Pureology Hydracure Masque Review

I've been on a Moroccanoil hair masque binge for a month or so and totally forgot I had this hiding under my sink. My hair has gotten "used" to the Moroccanoil and it was time to switch it up! I used probably two quarter sized dollops on my hair with this in the shower and left it on for about ten minutes.  I let my hair air dry and finished it off with a blow dryer after about an hour. The result? My hair felt tens time softer. It also didn't feel like it had a ton of product in it nor felt weighed down. It wasn't a miracle worker by any means, but I'm convinced no product is. I did however find it to temporarily improve the condition of my hair, especially at the ends! I got this as a Christmas gift last year and was so excited as I probably would have not purchased it myself. It's around $34 which is asking a lot since you can get a good hair treatment at the salon for not much more. If you can afford it or get your hands on a sample it's a nice little treat to use on your hair from time to time.

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  1. My Mom loves this stuff! I used it when i was a blonde and it helped keep my damaged hair a little healthier! I love you blog! So helpful for us product junkies!


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