Five Things You Probably Don't Care About

1. This semester has proved to be one where I'm not getting A's. Anyone else struggle with fall semester? I'm not sure if it's because I took THREE summer school classes over the summer or the colder weather but I have a serious case of lack of motivation. Whoops.

How cute is this desk by the way??

2. I haven't dyed my hair since August 1st. Coming from a former bleach-aholic, this is BIG. My hair is SO natural now. Some days I look in the mirror and can't stand it and other days I'm like hey this isn't so bad. My natural hair color is pretty light so I guess I can get away with roots for longer. I've been slowly adding in more lowlights over the past year and a half and it's finally paying off. I'm still longing to get some more highlights but it probably won't happen until 2013. I'm also considering getting bangs a la Reese.

3. I've already started my christmas shopping. Not kidding. I got my mom something this past weekend I think she like (I wish I could hint to you but she reads this thing...) I walked in and they handed me a 30% off coupon so I got the item for like 65% off. I LOVE ME SOME DEALS!

4. The nights have been chilly around these parts and I'm in need of a space heater. However, I'm cheap when it comes to buying appliances so I've been holding off. Any suggestions?

5. I'm attempting to go dairy free Tuesday 11/13-Saturday 11/17. I've been feeling bogged down (mostly due to poor eating choices) and want to try to get back on track this week. Any suggestions for eating out with diet restrictions?


  1. Fall semester has been KILLING me. Normally it's not that bad, but this semester I've come home in tears several times.

  2. Target loves to put their space heaters on clearance super early. I think I got mine year before last in late Nov-early Dec. I paid about $20 and I think it was originally $60+
    Because I too hate paying a lot for something that I obviously NEED like a space heater.
    But I'll totally overpay for Starbucks.
    Riddle me that.

  3. Cute desk, love REESE!, bought presents for my Dad this weekend (hell yeah, early Christmas shopping!), and fall semester seems to drag on FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR! I'm ready for it to be over :) One more month for me! And I'm not good with hair. But from the pics you post, you're a smokeshow either way!

  4. I bought my first Christmas gift in October. Granted I haven't gotten very far since then, but I like to try to start early. Definitely go for bangs! I think they'd look great. I need a haircut bad…and want low-lights bad…like ombre'd lowlights so it will grow out nicely if/when I get lazy.

    p.s. I'm not commenting a lot but I promise I'm reading.

  5. I am really struggling with school this semester, and I'm not sure what's happening. it's not a motivation thing - I definitely DON'T want to be failing biochem, and yet it's happening regardless of how much effort I put into studying. and I'm really irritated about it.

    grr school.

  6. Yay for christmas shopping! I am so excited to get started on that! I love the wrapping in that photo, so clever!

  7. I'm lacking serious motivation this semester too! I usually make A's, but I'll be lucky to make a B+ this semester. It's really frustrating when you're usually an A student! But, college is about a lot more than your GPA. So don't stress and just have fun. :)

  8. I've gotten an early start on my shopping too!! I'm having so much fun. There is nothing like getting ahead.

  9. For eating out look for high protein either from legumes, meat products, or dark green veggies. Other wise stay away from cream items, pasta, heavy foods, etc. I'm lactose intolerant. I went on a diet where I eat absolutely no dairy. So, I drink light vanilla soy milk or almond milk for calcium, and I have a little bit of peanut butter for protein. Good luck on your classes! I am the same way this semester, but were almost done! Let me know if you want any more tips!

  10. so on your main page, only 1&2 showed up and I was totally going to make fun of you for your post being titled 5 things. but then I clicked to comment and the rest appeared. ANYWAYS...

    I'm obsessed with Reese's hair. No matter what style.. it always looks awesome.

    I too love using coupons, mostly because I've never been one to use them until like this year. I always feel so proud of myself when I see how much I saved just with a little piece of paper with a percentage printed on it!! (or the app on my phone.. but you know)

    Also, eating out with dietary restrictions is actually pretty easy if you just thikn ahead. For instance, Mexican is not good for non-dairy (except Chipotle) because there is cheese in EVERYTHING, but it is good for gluten free because most of their stuff is made of corn. Pretty much all Asian has no dairy so that's always safe. Even creamy thai dishes are mostly made with coconut milk which is dairy-free. Let me know how it goes!

  11. I'm doing the exact same thing with my hair right now. I typically get my hair done every 4 weeks. As you know, that sure does add up! I decided to add a ton of low lights on September 25th and haven't dyed my hair since. I go through the exact same emotions as you do, sometimes I absolutely hate it, other times I think that with the money I'm saving it can't be that bad. I guess the grass is always greener ;)

    Love the bang idea, too ;)

  12. I've been thinking about getting bangs too! Reese has SUCH great style. Maybe I will use that photo as inspiration.

  13. Hahaha to Katie's comment because the same thing happened to me on your last post. I saw basically the intro and a picture of the calculator and was like "Uh, way to put in effort, Hollie!". Oops!

    You know I'm free of dairy-free advice. I'll blog about it... I've started to just never finished. One day. ;)

    Sales are awful. Awful in the way that they make me spend sooo much more money than I ever would have if there were no sales. Blah. But, they're awesome too. Like at Christmas :)


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