I absolutely adore the website pinterest. It's such a great website for inspiration boards and just being creative online. I have had so much fun doing retail visual displays in other jobs and this is a way that I can continue to collaborate without all of the work. Basically you "pin" photos you like from other sites to your boards and you can "repin" other's photos as well. Also, it automatically credits the pictures for you if they are listed on the site. Anyways, you have to be invited to become a member. Sooo exclusive! ;) Haha. A blogger I don't know in "real life" offered the opportunity up to me and anyone who'd like to join. I'd love to pass the favor on to anyone reading this. Follow me with google friend connect and comment here with an email you'd like me to send the invite to and I will make it happen!

Have fun pinning!


  1. I dont have a twitter or facebook... can I still join?

  2. Wow that is seriously so lame! Apparently you have to have one or the other to sign up. Ugh, sorry!


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