Your Gift Guide for a "Regular Guy"

I just LOVE all of the holiday gift guides I’ve been seeing around the blogosphere. I’m stilling waiting for Mrs. AEN to do one herself as she has fantabulous taste. My Christmas want list is getting longer by the day. Eek!

However, I need to poke a little fun at the gift guides for men. 

What man gets his boxer briefs in a bundle over cuff links? designer button ups? An uber expensive shaving and cologne kit? Not any man I know. A part of me would love it if my guy went on and on about his fancy new man bag but a bigger part of me is glad he leaves the designer stuff to me.

I’m not the coolest girlfriend in the world. But if there’s one thing I’m confident about it is picking out a cool gift for my guy. I put a lot of thought into the gifts I give and I think I’ve been pretty successful. I’m not the girliest woman out there so that probably helps?

So here’s my take on a successful holiday gift guide for a regular guy:

For the gamer. (Yes, your man is probably part gamer).

For the sports fanatic.


For the tech geek. 

For the adventurous guy.

For the sophisticated guy (or not so sophisticated...)


For the older gent.


For the hunter guy. 
I know very little about hunter guys (except  that they like camo) so this portion of the gift guide was brought to you by the lovely Jen.

Hunter's Gift Guide

All of these items can be found at Bass Pro.

Best of luck with your holiday shopping!


  1. These are definitely WAY more practical than most gift guides I see. These are great ideas!

  2. I found a factual error in the post. It says "I am not the coolest girlfriend in the world". This is not true!


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