Follow Friday

What #FF is.
Follow Friday (#FF) on Twitter allows you to shout out your favorite twitter accounts in hopes that others will follow them.

What this is.
A way to find new blogs to follow AND gain some new followers.

Follow Friday happens the first Friday of every month. 
You have one whole month to check out the other blogs til the next one. And you're in luck as 100+ of you have linked up each week! Blog finding mania, yo!

Plus, I'll make sure to link up to the Follow Friday periodically so everyone can check out the directory easily and new readers can get in on finding your blog.

How to participate.
There are no minimum requirements to what you need to do to link up! Please submit your blog link only. I would appreciate it if you found atleast 3-5 new blogs who also linked up that you'd LIKE to follow and follow them via Google Friend Connect (GFC) Comment and let them know you found them thru Follow Friday! This way, the purpose of this project actually works!


  1. Do we just post a link with 3-5 blogs and post the buttoN???

  2. I still am not quite sure how to participate


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