The Tube

I don't know when it happened, but I've become addicted to the tube.

I love to lose brain cells and unwind in front of the television.

Not crap shows like Honeybooboo (never seen it by the way) but shows that keep me on my toes, pull at my heart strings, or are just plain dramatic. Currently I'm watching four shows.

My life isn't too dramatic (great thing!) so I get my drama by watching Nashville.
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First of all I love this woman. No, not you Hayden, sorry. I cried over Friday Night Lights and now I want to cry over Nashville. Such a fantastic show!

I've been procrastinating on my homework every night with Parenthood. I'm not sure what it is about this show but I watch it on Netflix and I watch at least 3 at a time.
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Jabar is the cutest little kid ever. Anyone else ever like in awe of child actors?? How do they have the patience to do this??

My favorite show right now is The Walking Dead. My boyfriend and I are obsessed. In fact on our last weekend vacation we made sure we were back at the hotel Sunday night to watch it. Not kidding.
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The first season is also on Netflix. It's zombies, yes...but also SO SO good!!!

And finally Sons of Anarchy.
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This show has no boundaries. If any show will keep you on your toes it's this one.

What shows do you watch?


  1. Parenthood is amazeballs. My mom's been watching it from the beginning so I always catch a little of it each week, but it's so good. And I love that Lauren Graham is in it (I miss Gilmore Girls even though I didn't watch it when it was actually on).

    -Frances @ Keynotes

  2. Love Nashville and I love love love - like considered to be my favorite show is Parenthood!!! I find it hard to get through a show without crying though! Especially this season!

  3. I love finding people who watch Parenthood! I've been watching from the beginning, and it kinda hurts a little to think about how undervalued it is. I mean, all of the actors are so good! even the children - which surprised me. child actors tend to be hit or miss, you know?

  4. I'm surprisingly obsessed with The Walking Dead also. I hate the thought of watching anything with zombies or stuff that's unreal, but I was hooked after 3 episodes.

  5. im terrible at watching shows on tv because i have no patience to wait a whole week for the next episode - hence the recent netflix addiction. we are currently loving White Collar - ever seen it?

  6. Parenthood is so so so good! I'm almost caught up to the current episode and I'm kinda sad about it, I love watching a few at a time. Also just got addicted to Revenge.. I watched all 30ish episodes in 3 days (kind of embarassing to admit lol!)

  7. I was afraid of Nashville being awful, but I really love it!
    I live about half a mile fromBluebird Cafe ! It's pretty accurate and makes Nashville look awesome, which I love!

  8. Walking Dead is amazing. I have no other words than that.

  9. I love Nashville! Such a good show!

  10. LOVE Nashville! I've been waiting for the new episode tonight since it's been 2 weeks since the last one!

  11. Yay I LOVE Nashville! My boyfriend rolls his eyes when I watch it and by the end of the episode, he's glued to the screen too! lol

  12. I LOVE Nashville! I wasn't planning on watching it, but then one day when I was bored I watched the first episode On Demand, and now I am hooked! My other faves are Hart of Dixie and The Challenge. And Duck Dynasty :)

  13. I feel you girl! I have been watching way more tv then I normally do! I have been loving Nashville too, such a surprise show for me this season. I love Revenge, Pretty little liars, Vampire diaries and yes the walking dead is amazing! I cried the last couple episodes... you know what I am talking about haha


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