1. I spent a long time last night writing a blog post about the Salvation Army & JCPenny Angel Tree partnership to discover this morning JCPenny is no longer participating. So now you can't find an angel online. Ugh. Fail. JCPenny hates children.

2. If twinkies really are gone forever I'm shutting down this blog.

Number 2 might be sarcasm.

Might be.

Happy Friday! Have a relaxing and productive weekend!


  1. Hahaha I love this post, made me crack up! There is no way the world will continue to function without Twinkies. I have faith somebody will keep them alive! :D

  2. Twinkies will survive. But in case they don't, four guys in my office just bought 300 boxes of them so we'll have a supply. Not a joke.

  3. As of today I do not like JCpenney. I ordered some brown riding boots and received them today, to open them up and they be a pair of old women Clark's shoes! HIGHLY irritated with them right now.


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