To the Little Things

It’s super easy to get carried away on all the novelty "necessities" we must have.

This year I’ve really made a cut (in some ways…not all ways…cough) to be smarter in how I spend my money. I haven’t saved as much as I’d like due to some unforeseen circumstances… but that’s what saving accounts are for!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I wanted to recognize all the little things I’m thankful for that have helped me direct my spending.

+to the ombre trend & the hair stylists who have incorporated lowlights in my hair so I’ve only dyed my hair TWICE this year

+to Maybelline for creating falsies mascara you’ve saved me countless money at sephora

+to myself for mastering how to paint your own nails and paint them well. I've had only two pedicures this year...and haven't paid for either :)

+I had a major breakout this year and went to the dermatologist. While I had to purchase an expensive retinoid cream, it’s going to last me FOREVER. So now more spending $30+ on products that don’t do the job. All the skincare creams and serums at Sephora sound amazing. But at $30+ do I need to try them? Meh.

+to recycling expensive purses. I bought one marc by marc purse on super sale with my Christmas money last year and have purchased one $25 clutch since.

+to ikea down comforters and duvet covers. change your bedroom with a new duvet cover for $30? HECK YES.
+at one point my old roommate and I dropped cable and survived off of Netflix and Huluplus. My new roommates want cable but since there are four of us, I'm paying a lot less for internet and some channels. Really though, how much cable do you watch? Between watching shows on the internet and Netflix, trust me, you don't need it.
What are simple things you've exchanged to save money?


  1. I do the Hulu Plus & Netflix route as well. For $15/month, I get to watch whatever I want, when I want and I don't have to pay $100 for cable & dvr. It's pretty awesome!

  2. bringing my lunches to work and making coffee at home has been so key for me!!! it's hard to get into the habit of it... but well worth it.

  3. I dont take my wallet to work any more. Its really hard to spend money if you dont have your cards with you. I take out $40 a month and leave it at work. When that money is gone, its gone! And bringing my own lunches and coffee to work have also helped!

  4. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! You've really inspired me :) I made a decision a long time ago to only allow myself to eat out for lunch once a week--the rest of the week I pack. It makes the one time I get out of the office that much greater, and I love knowing I saved money! Also, I turn my heat down when I'm at work and only turn it up when I'm home. My cats are just fine in 68 degrees during the day :) OH! And I sell all my books back to Half-Price Books and clothes to Plato's Closet.

  5. i love this. i may have just bought that budget calendar thing. i have so many things that i have been wanting but i also really need to save. amen on the hair, i haven't dyed my hair since february. so much better than last year when i was really blonde and had to get my hair done every 6 weeks. and i definitely buy ikea duvets. my goal for next year is to start saving for my house and the furniture i want.

  6. Ugh Jon would die without cable. Like, he would cease to have a pulse. It's ridic expensive too! I already cut our cable bill by eliminating a lot and it's STILL out of control!! I never watch TV so I'm all about giving it all up but I guess the man works too so he deserves a little say in these things. I need to go and buy a bunch of work clothes but thankfully I haven't really bought many in three years (yes, that is correct) and I bought maybe 4 new items while I was pregnant. As you know, the biggest cut I need to make is MJ clothing for the girls *tear*


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