Stole this idea from this gal. I'm sure she won't mind though because she's a Holliey.

FACT: The boyfriend and I decided to meet at IHOP before work for a breakfast date this morning. I woke up at 5:30 AM. Since my body likes to go to bed just after midnight and I got a text message from my friend who works the night shift at an emergency vet at 2:30 AM, I'm basically a walker right now.

FACT: I got these jeggings last weekend 40% off. So for $26. I'm IN LOVE. I also got a floral patterned jean pair...which MAY be going back to the store. We shall see. What kind of tops do you all wear with patterned jeans?

FACT: Is it me or are bloggers really organized for Christmas this year? I'm almost done with my shopping but still feel behind compared to what I see on instagram. Bloggers get it done!

FACT: Christmas music is annoying early in the morning and joyful in the afternoon.

FACT: Those of you with smart phones and fancy physical planners....are they worth the $50? I usually write my goals on the notes app and put lightning bolts next to the ones I finish.

FACT: I highly suggest you check out those who linked up on Katie's and Stephanie's blogs. I'm NOT a crafter but there are so many ideas on there that have given me the DIY itch.

FACT: Almost time to make goals for 2013! I'm really happy with the goals I've accomplished this year. The goals I didn't meet (and probably won't) were blog related and to be honest they're not that *important* in the scheme of things. My blog is a hobby that I love but it's not a top priority for me.

What are facts in your life this week?


  1. Aren't jeggings the best thing ever invented? ANd I am loving your picture quote!

  2. Definitely do not buy the $50 planner. It's a planner. I got the EC one half off, and still didn't feel it was worth it.

  3. I ALWAYS see those fancy planners and want one, but can't take the $50 plunge.

  4. Love those jeggings! And no, I would NEVER pay $50 for a planner. You can only use that for one year! I bought a cheap one at Target that does the job (I've seen people make them fun by using washi tape).


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