I WON THE LOTTERY!!! (The ugly post with no pictures)

Okay. I didn't.

I've never been a play the lottery person.

Until about six months ago I was driving home from school (maybe I was REAL tired) and a thought crossed my mind--I'm going to win the lottery tonight. I felt like the thought was really powerful so I bought a ticket. I KNEW I was going to win. I was so happy all night long and the next day waiting for the numbers to be drawn.

And then it was time.

To my surprise, I didn't win.

The best part? I was COMPLETELY shocked.

In fact for the next few days I couldn't stop saying "I really thought I was going to win."

I was still really taken by that clear winning the lottery thought.

So I played every week for a few weeks (I'm down about $10-$15 at this point).

The last time I played I "let the numbers come to me" and picked my own. I tried that power of positive thinking + the secret bullcrap.  To really capitalize on this, I filled my online Nordstrom shopping account with everything I was going to buy. Which was actually harder than I thought.

You probably know where this is going but...I did not win.

I needed to delete my online shopping cart. It was SO shameful. Nordstrom has some crazy cookies going on because no matter how many times I clicked out of the window my shopping cart was STILL full! I couldn't find the remove all button (do they do this on purpose???) so I had to INDIVIDUALLY DELETE 33 (YES, THIRTY-THREE) ITEMS.

I was so ashamed.

That's when I realized I might have a problem.

It's been a few months since that last lottery ticket...until two nights ago.

Cross your fingers for me ;)


  1. Going to an expensive private school for undergrad, my bestie and I were convinced we'd win the lottery. We'd pay for school and basically just audit all of our classes and end up with our MRS degrees ;). It was a grand plan, but of course it never happened... It's still fun to play (and imagine all the possibilities)!

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  2. i totally will online shop adding whatever i want to the cart then have to delete it only to have it haunt me because nordstrom ads will pop up on almost every website with what i wanted. i always get bummed when i dont win the lottery but i know i probably never will. but if i do, want to go shopping?! (especially at UTC since its all pretty since they redid it).

  3. I seriously thought I was going to win the lottery Wednesday night. I made my boyfriend and a friend go buy tickets with me because I had a feeling. And then after I didnt win I was shocked/sad. Ohhh so silly :)

  4. Hah. I am SO like this with gambling. From time to time we go to the nearby casino and play penny slots just for fun. Then we win big and walk away, only for me to get a "feeling" a few days later like I'd double or even triple or money. And then I always come home with less money than I went there with.

    - ashley

  5. the lottery here is spain in HUGE! people wait in huge long lines to buy one. It's so crazy

  6. This made me laugh a lot!! I am not a gambler at all, but when i went to Vegas, every time I hit the button on the slot machine betting my 35 cents, I FOR SURE thought i was gonna hit the jack pot! LOL

  7. Ah ha :) Hope you won this time around!


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