A Week Without

This is my without week. Everyone knows the sayings 'less is more' and 'everything in moderation'. I try to live by those standards but if I'm not self-aware I can easily be sucked in. Here are my goals for the week 'without'.

Starting without my overly used apps....I'm definitely not obsessed with technology but I find myself constantly checking the same 4 apps on my iPhone. And when I mean constantly, it's probably the reason I run into things when I'm grocery shopping.

The Dreaded F word. Facebook.
Facebook is the main reason I started this whole "without" week. I started the Facebook app fast (incorrect verbage, I'm aware) on Friday and the rest of my apps the next day on Saturday. The first day I found myself repeatedly trying to find the app on my phone. Scary, right? Day 2 & 3 I was pretty occupied with my general weekend activities, so I didn't miss it much. Day 4 was Monday, which was a real test...work downtime! I instantly resorted to checking other apps, none of which really gave me my 'fix'. Except maybe my new Feeddler RSS app which I haven't done too much exploring to get addicted.

Huffington Post.
Most people would find this app harmless as it gives me more insight to world events. Wrong. I check EVERY category about 3 times a day.  I ended up realizing I know EVERY possible detail about Osama's compound, Lindsay Lohan's court case, Barack Obama prom themes in the comedy section, and even the perfume Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day. I read a ton of style blogs, and when I see updates on things I saw on the huffpost a few days ago I start criticizing them in my head "I saw this two days ago..." I.must.stop.

US Weekly.
Yes, I am a sucker. I too am at times fascinated with celebrities. I'll admit it. Even worse? I play favorites. I think Jesse James is a piece of crap & I don't think that Joe Jonas should have broken up with Ashley Greene. Gossip with my girlfriends is fun, but checking this app a few times a day out of 'boredom' isn't very productive. Day 4 and I really don't miss this app at all, surprisingly.

I'm a recent product junkie in the last year or so. I can drop $100 at sephora like it ain't no thang. The worst part about this app is that I check the daily obsessions, well daily, which eventually leads me to new must haves. I slave over the 700 reviews even if it takes me a good chunk of the day from my iPhone. Yes, I read almost all of them. In the end I confuse myself even more about whether I should buy the product. (Most likely I shouldn't as I probably have something extremely similar). All I'm doing in this app is fueling my fire for more products to obsess over.

Other things I'm giving up this week?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups

I've been really trying to eat healthy during the week days and reeses are the ultimate poision for me. The problem is I get my lunch at the grocery store every day & they taunt me in line. My new rule is not to check out in the full cart lines even though they're faster than the express lanes which don't offer the full selection of goodies.


I had it FOUR times last week! A little excessive? I think so! I don't quite think I can drop it completely this week...so I'm striving for only once before next Monday.

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