Friday of Letters

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Dear Pinterest, the numerous hair ideas I find on there are really making me overwhelmed. I'll probably get around to do about  100 none of them on my own hair.
Dear Change, it's funny how you come along and just force yourself upon us. It really is one day, one moment, when things change and it's decided something new has to happen on your journey. It's been awhile since I had a big change and I remember how both in and out of control I really am of my own life.
Dear Nails, you are nail polish free right now and I love it. You must stay awhile. Toes, you stay're not as pretty without polish :X
Dear Beach, we're going to get acquainted again this weekend. It's been so damn hot out, I might even go in the water ;)
Dear Boyfriend, you are my best friend (besides Carrie Underwood). I tell you I love you about....hmmmm.....three-five times a day. I hope it never gets old to you!
Dear Benefit, if you would like to send me a sample of all your products I'd be more than happy to blog about them! ;)



  1. I just love coming to your blog, it is so refreshing and clean...ahh... thanks for linking up with me, loved all your letters! and by the way, I am e-mailing you back about that thing you asked me to do for you like months ago. I know, I am a terrible person. UGH sorry! but I am doing it NOW!

    Adventures of Newlyweds

  2. OOOKAAAAY I am right there with you on the Pinterest hair situation.
    I pin them to death but then when I go back to try them...I cop out.

    Enjoy your weekend, girl :)

  3. Benefit cosmetics are my favorite.

  4. I tell M I love him too many times a day to count too! And I feel you on the whole change thing :)

  5. haha i like the benefit one... i havent ever tried their stuff, but i would be happy to blog about it too... or any other cosmetics or beauty products. send em my way, mmkay?

    have a great weekend, enjoy that beach!!

  6. Right?!! All the pinterest hairstyles I find that I like my hair isn't long enough so I pin them in hopes that when I have long hair I can do them! Love Pinterest though :)

  7. Isn't change a funny thing? Embrace it. I hope everything works out for you and that in the end it's a "good" change!

  8. At the beginning of your thank you letter Start with a short paragraph thanking for the person for thinking of you, and for the gift.

    Sample Letters


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