Why so serious?

How many of you take your life seriously?

I mean most of us right.

Because if we didn’t we’d do things like this…

“Why do you want this job?”-Potential employer

You’d say outloud to the interviewer…

“I don’t know”.

(Sorry to call out my brother, but he actually said this….He's not sure if he's gonna get the job...LOL)

Where’s the line of taking life too seriously though?

Because I’m sure I’ve crossed it more than a handful of times recently.

Lately, I’ve been worrying a lot more than usual.

Every decision is so important.

…and honestly it probably shouldn’t be.

What if I do this?

Is this the right decision?

I used to be much more lax and let the wind take me places.

And because they weren't the best places I started being the complete opposite.

Like extreme opposite.

Where's the balance in being serious?

I do want to know…

Where do you draw the line on being serious about your life?


  1. I wish I were LESS serious - but I'm just not wired that way. I inherited my attitude from my father, so I can be vicious, but I inherited the other half from my mother, meaning I worry about everything - even things that I just make up, or situations where there are what ifs. I would love to be more lax and just let things happen, but I'm constantly watching my back/making sure I'm prepared for the worst of circumstances.

  2. I quoted that to my students the other day:)

  3. Love this. I am the most indecisive person on the planet and I can relate... I have no idea where to draw that line!

  4. I think the balance consists in doing things for you and your family's benefit and leave on the side what others thing about you and the choices you make. Chances are the outsiders don't really care much about your success (sad but true)

  5. If you find the line, please let me know!! I have always been a little too serious, in high school I had friends who always told me I was like a 50 year old lady because I'd always point out what should or shouldn't be done and what would possibly happen if we did these things. I of course still did things I shouldn't have but not like a lot of teenagers.

  6. If it doesn't matter in a more eternal perspective, I try not to take it seriously...of course, I'm still working on that, but it's a good idea!


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