My Fight With Designer Sunglasses

I'll spend a pretty penny on most accessories if they're classic and I'll wear the hell out of them. For some reason when it comes to sunglasses, I can't keep the same pair in my possession for more than a couple of months. They disappear or my purse attacks them. I'm convinced it's not ME, it's just not in my cards to have nice sunglasses. Plus, I get bored and love to try out trendy styles for fun. With that said, I can't get over the spring House of Harlow 1960 sunglasses. They're all about $125. Definitely not cheap but on the scale of designer sunglasses ($100-$400ish) they're really reasonable. Take a peek.

The Marie

The Cary
The Nicole
The Jordana
I've tried on the Maries at Nordstrom and they just didn't fit my face very well. I think the Nicoles are super cute but they aren't basic enough for $125. I think the Carys or the Jordanas are your best bet all in all.

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