in many different ways. Gosh I honestly can’t think of just 1! There are so many awesome blogs out there!

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