This is me.

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+When going through the In n out drive thru, I will never admit to eating in the car. Need a lap mat? Noooooo way.........I'll just be ridiculously careful and park on the other side of the parking lot so you can't see me.
+I truly think I could be one of those people who could own a polar bear...and make it work.
+My life revolves around cheese. In fact, I think fancy cheese is going to show up on all of my birthday and christmas lists. Without dairy, I'd probably die of a broken heart. Just kidding. Kind of.
+I have shopping bulimia. I buy with only moderate hesitation...and return like 75%. Whoops.
+I have a recent obsession with anything dip-dyed. Furniture? Gimme!

What do I not know about you?

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  1. yup...cheese and i have an intimate relationship

  2. i always think cheese and i are best friends... until i dont eat it for a week, then have the WORST stomach pains of my life when i do take a nibble..

    so enjoy all that fancy cheese for me, k? have you tried chocolate cheese from trader joes?!?!?!?! even sorry i mentioned it. because its not your newest addiction. (;

  3. ah, cheese. my favorite food ever. and dip dyed. amazing. coveting this dip dyed scarf i found recently....!

  4. How funny... my life also revolves around cheese! And that is so funny that you want to own a polar bear! I am obsessed with the idea of owning a pot belly pig and having him live in the house like a dog - take him for walks on the leash, play with new toys..

  5. I would gladly assist in this polar bear owning endeavor! And cheese...yes please. Always.


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