In Love With Stack Rings

My favorite jewelry item is probably rings. Big statement cocktail rings are fun for going out and even sometimes during the day if it's not too sparkly. Right now I can't stop researching stack rings online. They're pretty hard to find in your typical retail stores but can definitely be found online through some searching.

This set I have right now and wear a lot. They're super cute but I feel like I can do better. I'm not totally convinced on them. I try not to buy things unless it's a necessity or if I can't live without them, but at $10 for all of them...why not.

I'm seriously dying for these Lois Hill rings but at $175 I really can't afford it or even justify for that matter it unless I commit to wearing them for the rest of my life!

Etsy also has some really basic ones I've been eyeing. I'm still on the fence about Etsy. What if I don't like the rings once I get them? I'm concerned about the quality in particular. When I think of the hassle of sending anything back to a person rather than a company I really jump ship on Etsy. These stack rings are by DogSkinStudio

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