Happiness is

...New music. Hello Shalyn's playlist. Welcome to my life. On repeat...

...The sunflowers that grow out on my neighbor's yard. They're tall and out of place. I'll miss this neighborhood and all it's weirdness...

...How much I've prayed in the past week. I don't even want to tell you how long it's been.  It's embarrassing. I've prayed for guidance, motivation, clarity, and gratitude. No one said success would be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be successful. I'm ambitious and won't stop reaching for the sky, ever. I have so much to be thankful for...

...It's Chargers season! I love me some football...

...A good hike, walk, workout...sweating feels good...
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...Checking off 3/4ths of my 2012 goal list tonight. Progress...

...Building a blanket fort in lieu of couches in a bare living room...

...The boyfriend buying me a yankee candle. I'm obsessed with them...
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What's making you happy now?


  1. Sunflowers are my fav! And yeay for football season--woooo!

  2. Reading every night out on my porch! The weather has been AMAZING!

  3. I love the quote about the mountain! That is truly how I feel when I see something so majestic, like that. I just have to get out and go!

    Glad to see all that makes you happy! :)

  4. Love the sunflowers, I'd definately sit outside just to stare at them.
    Yay for checking stuff off your list, I haven't gotten very far. :(
    And Hooray for Football season!!! Took long enough!

  5. Mmmm Yankee candles. Good job on crossing so much off your list! That's awesome!

  6. Ooo love sunflowers my kitchen is caked in them!! :)

  7. I want to build a fort with Brielle so bad - come help us!!! Also I've been lighting my "Sun and Sand" Yankee everyday. I guess I should get a Fall one.


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