Where I've Been.


The past few weeks have a whirlwind of fun adventures with family and friends followed by a few long, relaxing, simple weekends. As much fun as its been to spend my Christmas gift cards (new flats above...ah!) and shop for loved ones, I'm super excited to get started with the year. I never thought I'd be so ready for a five day work week. I strive for a full schedule as I'm generally a happier and more fulfilled person when I'm productive and have a full plate. 2012 has been a great year. I got to meet my two blog bffs in person and they both live in Oklahoma! I got to travel to NYC and California's central coast. I've made leaps in my quest to finish my degree while working full time. Sure, I've had hardships. There have been quite a few challenges in the past six months and all have seemed to settle themselves this past week. I'm choosing to count my blessings and am looking forward to all of the wonderful experiences and lessons to be learned in 2013.

PS-My much needed blogging break has brought some new inspiration. I'm excited to get back into the swing of things. I'm going to start the year with a new blog schedule. For right now I will be posting three times a week-Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can expect a mundane lifestyle post on Monday and a style related or review post on Wednesday. I don't have a set theme for Fridays yet but hopefully I can come up with something to make you laugh or inspired to have a fantastic weekend. I may post more often but for now you can count on seeing something new over here on those days. Thank you all so much for reading and I look forward to catching up on blogs this week!



  1. Are you still doing #FF? I tried to link up last week, but you hadn't posted :(

  2. Glad you're back! Missed reading your blog :)

  3. those TB flats... LOVE them. Happy New Year to you... kick ass and take names :]

  4. Oh my Tory Burch love.. AMAZING!
    I'm glad you're coming backkkkk. :)

  5. looks like a great break!

    and i thrive on a routine as well and am ready to tackle this 5 day work week!!


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