MAC-I'm over you.

I think I am officially over and done with MAC makeup. (I hope this doesn't hurt anyone's feelings as I know MAC is a beauty cult classic.) I go back and forth with their foundation but for the most part it makes me break out and they don't make a good variety of colors. All of the colors I have tried are either TOO beige/ashy or too yellow/orangey. I've really tried to make it work with MAC. I've had several different counter ladies telling me "oh you haven't used your foundation with THIS product too." Well, I have now...and it still hasn't made a difference. The color doesn't match me AND after a long period of time the coverage begins to get blotchy.

Once I step out of the house, I don't want to do my makeup again every hour. Plus, I don't think the MAC mascaras are not anything special. The only thing I will say is that the selection of luxurious eyeshadows at the MAC counter are hard to resist!
I've moved on to Bobbi Brown which gives me a much nicer and closer color match. All of her foundations have a hint (not a ton) of yellow in them so even if you are cool you can still have some glow. I haven't done too many tests with it yet, so I'm not 100% sure if I will buy it again. So far though with some powder the coverage is just right. What do you guys think of Bobbi Brown? Do you have any other foundation favorites?


  1. Tbh I don't actually own any mac products what so ever. I wish this was some sort of independent boycott but unfortunatly it's just because the nearest counter is ages away and I don't want to buy something online I haven't seen in the flesh yet.

    Ugh I'm such a novice as I've not tried Bobbi brown either!! Atm low funds are making me a propper "drugstore" gal


  2. That sucks. I'm a bobbi brown girl too! I'm so pale and they're the only brand that match me. x hivenn

  3. I love mac but I'm willing to try anything. Right now I'm using the Maybalene FIT and I love it. Its soft and smooth and doesn't feel heavy.

    Thank for your sweet blog visit. I am not currently on Pinterest, my email is Thanks!

  4. Thanks ladies! I just sent you the invite, Jenna Lee :)

  5. I love Chanel Teint Innocence!!


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